Scoring a balance betwixt the two worlds and Shawshank

I managed this success last night after everything was said and done.

naturally, I caved in and decided to watch “Iron-Man” last night… it’d been a while since I saw it from the beginning anyway…
first of all, its great that there are less commercials, but at the same time, there were a few edits that I noticed. One of my favorite quotes was edited out for the sake of time constraints “I’ve been in captivity for three months and there are two things I want. I want an American cheeseburger and I want to call a press conference”

one other odd thing I noticed… there was a water torture scene that I don’t remember FX ever showing… all the other edits were legit and helped everything move faster… maybe a little too fast

the trick I think is me being able to stay awake for tonight… nothing really on for the next couple hours until 10:30 when “Love actually” started on Family channel… been wanting to re-see it for a while, but I can’t remember for which actor… I’m assuming (while not assuming) that it could be Jude Law :shrug: I know that Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman are in it among plenty other great British actors

I went into the podcast last night with a couple things going on.

a) my mind was riddled by Tony Stark for at least the first couple of songs we discussed
b) I was pretty much like a school girl with a crush during a couple of the songs… not sure if I had anything really intelligible to say about anything… it’s a little embarassing to say aloud that Prince’s music has really gotten me to fall in love with him, yet I have no trouble saying that here
c) I started to consider this morning that I’d erase my previous entry because it really didn’t reflect my current state of mind or the state of mind I achieved by the end of the nighit… more on that later

update on my knee… the pain is gone and its easier to flex than before… but something still kinda feels array. It feels kinda tight when I flex it

I spent a great part of the afternoon (before getting bogged down with the fact I can’t delete my AOL account… it’s so ridiculous that parental controls are still intact despite us going through Internet Explorer… so in other words, its just going to hang out there forever with all these emails I’m never going to read… most of them are spam from a user I can’t seem to get rid of, from wildlife organizations asking me to sign petitions, and someone called DJ Mona Lisa that has sent me millions of subscription emails despite how many times I click unsubscribe…)
playing through Spyro again, but I managed a new record, provided two changes.
a) with three of the home worlds, I collected the gems from portal to portal instead of doing the entire world in one shot
b) I didn’t include the final bonus level on my final time…
clocked myself at 2 hours and 44 minutes, which is about 10 minutes shorter than my original best

it’s all about the tiniest of details that I could have figured or else the timing would have been a lot better.
I look forward to the day when I can play through any of the three games without a scratch. I think I died three times… one was a complete accident (didn’t watch my step) and twice… maybe three times actually… on the easier of the two supercharges on “Tree Tops”

I took the time to appreciate the beautiful graphic, at least during the first 3-4 worlds and Stewart Copeland’s amazing scoring… dude’s a genius
I wonder if my enjoying the game puts me within a few degrees of separation… does that even count, lol… I think going to someone’s concert establishes some sort of connection… I’d like to believe that going to see JMac in concert put me within a couple degrees of Prince…
went to JMac’s concert, JMac once toured with Jordin Sparks, who was on American Idol where Paula Abdul was a judge and Prince gave her a song that he wrote…

but due to a few extra connections recently, I think I’m within closer range…
my fellow purple knight is in communication with Bobby Z’s wife, and naturally through her and him, there’s Prince on the other side

one thing that I’m pretty positive about… in almost all cases, actors are within a degree of separation from each other, especially the most profilic ones…
taking the long road, Zac Efron is certainly within a couple degrees of separation of Robert… Zac is in Gary Marshall’s new movie “New Year’s eve” and Robert worked with him on “Soapdish” back in the day… and I guess since Zac was on “Summerland” with JMac, that puts Jesse within that sphere as well… pretty crazy stuff

that’s usually how my streams of consciousness come from

oh geesh… what more can I say about last night, really? Seen the movie plenty of times, know how the story goes and how it ends

I think for a lot of the time, I wanted to hold on to the euphoria for a bit longer… but after a while, I guess resisting Prince’s incomparable charms is futile. Even the mere discussion of this or that about him proved to be a lot for me to take… man, that made me self-conscious… especially since Prince may/may not hear the show at some point. He is certainly aware of the podcasts because he requested that no clips of his music (which he owns the Masters to… so 1993 onward) be on the show

it’s one thing to say it on my blog… I have no reserverations about that whatsoever, but its mainly because nobody really knows about this place, so so what if I said a million times I am crazy in love with so-and-so

there are times I kinda dread getting a response to my fan letter, telling me to calm the hell down and take a chill pill πŸ™„

