Planet Earth “pre-game” discussion

I’ll see how much I can get in before “Shawshank” starts on TNT… I haven’t seen it, but the people who vote on Reelz seem to like it enough to vote it to #1 on a lot of countdowns

Made through Planet Earth and quite enjoyed myself… sure there for a few instances of me being unsure about this or that.

I seriously didn’t mind Prince’s checkered history before, but sometimes it is difficult to keep the doubts at bay.
After a while, it simply goes without saying that he draws me after a while and instantly captured.

I’ll got more into it tonight, but most definitely, Prince has a way with seduction that I really cannot overcome no matter the hostilies I might have :shrug:

I’d like to keep the majority of this post positive, so here goes nothing… yeah, I think I’ll definitely have to boot up the netbook so I can do two things at once… there’s no way I’m going to finish this in 6 minutes
I’ll start by listening to the tracks one at a time and adding my comments underneath

  • Planet Earth

it’s kinda cheesy and blatantly obvious to say that the overall feel of this track is simply cosmic… out of this world. I tend to be very visual when it comes to listening to music. Here I see a paisley, pastel color palette… it’s almost like something out of the 60’s where you’d think the people were tripping on LSD… it comes off a bit more natural than that, though… I see lots of pinks, teals and blues as starters.
I always go back to hearing the lyrics first spoken when he accepted an award at the NAACP awards in 2007… the Vanguard award, or lifetime achievement… one of those… it was surreal hearing those lyrics sung at the beginning of this song. The production of it is really something because the key elements are very much emphasized… the vocals, back-up, drumming (courtesy of Michael Bland), piano keys…
two cool sections with this: the instrumental mid-section with backing vocals and what sounds like a metronome keeping the beat… it’s very whimiscal when the horns get involved.
then of course, the guitar solo that ends all of it…
after the initial awe wore off the first time around, I was thinking possibly that the song wouldn’t measure up as an opening track… after a while, you find yourself hard pressed to find the best opening tracks of Prince albums. There are good, great and those that are not so good [changed my mind, I’m gonna do this on the family computer downstairs, movie’s starting… spine-chilling stuff… I think I’m only gonna be able to write during commercials, if at all]

there’s unity between the first and last track where Prince poses a question to humanity, if people can change and learn from their mistakes. The final verse reminds me a bit of a lyric in “Money don’t matter 2night”… about sending a child off to war… in both cases, he says that we’re better than this.
there’s something epic sounding about this song musically… lyrically, its thought-provoking, but not always memorable

  • Guitar

the album begins as such: every other song is very slow, or otherwise thoughtful, makes you stop and think… and ones like this and track 4 make me wanna get up and move… still do.
the first time I heard this one was for a Verizon commercial that Prince shot with the Twinz, which only lasts about 20 seconds (at most)… everytime it came on, it was exciting… not everyday you saw this guy on TV in any form [yeah, this way of doing things is great… so I won’t mind the long commercials as much… speaking of which, it’s back… man, my knee hurts]
whenever a new album comes out, one of the biggest things that go around is that Prince stole a beat from someone’s song… “Dreamer” is supposedly eerily similiar, if not identical to a song by Jimi Hendrix… here, they say he ripped off a guitar riff from U2…
my answer’s always the same. a) sooner or later, you can’t not copy what someone else did cuz all of the original idea have been taken and b) who cares?!
my opinion: I could care less that someone rips off U2 cuz I don’t care for them… with the exception of whatever little I’d heard from the Spider-man musical and one song “Mysterious ways” which is so out there musically that its cool
the lyrics aren’t Prince’s strongest, but then again, who really cares… he doesn’t always have to have strong lyrics. Usually a song being fun is enough for me. This takes from the pattern he used in the song “Fury” and makes it longer, a bit more exciting, but also a little less concise… one thing I find a little bit taxing, Prince actually incoroporating a lyric to poke fun at the fact he doesn’t curse in his music anymore… is there really a need for that? I used to think it was funny but I kinda realized “what’s the point, really?” :shrug: [whoa… I am liking this movie… a lot… ]

  • Somewhere here on Earth

I’m not sure what it is about Prince and piano ballads, but put the two together and for me, it’s almost always a deadlock to get me going… seduction in the most honest way I can think of… my first time in, the coolest part for me was how it started with the needle scratching lightly against the record put on a turn-table… its details like that that get my attention.
The combination of flute, piano and saxophone blew me away and the lyrics… beautiful beyond words… takes my breath away everytime… in an attempt to bring back my original vision for this song, I’m trying to put the video out of my mind… however good it is.
a few details are crucial… showing a record player in action… and poetically, I always envision the song ending at a specific point with blowing out a candle…

  • The one u wanna c

I’m not sure what it is about this song, but it makes me think about the beach and the ocean… as if it fits in that scene perfectly. Musically, at least… another great, fun song, but at the same time, the lyrics are even less lackluster than “Guitar”… it took me a while to get into this song, get the feel for it. somehow, it doesn’t sound like what Prince is about… the lyrics sound nothing like him… a lot is out of place with the exception of “if u wanna get creamy”…
“any spell the blind fisherman could cast” is extremely obscure… have yet to wrap my head around that one. The back-up vocals help make it

