My Maroon 5 musical motion

I started the notebook as to plan out the perfectly ultimate Maroon 5 playlist… I made notes next to each one going into what they’re about, the instruments of choice, and a few other things… categories/genres…

Different songs were playing in my head and here and there, I was having “moments” of cinematic clarity… I started to have a vision about a couple of the songs and so far, I have the following down.

I know it begins:

Struggling musician (meant 2b Adam Levine), who runs independantly with his band, but the story is more or less about him. The story opens with him singing “This Love” to a small audience in a small club. About 20-30 people, a very intimate venue. I’m not sure if it’ll be a more somber version of the song or just the original as is. He smiles the entire time, but by the end, it becomes clear that there’s more to the story.
Quite obviously, he says so. “She was the one that got away. The love of my life. I wrote so many songs about Jane. They were the only way I could put into words what I was feeling and there are plenty I have been too afraid to admit out loud. Maybe I’d come on too strong or maybe I wasn’t ready for the committment. Either way, Jane, if you’re out there, this set tonight is dedicated to you.”

It just occurred to me that it might be a little lame for a musical if the club scene was used a lot of times in the show… just for narrative or whatever else…
my thinking right now is that the club scene can be used at the most critical points in the show. They would indicate a change of pace… after “this love,” the narration takes us to the next scene… when he sees Jane the first time… there will be a couple of songs of foreplay which may be 3 long… may be 5 or even 7 songs long… but I’m thinking somewhere from 3 to 5… cut away to the club where he says something like “then I knew… it was destiny”

their “honeymoon” phase would last for a while…
maybe they have a few arguments here or there where the songs come into the picture…

in the middle of the action… I had this brilliant idea for “Wake-up call” to be nothing more than a nightmare or at least a fantasy sequence… the song goes “wake-up call, caught u in the morning with another one in my bed… 6 feet tall, came without a warning so I had to shoot him dead, he won’t come around here anymore, won’t come around here, I don’t feel so bad”

Adam Levine taking out this 6 foot tall guy with a shotgun definitely sounds like something out of a fantasy sequence, lol

things start to get a little rough and choppy for a while where Adam starts to entertain the idea of a break-up…

it gets tricky at a couple of points, though as far as sequencing the songs together for a concise, consecutive, cohesive storyline (I was searching for the right word this time)…

I looked over my song list, started to cross some songs out that I didn’t think made sense. I more or less came to the realization that my ultimate Maroon 5 playlist is going to be a different order of songs than it will be for my “Songs about Jane” production

there really is no other way I can put it except to call it that… I’m planning on using the songs from all three albums, but still… the majority of the songs I want to keep from any album, I want to keep from their first album particularly…

At first, I thought of the 2nd album opening “If I never see your face again” as the first song of the 2nd act… but I don’t think this is going to fit into the mix very well at all… for it to be in the 2nd act, there has to be another girl… and I don’t know if I want to convalute the plot with multiple relationships.
although it makes less sense to put two album openers back to back…

but I’m starting to think that this is a “summer of love”… Adam’s just got his band together, he went with the bunch of them to a concert or a party or something… they go in singing that one song, which sounds like it discusses promiscuity…
“as the summer fades I let you slip away, you say I’m not your type, but I can make you sway..” maybe the end of a summer of love… could have formed the band to meet women, but… maybe that’s too fast… him finding the girl of his dreams the first chance he gets…
but the songs about her more or less became the direction his band took with their music

status update: the email was exactly what I thought it was and I didn’t even have to close down the window/reopen it to read it… everything’s fine on that end

after their first fight occurs, we cut down to the club where he sings “Won’t go home without you”… they have it out for a little while, things are good again… it seems like all of the major ballads Adam wrote are going to be club performances… I can see “Never gonna leave this bed” also being one…

I know how it ends:

“She will be loved” is the last song he performs that night… or just maybe I’ll have an elaborate scene taken straight out of the music video… it has to be a special moment because hearing him perform this song on GMA one morning when I was feeling really lousy… coming down the stairs to it, it was something of beauty that it lifted me up as much as it did