Time heals a lot of things and repeated exposure helped give me a thick skin about a lot of things… I saw “Home of the Holidays” online maybe a whole bunch of months ago… it definitely says independant film all over there. I mean, Holly Hunter got big later on (I forgot which show she got on cable TV a couple years ago), Jodie Foster is well-respected in Hollywood, there’s Dylan McDermott (who also got big later on), Claire Danes has a small role (maybe before or around the time of “My so-called life”), Anne Bancroft and Geraldine Chaplin played Aunt Gladys…
it took a little getting used to, as it was with Tommy’s antics

strung out on black tar or not, Tommy has some thrill issues as in he gets the thrill out of the strangest things…

now wait a minute… shoot, I’m letting myself get sidetracked again… unlike my infatuation with RDJ, which never seems to be in short supply, what I have going with Prince doesn’t linger around nearly as much as it used to. I think it’s only fair that I do him the justice of bringing up a more legit discussion of Planet Earth

I’m surprised I got through my entry yesterday in one piece as well as not losing any bit of “The Shawshank Redemption”
I just gotta say… that has to be one of the best movies I’d seen in my entire life… to each detail, it was perfection. The beginning of the jailhouse got me thinking about what Robert went through when he did hard time… he was right about one thing: prison is its own culture entirely… it’s a “watch your back, make a knife kind of place” (the interview I watched last night had that quote in it, oddly enough)…

I’m not one for scary movies so I most likely won’t be seeing a lot of Stephen King aside from this (and possibly “The Green Mile” later on), but I was beyond surprised how great the writing was. The script was serious, but had its playful moments…
the way Andy won the other prisoners over was pretty awesome 😎 that was a cool scene
and when they were cataloging the prison library, one of the dudes thought a book was called “‘The Count of Mount Crisco’ by Alexander Dum[b-]as[s]”

“it’s about a prison break”
“shouldn’t that be under educational?”

it’s also one of those great movies… kinda like Sherlock Holmes in a way… where if you pay attention to the smallest of details, you’ll be amazed to see how they all add up later on

aside from the fact I don’t think I could see anyone else playing the two main roles, I don’t want to say too much about it… the movie was amazing and even though I worried at one point that it was going to fall off the edge, it picked itself up, dusted itself off and… yeah, definitely recommend it.
you kinda need to see it all the way through to appreciate it

Shawshank, Pulp Fiction and Butch & Sun-donce… and I guess Lethal Weapon… are among some of the best movies I’d seen this year for the first time that I also believe to be among the best of all time

at some point, I guess I gotta rewatch “Forrest Gump” for a comparsion… to see which one really deserved to win best picture that year…

now, I gotta head back to [Planet] Earth

my excitement was rejuvenated by my fellow purple knight at some points… just hearing another person thinking along the same lines or even other lines, to say how great something is… that’s energy I can feed off of for sure

my initial reaction at the end of it all was that I was glad that he didn’t completely dismiss the album the way everyone else had… we’re both in the frame of mind where we like to check into something, see it for what it is and when push comes to shove, we have the attitude of “to hell with what everyone else has to say about it, I have my own opinion”

in the beginning, we kinda skirted around the album but didn’t really address it… I took care of most of that on my own. Maybe time was all that was required on his end. In any case, it’s all good

the questions towards the end were what really got me going and started to bring me back a bit

there was always a reason I was defending this album while everyone else want to [insert profanity] on it/all over it…

one of my entries was called “there’s just no pleasing these people”… something very similar to that… I doubt it had to do with this album in particular…

I wonder some times just what expectations these people have about Prince’s work… he went into it a bit more than I did… everyone’s looking for Purple Rain 2.0

each time a new album comes out, there’s all this negativity… that this doesn’t work or this is pointless… the list goes on and the fact I’m yawning right now kinda indicates I don’t have the patience to go into detail

I like to hold my opinions for a certain amount of time for a reason… if I’m not overally pleased about something, I linger around until I have something good to say about it…
not that I exactly did that when it came to JMac’s “Departure” album… I was deadly serious about being honest about it… but given that he’s my one artist to get fanatical about, I was in a mood for giving harsh criticisms

it’s a losing battle to go into a new album with expectations or at least a pre-determined mindset based on the past… sure, the past is prologue and from the past, we can infer the future… but these things gotta stand on their own

three albums I came into the past year… which runs from November to November…
Maroon 5’s “Hands all over,” Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” and Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”

I went into two of those with expectations based on some previous successes… wherever “Hands all over” divved from the original path, I couldn’t take it and a couple of the ballads were down right depressing…
I loved “Fearless” so naturally I thought Taylor would deliver on her next album… it ran so long that after the first 4 songs, I kinda lost my way, didn’t get a lot out of it… except the fact there was a song about John Mayer (possibly) and the last track was a b-side (more or less) to “Change” the previous album’s closer

with Taylor, it’s a similiar story to JMac… I expect more of the same and where there are differences, I get uncomfortable and turned off right away… now, his changes and differences were more drastic … he went from pop/rock to R&B (to almost hip-hop at some points)… plus there was a maturity that I wasn’t expecting