  • Future Baby Mama

a lot of fury came up about this song from some fans… one said that Prince was being very insensitive by implying Mayte didn’t have what it took to be his “baby mama” so he’s looking for someone else… naturally with my current state of mind, I found myself kinda agreeing to a degree. The song originally threw me off because the title was not a phrase I was familiar with… was it a nickname that was more common among blacks or something else entirely…
there was one person who made a big deal that the Linn-drum was in this and had made it very out-dated sounding… I say, the Linn-drum’s great and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I think I could break this album overall into three different sections… the first 4 tracks, which are a little grab-bag of everything but mainly on the introduction… then these next three are a “love”ly suite of songs… then the last three really don’t have much to do with one another

per the usual, as soon as I hear the spoken section, Prince saying the word “London”… I can most definitely say “I’m yours” for the next couple songs
he won a Grammy for this song, which I kinda think is bogus… it’s no “album of the year” which Prince should have won for Purple Rain… it was a helluva great album, not sure why it didn’t get top hours… but with this song, dude, if I haven’t heard it on the radio, how can you call it the best R&B song of the year by a male artist… just doesn’t make sense to me… (Prince isn’t about singles in the first place… so again, makes no sense… I guess I’m just sore about him not getting to give an acceptence speech for this)

  • Mr. Good-night

because of one lyric, I don’t feel up to playing this song in the car… “better not tell your girfriends”… I played it for my dad once… we were driving home from college, it was Christmas vacation… we went through ice fog during “Love”… 3121 was the 2nd album I played… with this one in particular, I’ve had a few out of body experiences… I know my body’s still where it is, stationary, sitting down, but my mind is all over the place… it’s a great high

with new albums from anybody, there’s always one song that takes me by surprise in that it is just amazing and I don’t expect anything quite like it to come along.
This is that one song… I heard this the first time and phew, felt like I got conched over the head and went to heaven… the moment he said “all over the world, they call me Prince”
some could say that Prince is selling out, trying to do a smooth rap like some other R&B/hip-hop artist, but I think it’s… well, as a female, I just love this track… talk about the ultimate fantasy, except for me, that fantasy didn’t include the final verse where sex is the implied outcome… my mind has been kinda in that territory lately, but I refused to drop myself into that same category here

maybe its because I know better that Prince might not be the best person to be in a relationship with… the idea of going all the way with someone like him, especially if its the first time, let’s just say it wouldn’t come off very well if the relationship didn’t last past that or worse, didn’t improve… that you regret being seduced to that, etc, etc.

it gets me thinking of “Space” the way it starts… definitely says nighttime

  • All the Midnights

it’s a short and sweet little number. even though it completes the progression of my favorite part of the album, its usually where my mind drifts off and away from the song. I zone out… I guess because it’s very routine, not much to really get out of it after the first couple times… between it, guitar and track 4, all songs that I think are less than Prince’s usual best… this has the best lyrics, but as an entire song, Guitar might be a bit better, but its close between the two of them

  • Chelsea Rodgers

I get into this song a bit more now than I did in the beginning… I think I was so happy with the progression of romantic songs that I didn’t want to change to something else… might give me more reason to listen to Prince’s 2nd album a few more times… there are a significant number of love songs there where the entire album is almost about that specifically

it sticks out like a sore thumb because there’s nothing else on the album like it. Like something out of the 70’s, though the lyrics about Chelsea are unique and interesting at the same time… makes me wonder how much of it is accurate to the actual person.
Shelby J’s vocals were the main reason it took me a while to get into… I found them to be a distraction from Prince’s vocals and… I dunno… I’m just not sold on those types of singers… I think the only thing that gets going about this song aside from the lyrics is the drumbeat

  • Lion of Judah

to this day, I still don’t understand what the hell this song’s about, and on most days, I could care less about that. Wendy & Lisa’s sound is definitely stamped here with the guitar that opens it and I recognize their back-up vocals for sure. I’d gotten so accustomed to their music, specifically songs like “Chance to grow,” “blues away” and my personal favorite “anything but you”… that has a guitar and drum sound that is, again, pretty surreal, something out of this world

from what I can gather, the song is about a rocky relationship. Prince takes his age into account, not sure if he can deliver on his end. Not sure if the girl loves him for him… and in somewhat of a vengeful fashion, he hopes that she’ll cry when she realizes that he really cared about her… it’s all very twisted… Biblical reference aside, I love the music of this number, and lyrically, its still  confusing… but I guess sometimes for the details, its the guiltiest of pleasures

  • Resolution

[amazing, I made to the last song and the movie’s almost over… full review on it later, but I’d hate to post spoilers… seems like the kind of movie that needs to be seen in full to truly appreicate, to get the full effect ofit ]

I tend to skip this song a lot … I stop playing the album after “Lion of Judah”… I just think that its a little too hocky, like “what is Prince trying to prove with this”… it sounds initially like something written by James Taylor, but then it comes something similiar sounding to “the one u wanna c”… has that same vibe going for it
its mostly “Yeah, tell me something I don’t know”… it’s kinda obvious that nobody wins with war and each generation learns to fight and kill each other and it’s a matter of pride :shrug: its something that needs to be addressed, but you kinda have to be more creative about it to really achieve the full effect (I think maybe “Colonized Mind” takes its subject matter and does wonders with it… now that’s creative)

more on this later… for more, keep an eye out for the link to the Planet Earth podcast I’m to record tonight

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