I started to get pretty cinematic here… “this was the song I sang for her the night before she left town. I stood on her corner in the pouring rain, not sure if she was ever going to come out to say goodbye [the previous song could actually be the Miranda Scott (of Lady Antebellum) duet “Out of goodbyes”… that’d fit perfectly]

the scene cuts back to the club where everyone’s backing up… and surprise, surprise, Jane was in the audience and saw the entire show… says she was touched by all that he wrote about her and she will try to make it work…

the last scene is gonna be pretty fun, romantic and maybe a bit profound to… “Must get out” has to be my other favorite track (ballad aside) from that album and it sounds like a pretty great closer..
“fumbling through ur dresser drawer, forgot what I was looking for, trying to got me in the right direction…. I’m lifting you up, I’m letting you down, I’m dancing ’till dawn, I’m fooling around, I’m not giving up, I’m making ur love, this city’s made us crazy and we must get out”

OMG… I can see it all… them being inside a NY studio apartment, packing their bags, putting them on the back of his motorcycle and driving away (not quite into a sunset, though, I see it being midday, actually)…

Listening to the music, I get a certain picture in my head about the lead singer of this awfully talented group. Not quite the leather jacket type. Looks to be a little rough around the edges but clearly has a heart of gold deep down. Seeing Adam Levine mentor on “The Voice” has helped me to see that there’s more to him than just being the frontman of this band with the uncharacteristically interesting voice… that was what set him apart for me aside from how he just knows how to woo women with his music. “She will be loved” has a certain singer/songwriter quality about it that I felt had been missing from music (with the exception of Michelle Branch) for 3-4 years

right now, it’s really hard to determine what kind of deal I’m going to get out of this… sometimes I look through it, take out a lot of the b-side/run-of-the-mill tracks from the 2nd album… in some instances, I can see it being at least 21 songs long… and in others, I think that maybe half that would be able to do a better job

This is an idea I’d been entertaining for the past couple months and since I have the inspiration flowing right now, its as good a time as any to get going with it before I can burn out. It’s worked out pretty well so far (although now I’m getting worried as to whether or not I’ll be able to finish my previous entry… eh, I just might decide to do so after I’m done with this one)

Here’s the skinny, my deal regarding all this:

several musicals have come out featuring the greatest hits of some pretty famous bands… ABBA got their 2nd life with “Mamma Mia!,” the music of “The Beach Boys” made a nobel attempt (or at least I thought) in “Good Vibrations”… “American Idiot” of Green Day fame has had huge successes… then there’s Rock of Ages that takes on a lot of 80’s songs… Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, I believe is taking on the 70’s… The Beatles have their own show, “Rain”

god’s honest truth, I think that “Songs about Jane” is one of the best musical albums released in the past decade, if not the best… I’m speaking, of course, from a cohesive, comprehensive standpoint… a close 2nd would be Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” which has a great deal more cohesion than “The Fame”… and actually, I think that “Fearless” could be an even closer 2nd…

when it comes to music, with my favorites in particular, it’s about more than just the audio aspect for me… it goes beyond that. Music becomes imbedded in some situations I’d gotten from life… it makes me happy, brings me closer to something other intangible… and in the specialest of cases, it becomes a very visual experience for me when the rhymes and the imagery of the lyrics are just right

the fact that the first album is called “Songs about Jane,” and are all otherwise inspired by Adam Levine’s relationship with his girlfriend (his current one, I believe, was part of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show… ironic that in all this time that I was putting down ideas in my head for the musical, I forgot that was even on, lol) begs for a movie to be written about it…
now I don’t think all of the songs are necessarily in order as they happened or otherwise were inspired by the transpiring relationship

I’ll have to go for the big guns in most cases… the ones that tell the most story… a lot of the singles are musts…

man does it seem like a cop-out to have This Love, If I never see your face again, and Harder to breathe as the first three songs… they’re all from the beginnings of their respective albums…

This Love is a good starting point, and everything (except for the last song of course) is flashback…

maybe to highlight somewhat of a past having been in existence, “If I never see your face again” suggests that he was your typical guy who slept around all the time… never had a relationship that lasted more than a week or two, the committment wasn’t his style…
“harder to breathe” would be from a girl who broke up with him, the last one before Jane that he really liked and when he decided that he wanted to be a one-woman man

even stranger… saying all this… they showed the footage on that meager “100 greatest songs of decade 2K” list of the “This Love” music video (dammit… I still say “She will be loved” needed to be on that list, if not in place of that, at the #1 spot)… a lot of skin is shown in the video and all of the commentators are talking about Adam Levine sleeping with all these women and stuff…
I worked pretty hard to block the few images that leaked into my eyeballs from that video… I don’t think in filthy terms as my first setting, my default setting (getting harder to find the right words as my eyes start to go)… man, I was so turned off by how everything was taken the opposite way I imagined…

well, guys think differently than women in the first place… I shouldn’t have been surprised, but still, I was… it isn’t all that hard, but I want to be sure that the way I interpret my favorite songs is kept that way… isn’t messed around with… especially when it comes to the original artist…
“She will be loved” is fine because the video was the first way/time I heard the song, the two go hand in hand… but it has been YEARS since the last time I saw it… it was extremely romantic and damn, Adam Levine wasn’t that bad looking either 😉 he seemed like a rough around the edges kinda guy with the good heart

