First of all, Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Downey [part 2]

I had no idea that I’d be expecting this news, this soon… I guess I’ll have to watch E.T. or Access Hollywood tonight for the official full story.

But I got the update via IMDB on Facebook and it led me to this E! article: check it out

Oh, Baby! Robert Downey Jr. Welcomes a Son—What’s His Name?

The Stark stork has delivered: RDJ is a D-A-D!

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey welcomed their first child together in Los Angeles this morning, E! News confirms. And while the Iron Man papa already spilled the beans on the sex of his latest offspring (it’s a boy!) months ago, they kept the little tyke’s name secret up until today.

So what’s the talented tot been dubbed?

Welcome to the world Exton Elias Downey!

Little Ex was born this morning at 7:24 a.m. As for his vitals, well, he’s just as strapping as his old man, measuring up at 20 inches long and tipping the scales at 7 pounds, 5 ounces.

The newest addition to the Downey fam joins big brother Indio, Robert’s 18-year-old son from a previous marriage.

Congrats all around!”

Okay… my first reaction on seeing the news was a huge gasp… covering my mouth… kinda thinking “what, already?” and just… so happy… omg…

I clicked on the link, read the article…

I’d withheld this information for a couple months… since that Jay Leno appearance when Robert kinda, you know, “my wife knows I have a problem [with impulse control]”

There was no need for me to go ahead spreading the news and if anyone had read my blog previous to the impromptu annoucement, they’d know which way I was leaning, so my reaction on the sex of the baby would have given it away almost immediately

all of this talk during the “Due Date” press tour… people asking if he and Susan are planning on having kids anytime soon… what would he like, etc, etc.

the first part: “yeah, it’s time” and “I’ll leave it up to the missus.”

Second part: he expressed that he’d like to have a girl. I heard a quote somewhere… might have read, might have heard it… maybe both… he said he didn’t want Indio to compete with a younger brother or have him feel like he has to compete

truth on that, what I think… Indio’s like 18 now… just turned 18 in September… he has things going on. He has his talented in music and soccer and whatever career path he goes into, he’s more than welcome to it.
But it would seem that he isn’t really interested in following in the footsteps of the family business… since his grandfather was a writer/director and his dad is an actor/producer (soon to be director: I’m betting that Team Downey productions “Yucatan” and/or “Perry Mason” will have him starring & directing in these movies)… cannot WAIT… I heard him discuss “Yucatan” in brief during one interview, so I don’t remember anything about it… but yeah, if it has his name on it somewhere, I’ll check into it…

At this point, I don’t think there need be any concerns about sibling rivalry because there’s such a wide age gap.

Now, my reaction was when he accidentally let the news slip “… we’re having a boy [bleep]…”
okay Robert, which part of the impulse control… the unplanned expletive or the annoucement…

umm… both…

right… my reaction: my heart kinda sank… I was really hoping that he was going to have a girl
then the rest would be extremely interesting… would he still be a relaxed sort of dad then or is he going to be like what you seein all the movies come the time she becomes a teenager?

It all depends, I guess… but this time, we don’t need to consider that too much

Can I just say… shoot.. nearly lst all of this between undoing and redoing…

I was going to say that… shoot, I didn’t really lose too much, I guess 😕

My discussion about the name..

my first reaction at hearing the name was “omg, I totally called the initals”..

except I was nowhere in the ball park when it came to the name… don’t know what’s wrong with my window… but I can’t keep pressing enter to leave myself a lot of white space…

yeah, I never would have figured that out… I was kinda banking… kinda lame… I was banking on him either being named Eli or Ethan… those names just wouldn’t get out of my head… and of course I’m a huge Eli Manning fan… apparently he’s my favorite player because of his imperfections and I guess its kinda along the lines of “I’m not used to the victory dance”… so it feels kinda weird having all this stuff working out as good as it did this season.