I found myself in situations where I preferred to the latter to the predecessors because of that maturity… I’d gotten older so I get into it more…

with “Speak Now,” there are times where I enjoy it a lot more than “Fearless” because it feels a lot more personal, and definitely fitting more to my mindset than previously

“Fearless” kinda dictates and is a memorial to a time in my life I wanted to live in forever… my college years, particurlarly when it came my crush du l’universite…
even so, even though the fantasy aspect is gone, I can enjoy the music just as much

that’s all to give an example

when it came to Prince in 2007, I have very little to go on… everyone else on .org had been listening to his music for years and was well aware of their likes and dislikes when it came to him… my story was that I asked around to see which albums I should focus on for my collection

I never intended to get as deep as I did… my intention was to get a handful of each decade and be satisfied with that…

with the 80’s, I already had Purple Rain… so I wanted 1999 and Sign o’ the times… the other “corporate giants” of the decade… I wavered a bit after seeing “Under the Cherry Moon”…since the other songs weren’t quite like “Kiss” (which I didn’t quite get for the longest time), I was interested in the Parade album

that turned out to be one of my better album selections… and it has actually gone beyond the realm of UTCM… I can listen to it and be transported to another world… not a carbon copy of Prince’s French Riveria, but it was very old-fashioned… very clean, B&W… Clare Fischer’s string arrangements were the winning ingredient that tied it all together 😎

upon hearing that Prince set himself apart originally with the “Dirty Mind” album, it went without saying that it and “Controversy,” I had to have…

I got curious, thanks to the BBC Mica Paris “Purple Reign” radio show, about The Black Album… which I did enjoy for a short time, but in the end, it doesn’t cater to all my tastes…
Lovesexy came about as a result of Prince pulling The Black Album, so that was a given too

Around the world in a day, I think I got because it was there… I was interested in more than just the routine of the four albums that I had… that was a temporary fix as well… the entirity doesn’t stand out very much compared to a lot of the decade, but the excellence of it can be narrowed down to three songs… Pop Life, Temptation, and Condition of the Heart… although Raspberry Beret was a helluva single and America has its merits too

finally I saw the Batman soundtrack and grabbed it because it was there and I was kinda bored… I got it around the same time as “Thriller” which made for a killer combination… Michael Jackson for my morning commute and Prince on the way back home

my original intentions for the 90’s were down to four albums… make that five…

Diamonds & Pearls, Come (which I decided on after someone clued me in about when Prince wrote the songs), The Gold Experience, Emancipation (almost forgot this one) and Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (which came out of all these interviews where Prince was feverishly promoting it, which made me believe in it as much as he did… note the past tense)

someone subsequently sent me the Prince tracks of Graffiti Bridge, which I had otherwise refused to get cuz I didn’t think it was worth my time… as the movie tanked (the reason I won’t see it until I don’t have to pay anything)… I do gotta admit, though, that “The ? of U,” “Joy in Repetition” and “Theives in the Temple” are not to be missed (man, its been a while since I heard that last song… I was familiar with it initally cuz of “The very best of…” all of Prince’s hits before he changed his name)

I saw O(+> at the end of a long day and I was still kinda getting the adrenaline rush from buying $100 of music at FYE (four were Prince albums, three of which were used and of great quality despite that)… that was another great unintentional success…

geesh, I think I need a soda… :yawn:

[after running downstairs to get a Pepsi]

ok, that’s a little better… ugh… good luck at getting some sleep tonight, I guess πŸ˜•
my folks haven’t called since they left yesterday… I hope everything’s okay…
though I’m betting part of it was cuz they were up late last night or are out at dinner with some of my family right now

I guess my body’s trying to tell me to make my damn point already cuz I’m losing my own attention

what I wanted to go was get a taste of Prince’s musical journey by getting a couple albums from different decades…
I had a pretty good grasp on the presence he had in the 80’s… I watched Purple Rain maybe 6-7 times during spring break…
wanted to get to know, a little bit, his difficult period in the mid 90’s… and later wanted to see just what he was like in love (i.e. Emancipation was a must-have)…

and of course, I needed to see what he was like right now…
Musicology & 3121 helped carve that image in my head…

but the idea I held of Prince at that current time came from the appearances that he had… whether it was American Idol, the Brits or the SuperBowl…
some of that image was mixed with the idea I held of him for years… the elusive musical genius, the neo-Mozart, who devoted his life to music to the point where it was his entire life

to put things into perspective, by the time Planet Earth came out:

[12] Prince albums that I owned
(Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, ATWIAD, SotT, O(+>, Come, TGE, Rave, Musicology and 3121)
[9] of which I had listened to and knew quite well

at the given time, I think I stood by Musicology more than 3121… I withdrew from society and its horrible taste in music and hung with Musicology for a while… definitely found more to it organically than 3121, which I kinda dismissed as being too commercial with not enough instrumentalism to it

the image I had of Prince at the given time could be described best as how he appeared at the Brit awards the previous year (the video was on Housequake, but later on, someone was kind enough to send me the video in its entirity)… mysterious, aloof, serene, and beautiful inside & out

I came into the album not really knowing what to expect… Prince is hardly predictable from one album to the next and there’s no way to really determine what’s going to happen… just that something is going to take place

as a whole, I could say that Planet Earth is very visually stimulating, cosmic, magical and beautiful from a musical standpoint…

the lyrics are hit and miss… there are the catchy pop songs that, until last night, I had kinda forgotten about or otherwise given less credit to… there is the variety that strings you along because you know there’s something huge waiting on the other side… and then there’s the perfection of “Somewhere here on Earth”… in every aspect, as a Prince song, it is just that…

the title track felt like a journey where you never know what you’re going to come up against and just before any sort of flame can be distinguished, it explodes into… just something truly amazing…

there is a lot of the hate for the album and I can’t quite figure out where or why that is… I didn’t really read any of the comments because I didn’t want my opinion to get corrupted…
I can pretty much nail it on tracks like “Resolution” which could be assumed by many as a load of BS… blatantly obvious for one thing and for another, Prince isn’t exactly known for being a peaceable individual either… one of those negative comments could be that he should reap what he sows…
and “The one u wanna c” isn’t exactly the strongest in the bunch… from a lyrical standpoint… I do love how musically original it is and definitely gets you going the same way “Guitar” did a couple songs ago…
“All the Midnights” could be deemed as… I guess I’ll let Aldo Raine take a whack at “that ain’t too dramatic… why’s he doing things so darn cutey?”… its similiar to the previous song in the way that people wonder why Prince is going so simple… certainly not his style

I think I thought “the one u wanna c” as a bit laughable… it didn’t sound like Prince’s usual cup of tea to me either… but it grew on me… “All the midnights,” I always kinda liked… it certainly helped me hang onto the lovey-dovey vibe of the previous two tracks

“Lion of Judah” might have gotten attacked the most because… well, everyone’s up in arms about Prince’s newfound faith and how he seems to be about throwing it in everyone’s faces…

some still hadn’t given him for the supposed “JW propaganda” brought by The Rainbow Children… yet I think some of those same people turned a new leaf… or turned traitor… saying that even TRC was better than Planet [insert profanity]… that’s a common thing on the boards and I’m sick of it… that’s part of the reason I didn’t feel like sticking around

Wikipedia says that in Christianity, this lion is a representation of Jesus…
I’m thinking that can’t be quite right… Jesus didn’t struck down his enemies…

there’s a lot of lyrical disconnect in that particular song… I happen to admire its musical eccentricities…
“like the lion of Judah, I strike my enemies down. as my God is living, surely the trumpet will sound… if there is one who will stand by my side, through the good and the bad, let that one stand with pride, the best that I ever had” …is it something he has to have going for him, a JW reference in the middle of his work even though it really doesn’t make the least bit of sense

the first verse isn’t all that complicated… just talks about Prince getting on in years, hoping to have the energy to keep up with a younger woman, but not sure if she loves him…

the 2nd verse starts with Prince leaving, hoping the woman will realize she made a mistake in not believing he cared about her…
then there’s this strange lyric about the two of them being “two gypsy beggars who only by Vegas came to be a star”

what does one thing have to do with the other? Prince, you’re gonna have to explain that one to me and I will keep an open mind, promise πŸ˜‰

generally speaking, its my duty as an avid admirer of his work and even as a human being to keep an open mind about a lot of things, maybe even everything… or else it could mean missing out on something

I guess I can continue on with my assumptions and opinion on this or that.