I’ve been extremely uptight about that ever since “Somewhere here on Earth” happened… not that I was disappointed by the video, loved the video as much as the fact Prince released it… but I had an idea for it on my own that I no longer have and it was something of beauty. I can promise that much.

I started my work on “Enchanted” because I request Taylor Swift’s newest concert DVD for Christmas… so I have a deadline for when I need to finish… unless of course she doesn’t perform it… which would be devestating… its an amazing song

“American Idiot” was a great vehicle for Green Day to get a show because it made the punk band political… politics give you a stronghold in today’s society, there’s always a venue for all that…

I realize that Maroon 5 isn’t the most theatrical band in the world… heck, they’re not really into the theatrics to begin with, but their music has a lot of heart.
The songs are so amazingly beautiful in many regards… no matter how small, I believe they deserve to have their shot. Even if Adam Levine never gets to read it personally, I’d like to give it a shot anyway.

I’m sure one day I’m going to write something so epic that all of the doors will come flying open. It’s just the matter of the right person at the right time…

provided that my idea isn’t taken by someone else… that’s my 2nd greatest fear when it comes to these things, people stealing my ideas… it’s not likely it’ll happen, but I think I’d have a heart attack if I heard that Maroon 5 was going to get their musical before I got close to finishing

It was MY idea to put all their music together into a show and I’ve got the free time to do it… however long I have before my inspiration dies down and I gotta move onto another venue… I’ll give myself a few more minutes (no way I’ll be able to finish that other entry tonight) to work some things out before I retire for the night

The first task at hand will be figuring out which songs I want for the show and which order to put them in… “Wake-up call” will be the midway point, leaving our main lead (who I’ll just call Levi for the time being… lol… like the jeans, that’d so work with the image I have in my head) a little on edge for a couple songs

the way I see it, it’ll definitely be more musical than dialogue… but in a different way than My Fair Lady where the musical numbers lasted 5-7 minutes for each song… I just gotta make sure that I don’t set myself on musical continuity… i.e. songs that sound alike in the fashion of their musicality… that’s what my ultimate playlist is for

Here’s what I have so far in a nutshell:

  1. This Love
  2. If I never see your face again
  3. Harder to Breathe
  4. Hands all over
  5. Makes me wonder (lol, another cop-out, another early track to be placed earlier on… I see this being the next morning, I’m guessing where he wakes up after going on a drinking binge the previous night to conclude the scene after the previous song… the rest will be random)
  6. Misery
  • Stutter
  • give a little more
  • Secret
  • I can’t lie & Sunday morning
  • sweetest goodbye
  • Wake-up call
  • Not coming home
  • Tangled
  • Won’t go home without you
  • get back in my life
  • Shiver
  • Never gonna leave this bed
  • Out of goodbyes (ending with her walking out on him)
  • She will be loved
  • Must get out

I realize it’s a really rough outline, but so far, I have about 20 songs I want to put in this thing… my number that I want to be close to is 21… so I think I can tighten up here and there… there are few songs that I think can really add a whole lot of substance to the plot. Meaning I gotta figure out reasons why the relationship gets rocky in places

to combine a few elements, I guess… maybe Jane is a model and because of that lifestyle (the fame & fortune part, not the aneroxia/bulimia part), “Levi” is nervous about her fidelity, questions it once or twice… she goes away for a big shoot for a week and that’s when he has that nightmare of “Wake-up call” because she hadn’t called him…
to that insistance, since the nightmare was a little too realistic, he develops this attitude, so “not coming home” would fit perfectly into that capacity (I kinda like this one cuz it was recorded live, has a certain edginess to it)

I’m up to my 21 songs now, actually, but I want to add more substance to the plot in between major points. The club scenes are bolded and it doesn’t seem like there will too many of them… I’m thinking at least one or two more

for now, I’ll end things here and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to pick up and add some more… or maybe I’m just better off posting that other entry without finishing it…

it’s not like I need to discuss those movies in more detail, seen them a couple times…

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