The only thing I really knew and what the key factor was going to be: Susan picked out the name herself, and there’s no way of knowing what she was going to pick. I would have supposed it was a name she personally liked or would give him the namesake of a family member…

the only family member I know the name of is her brother Richie, who apparently thinks that Robert is a speed demon when he drives… (it was discussed on Ellen a couple years back when they were talking about setting a date for the wedding)

I was just gonna say it’s kinda cool that his initials are going to be E.E. Downey… kinda like e.e. cummings… I don’t know much about that dude’s poetry except that I guess it doesn’t really rhyme… but he doesn’t use any caps and the structure is the key in making it all work

[that’s kinda helpful… Ctrl-Z is undo and Ctrl-Y is redo]

Exton Elias Downey… it’s certainly an unusual name… I definitely know where Elias came from (Robert’s father’s original last name before he changed it to Downey as a stage name… )

omg, this totally works out… now Robert doesn’t have to get another tattoo to commerate this :falloff: nah, I’m totally kidding… I’m not really against Robert having tattoos and he makes them work for their individual purposes… just paying homage to his loved ones… and I guess “Elias” is because of his dad and also to keep his family’s roots close… descended from Russian Jews, supposedly

nah, if he really wanted to, I’m sure Robert could just add the name “Exton” to the “Elias” tattoo on his ankle

actually, none of it really matters all that much. I am not totally against tattoos if they have a purpose and don’t completely overtake the canvas, if you get what I’m saying
like that David Beckham underwear ad for H&M… that’s kinda overtaking the canvas a little too much, not that I really care a lot about David Beckham

and anyway… Robert gets his tattoos airbrushed going into his movies, so the only way anyone’s going to see them (other than his family and his closest friends) are leaked photos or just… whatever… I can’t believe I’m going on and on about this so lame

for maybe the first two seconds, I was on the name, thinking that it was unusual, kinda odd/weird… whatever… but after that, in the strangest/crazyest way humanely possible, it just works…

I’m crazy about it… such great news, I couldn’t be happier to hear this.

meanwhile, I’m just hoping all is well… Robert kept saying that they were expecting him at the end of February… so I thought this was maybe a little early…

but maybe not so much… I mean, sounds like a great size… I think I was born around the same weight too… and I was 10 days LATE… 7lb 5oz is great and 20 inches… yeah… all around, great news

the only thing that’s a tiny bit annoying… reading a couple of the comments and people drudging up ancient history… like “his name is similiar to a kind of drug” and “won the genetic lottery (except the addiction thing)”…

people need to lighten up a lot more… no need to be down on such good news with that nonesense

so, taking all that into consideration… I’m going to try to not hope for an appearance by the happy couple at the Oscars… I’m betting they’re just going to be waist deep in… well, all the above… and there’s really no need for them to go to any award shows

It’s a very short article, but I certainly hope that Susan’s equally as fine if not excellent after everything.

No more waiting, yeah!

at this point, I think I’ll just leave it:


omg, that totally sounds like a cool actor’s name… man that would be the coolest thing if he got into acting later in life… not that he certainly needs to 😎 but just saying, yeah, that would be cool

:grumble: great, now I’m doing it [see the newest Nissian Leaf commercial to get the joke]

geesh, how is it that this kind of news is the stuff that automatically perks me up and makes me oh so happy… and I’m not hugely into this kind of stuff… as if I’m more excited for other people when stuff happens to them than I am when stuff happens to me…

not at a lot stuff happens to me, so there’s not a lot of cause for celebration… but you know… there’s the whole other side of the coin where I’m not as happy when some stuff happens to me.

I’m just hoping and praying that something will come out of this… I don’t think I can survive another go around with the ups & downs, highs & lows and granted, I’d been riding a low for a couple weeks now… right after getting a call about something and I neglected to return it… that guilt had been eating me up for a while, probably the reason why I was feeling so… just not good over the past couple weeks

yep, sometimes I’m seriously thinking I should invest in some anti-anxiety meds becuase, I swear, my fight/flight instinct was just throbbing today… like I wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there forever

and yeah, I’ll just leave the talk where it is. I’m not going to be digging and thriving to find some new first pictures… I’m going to leave them to their privacy. Unlike the whole Beyonce baby thing… that was beyond ridiculous

omg, Yahoo! has an article on the quote “unusual baby name”… geesh, just everyone in the ET business loves this stuff… but c’mon, all these celebrities pick odd names, but is that really so far-out?

huh….. they said that the name has been kinda associated with a city in Pennsylvania… so people might be jumping on that gravy train for a bit
Indio was named after a place in Palm Springs, CA, so maybe there’s some sort of tie to that

and they’re just totally guessing on the middle name… thinking that it has to do with Eli Manning… nah, I know where that name came from, not a doubt in my mind…

and they’re all kinda right in the comments… that is not really an unusual name as far as Hollywood goes

yep, I bet I can say that name a million times and I would just fall in love… and I think I already have just thinking about it 😎

yeah, I am highly doubting that this is going nearly as much buzz as the whole Beyonce baby thing… and that’s the way it should be… I say give the Downeys as much privacy as they like and they’ll come out and celebrate whenever they feel like

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