supposedly “Chelsea Rodgers” got a lot of flack… I had no idea… of course not, I didn’t want to get involved in the politics of .org… I made sure to form my opinions about the album first because checking out what everyone else said… once I realized how negative everything was, I stopped in my tracks and backed off

if not the music video, writing my fanfiction helped me find something in the song to get into… maybe it was just my fascination of the simplest of drum beats…
originally when it came to my Prince-inspired character’s stories (he’s extremely metaphorical and poetic… said all kinds of deep stuff that no regular person today could get away with without losing anyone, lol), I had characters based off some of his band… mostly The Revolution
I had a Dez character playing bass, someone like Wendy playing back-up guitar (as well as a bit of fashion designer, this guy definitely needed that for those amazing clothes, lol )… and I guess someone like Michael Bland playing the drums, my description of him was “a former club bouncer… big black guy”…
his former keyboard player, Maria the Senorita, I was thinking about Apollonia or whoever it was that played his love interest in Purple Rain (I wrote her character a month before I saw the movie in its entirity… amazing how much I got right)

then my character thought like me, but she could play keyboards as well as Lisa

in “Mr. Good-night,” I introduced a couple more in addition to my vehicle, though she’s less like me than the keyboardist was…
there’s Delilah, who’s kinda like Sheila E, but a lot less confident about stepping outside of her percussion set to lend her voice… there’s Carrie, who is actually supposed to be inspired by Clare Fischer… the collaborator from abroad who worked with orchestras… in one of the last chapters I wrote before the project got shelved, the two main characters fly abroad to meet with her (she can’t travel due to illness, which I kinda skirted around a bit… also wrote her as being 70-years old, bound to a wheelchair with an oxygen tank close-by… she’s very old-fashioned and about manners)…

then of course, there’s simply Chelsea… the musician’s on-hand massuse and clothing designer… I had never seen a picture of the actual Chelsea Rodgers… but based on the name and lyrics alone, the picture I have in my head is that she’s a young woman in her… well, maybe close to my age if not a little bit older… tall, tan, long blonde hair, gorgeous and oh-so-sweet…
and supposedly she’s a “model who wants to be a role model”… wants to change the world and all that… and of course I have one quote in there… he’s out to dinner with her and one other female friend (my Wendy-inspired character) and he says “Chelsea don’t eat no meat” so he orders a Cobb salad for her, lol

I guess I kinda forgot that there’s bacon and egg in a Cobb salad… but I’m sure that it was served to her vegatarian style

perhaps the strangest thing about the story… aside from the fact that he’s having nightmares reminiscent of “The Dance” and sleepwalks to his studio some nights where he lits a bunch of red candles and weeps silently under the cover of darkness…. this is supposedly close to 10 years after the tragedy takes place, so it is kinda strange for him to still be grieving at this point…
the strangest thing is that he has a bunch of women in his life, but doesn’t feel up to pursuing anything beyond friendship with any of them… says he doesn’t want to overcomplicate things…

he inevitably faults himself for the death of his lover from the previous story and their romance blossomed from friendship…

none of that sounds anywhere close to Prince… he doesn’t swear off relationships like that at all, certainly not for 10 years

dreaming about his future soulmate in a dream reminsicent of “somewhere here on Earth” was a push in the right direction, though

we spoke the world of that song last night… absolutely beautiful… after a couple of songs from the psychadelio and pop, I hardly expected something so contemporary, something old fashioned where the finest of details are what makes it great

I think the only universally positive consensus to be found about the album was that song…

I’m not 100% sure if I could put it in the same class as the songs mentioned because this is a different kind of song… it’s not about making love (“Do me baby”), it’s not overally dramatic or desperate (“The Beautiful Ones”)

okay, so “Shh” is about making love :shrug: but still, I would equate “Somewhere here on Earth” with that any day… the only difference is that “SHOE” has a storyline to it

as far as the atmosphere created by keys, I guess I could definitely put “SHOE” right up there with “The Beautiful Ones” which created a helluv an atmosphere

why is that this one RDJ track keeps coming to mind when I think of piano ballads
Kimberly glides in the arms of cactus angels

I don’t know what “cactus angels” are but that’s incredibly poetic, Robert… I like it…

I’m not sure what I have a thing for keyboard players or songs that are made great by the keys… maybe in my past life, I was very much in love with a man who had that particular set of skills πŸ˜‰

that’s another quirk I’ve started to take on a bit… based on a trait someone has, whether it be a like or dislike of something or other, I like to infer that maybe it comes back to the previous life

I’ve always kinda had this fascination with reincarnation… Sailor Moon probably was what got me started… the whole mythology of that… it gets into my stories all the time… but I’m thinking that maybe its because I’d like to believe there is a life after this one cuz I’m afraid of just going quietly into the dark night and that’s it…

there are innumerable Prince piano ballads that I simply love… and if I didn’t have a movie coming up in 90 minutes and the rest of this blog to finish, I’d check into “One Night Alone”… I said that “SHOE” makes me wish Prince had done a whole album of just piano ballads… that could very well be that album

they always have a way of doing me in

I forgot who it was but someone I met very briefly, when he shook my hand, he noticed how long my fingers were and asked if I played piano… I think part of it comes from my partiality to the computer keyboard, lol

I think my greatest fault at not being able to play the keyboard well… aside the fact I never got full, comprehensive lessons… I listen to far too much music that I try to figure out on the keys that anything I try to write will eventually start to sound like something that was written by someone else…
and speaking of partially, I’m extremely partial to my right hand when it comes to the keyboard…

a) it feels weird to play keys with my left hand and
b) its hard for me to play two different things with each of my hands

my mind can’t seem to make that leap to that bit of coordination

“Future Baby Mama” got some flack too from the lyrics… I believe I mentioned that before… I didn’t think too much of it at first, but slowly, it won me over… and naturally its owed to the silky smoothness of Prince speaking… “speaking” sounds so much more poetic than just “talking”

got flack from one individual for the Linn-drum inclusion… πŸ™„

after learning the name of that wonderful instrument, I get kinda excited whenever I hear it in other artist’s music… just cuz I can name it, lol

I didn’t get around to saying or really giving attention to the fact that the spoken breakdown of the song… Prince did that on one of his MPLSound tracks… but I can’t remember much one… I think it was the middle one… after “Ur gonna c me” but before “better with time” …and for that reason, I kinda liked that extra touch

guess that leaves me with no other choice but to speak on behalf of “Mr. Good-night”…

I think this is also the reason why I was deadly serious about not reading into the negative comments… I didn’t think I could take it if I heard that nobody liked this song… I didn’t want any negative comments to detract from the fact I love it as much as I do…
it’s very dreamy (tee-hee), very atmosopheric musically… between the drumbeat and the synth-line… whatever other instruments are there that make that incomparably dreamy beat

I really am hoping that I get something out of that song someday… I’d hate for my story to just linger on the edge of nothingness without the fantasy of it being fully realized
the only thing that’s gotta remain the same… my mindset back then was pretty innocent and despite the connotations in the later verses, I kinda want to hold onto the original visuals I had

that was back when I really didn’t read too deeply into Prince’s lyics because my naivety couldn’t handle it… now it more than can, but I’d like to maintain that innocence so all of those lovey-dovey feelings from the past can come back whenever I listen to the music

the whole discussion last night and even this entry tonight has helped a great deal… to bring back some of what I lost when it came to Prince… there was always something kinda special about this album…

ultimately it was the fact that its release put me on par with everyone else… it was new to everyone and we’d all form our own opinions of it as we aquainted ourselves with the new music

as it turns out, my mind and heart, which had only just begun to be exposed to Prince’s genius, maintained a very upbeat reaction to the whole thing… it was brand new and I ate it up… plus it felt current, it felt fresh and it felt more organic than 3121 did…
in fact, I think Planet Earth helped me appreciate that album a lot more

I make sense sometimes to write down dates whenever I start writing a new project… and boy am I grateful that I did…

I started with my “Mr. Good-night” pic on 11/5/07… which would make it 4 years and 19 days… though I can’t be sure how long its been since I wrote the last chapter

[just as a little insurance policy in case I get sidetracked, I copy/pasted this to Word… there’s no way I want to lose all this good material]

I think that was around the time, if not to the exact day… when the massive backlash on .org happened… either the day before or earlier that day, I listened to the album and just had this huge fantasy come to mind during the song I named the work after… unfortunately I let this go so long… when it came to the other story I wrote that was more or less started by Purple Rain before I even saw the whole movie… I wrote the initial scene of inspiration first, then started at the beginning from chapter one (in a very Stephenie Meyer-esque fashion… she wrote chapter 13 from the dream she had and went through to the end… and that was before I read or even know of “Twilight”)

to make up for the negativity going on the Internet, I withdrew into self and generated this massive piece of work… I tried my best to name the chapters after song lyrics or song titles, but some chapters still don’t have titles… I guess because there’s no song of his I know that fit the contents of the chapter

some of my chapter titles include:

  1. The Dance
  2. Somewhere here on Earth
  3. Empty Room (before I even heard the song, but it still holds water)
  4. Computer Blue (“where is my lovelife?”)
  5. “shall it be sung”
  6. until ur in my arms again (boy, that chapter was REALLY sad… it highlights the whole “sleepwalking, lighting red candles” unreality)
  7. Venus de Milo (eh, yes and no)
  8. she’s always in my hair (Chelsea was giving him a scalp massage here, naturally I’m WAY off base, lol)
  9. Girls & Boys live for love (eh… I combined the two to keep up with my theme and it kinda fell apart)
  10. The Truth (more to the point than about the actual song)
  11. Life of the party (to track down the girl he dreamt about, who he believes to be his soulmate, he throws a party for his 50th birthday… another unreality)
  12. “ocean of violets” (because of the opening lyrics, he had to have a courtyard… which is more like a solarium… a greenhouse-like place with droves of violets everywhere)
  13. The one (again, more to the point than the actual song)
  14. wants to be a model who’s a role model (a little play on words, lol)
  15. The Beautiful Ones (he describes “the beautiful ones” here but with probably different details than Prince himself could)
  16. “too tall to be talked down to” (this was the song they were working out in the studio)
  17. Alexa de Paris (heard it in my head while I was writing it)
  18. (so far, 5 nameless chapters)
  19. “I love u, but… don’t anymore” (the song was on my mind, but I think I was just getting desperate, lol)
  20. when 2 r in love (also on my mind, maybe not to the same point)
  21. 2 more nameless chapters
  22. Every Breath You Take (long story… I think it was another random occurrence in my subconcsicous… for his backstory, I wrote somewhat of a Batman-esque tragedy into his past… his dad took him to a jazz club, he wasn’t very appreciative of it, then a mugger killed his dad in cold blood… that was his favorite song and what he sang to him in the hospital as he lay dying… several years later, he got permission from Sting himself to cover this song and he put together a video to it that most likely will remain in the vault)

basically that’s it… I’ve got about 45 minutes… wide awake from the caffeine… I’m confident that I can leave all of the RDJ discussion for later on without losing too much focus… I talk about him too much anymore
I gotta allow Prince the chance to retake the subject line of this blog I created specifically to talk about him in greater length and detail anyone on .org could manage

huh… I might have screwed up a tiny bit of chronology here… I talk of a “little Spanish man” who meets them as the chaffeur of a limosuine that takes them to Carrie’s mansion… he writes about meeting him by the private jet in the song… maybe we can commision him to do this small little favor


[4 days later]

so much for balance, eh…

well, that makes one less unfinished project to get through. I figured that it was a good time, while I was kinda hot, to find an ending for “Mr. Good-night”… and I believe I had just that.
I just need to read through it for grammatical errors and errors in continuity and that’ll be it
maybe tomorrow night, I’ll get to working on what will be something I can hopefully look back on with pride every year around this time

I’m sure my cynicism regarding some parts of Christmas will shine greatly in the first couple pages and definitely bring to the table a little of this and that

but anyway…
that night, I started with “Iron-Man”… had a helluva time…
went into the Planet Earth podcast and naturally it took me a few songs to really shift from one bit of objectivity to the next…

I tried to maintain a balance… my mind on Prince, but not entirely forgetting the chilled-out night I had… I believe to a point, it did pay off.

I watched some more footage that night and really enjoyed the heck out of a couple of Prince tracks… the ones that weighed heaviest on my mind were tracks 3, 5, 6 and 9 from Planet Earth and just to feel the continuity, I went from “Lion of Judah” to “Everything but you”

great song by Wendy & Lisa, cannot say that enough

I came off all of it feeling the best I had in ages… never thought I’d get both worlds to cooperate in my head while I feel like I’m not overstating either way

but I need to at least finish a couple thoughts on RDJ before closing this entry out or else there wouldn’t be much truth to the title, would there

I watched “Home for the Holidays” in the spirit of Thanksgiving…

now that I think about it, the man has a good selection of movies and three of them span the seasons. “Gothika” would have been perfect for Halloween (and luckily I saw it previously because I couldn’t find it on at a good time for me to catch it otherwise in October)… and oddly enough, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is a Christmas movie, much like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon were… although there is a bit mention of Christmas in “Die Hard”… what the guys are calling the best Christmas movie ever

Shane Black, do you seriously have a thing for Christmastime cuz two of your movies take place around that time? lol

eh… as much as I’d hate to say it, “Less than Zero” was around that same time of year too… the Christmas holiday season because Clay was fresh out of his first semester of college πŸ™„

I went into the movie not really knowing what to expect of it… I’m back to “Home for the Holidays” now… I knew that Holly Hunter starred in it, Jodie Foster directed and Robert was high through most, if not all, of the shoot… and that its a Thanksgiving movie

The past couple movies have helped me level things out, helped me be a little less prejudice and just accept things as they are without really going too much into them…
I think I was a bit thrown, maybe a bit unnerved too, the first time I saw the movie

and yeah, even now, it is glaringly obvious that something was up with the guy.

Then again, with a couple of scenes here and there, I had to ask myself if the character of Tommy Larson really was that weirdo, already fully hashed out by the time Robert was cast in the role… because there are a couple of scenes where, dude… the guy’s plain weird

The first couple scenes he’s in, he is obsessed with taking Polarids of his sister… one of them being in the shower… talk about awkward… to a certain point, maybe I can leave that as him being the obnoxious brother… I don’t recall all the details of “the nose story” but that was another part of the joker he was…

then there’s another scene where he’s goofing around a car that is currently holding the other sister’s family, i.e. her husband (played by a very straight-laced Steve Guttenberg) and her two young kids… but seriously, it felt like something out of a slasher movie
in this case, I just might be drawing a little perspective from one tiny scene I saw of his movie “In Dreams”… whose write-up is pretty much that it’s a slasher movie kinda like The Shining and Nightmare on Elm Street… but the fact it hasn’t appeared on the TV guide at all tells me it was a low-budget independant film that really didn’t do very well

eh… not that I’m too keen on seeing him play the villian…
The Shaggy Dog was okay… it was a kids’ movie, although an evil scientist, he didn’t entirely turn me off from his acting with the role… and with “U.S. Marshalls”… I guess it was kinda fitting that he turned out to be the bad guy in a movie he absolutely HATED doing
… at least I’m getting a stab at “Air America” on Friday… tomorrow, I’ve got “Zombieland” at 4pm

but yeah… that one scene, he’s either being a goofball or he’s just being mean… despite all the sheninigans he pulls, it just doesn’t fit in there…
naturally I gotta wonder how much of the black tar was talking in that scene

on the other hand, though, there were plenty other scenes where… my god… I’d more or less desensitized myself to a lot of his work… overexposure makes it a little less exciting than it used to be… “Iron-Man” has a chill-out factor now along with the usual “omg, Tony Stark is so hot” vibe… it’s not his money so much as his charisma
…but seriously, there were some genuinely good scenes where, strung out or not, he delievered his usual mojo and pretty much reminded me why I love watching him act

feels like a real switcheroo from a couple months ago when I wasn’t watching his movies cuz I find Robert Downey Jr. a much more interesting person than any of the characters he played… maybe in part it was something I had to convince myself of so I can not watch the movies for a while… therefore more enjoyment later on cuz I let things cool off

but yeah, I love watching this guy act.
Among these, there were a few moments where I was thinking how much I’d like to know someone like him… he is an amazing brother where he’s the kind of guy who is a great listener, has great advice and pretty much accepts people for who they are… Tommy and Claudia were thick as theives, just enjoying each other’s company.
the key scene comes from when he casually brings up a message she left on his answering machine, saying that she got fired and accidentally kissed her boss… he makes the situation so much easier for the other people in the room to take in… just cuz he is that casual

then there’s another crucial scene… I remember writing a little mention of this in my document… which I had recently renamed, at last… the other sister, after an incident occurs where he’s trying to carve the turkey and it accidentally slips in her lap…
he calls her a drama queen, rolling his eyes… then she shoots back at him and outs the fact that he got married to his b/f Jack on the beach without telling anyone… saying that he should be embarassed around it and stuff… or actually I think she says that he didn’t say anything because of that…

I was getting a real homophobia vibe in the room that was almost difficult for me to take… he took it just fine, although he was clearly… not upset, but one degree less than upset… a question was asked once or twice if he wore a dress to the wedding πŸ™„

The first time I saw the movie and got to this part, I thought he was really sweet… the whole fact that he and his b/f got that close and were so into one another… I get that way about a lot of same-sex relationships in the media, though
but my impression overall was that Robert was right to a degree, he did play the “healthiest person in the family”…

now this second time around… I’m willing to guess that I didn’t go into the great “transformation” until after I saw the movie the first time…
now that I have my stance on gay rights and pretty much being in support of them, as I will go on to say on my writer’s blog… that they have as much right to the pursuit of happiness as anyone else

sure, the other sister is an overworked homemaker with two kids, but I thought her verbal attacks were uncalled for… I didn’t care that she was distressed from the turkey incident and that her dress is ruined… I wanted to slap her ‘cross the face for that… well, not that drastic, but the point’s just about the same

the drugs certainly didn’t take away from his acting skill and this time, they didn’t get in the way of me enjoying his time on screen. I’ve accepted that he was struggling with this or that at the time, but even then… wow, did he bring his A-game to game day…

so yeah, my next Downey film is going to be “Air America”… I definitely can’t wait for that one. And as it is right now, it looks like that’s going to be the last one of his older films that I’ll get a chance to see for free… with the thing of him being an independant film actor for the majority of the time, True Believer, The Singing Detective and Two Girls & a Guy is very much out of my reach…

I think of the three, The Singing Detective is the one I definitely want to see the most… because it was his greatest turning point… his first real job after rehab (well, after he did the Elton John video)… the parallels are just too cool to ignore

and now I shall release this entry to the public

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  1. Thanks for posting about sailor moon. I love your site! πŸ˜‰

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