A little something I just wrote

My writing’s been so all over the place the past couple days. No wonder I can’t get anything done, my attention’s on something different every day.

I rewatched “Two Girls and a Guy” to kinda bring myself back down to earth about a few things :shrug:
and I think it did help with some stuff. Hopefully my annoyance was just a one-time thing and I can go back whenever I feel like.
Though I get the feeling that if anything, I should keep things minimalistic until the DVD comes out… no use revisiting the same old stuff. But his album is definitely a good thing to indulge in later.

Oh, by the by, “American Idol” officially kicks off this week with the semi-finals

How do I relate to/think of Robert Downey Jr.


It’s something that changes all the time, depending on my mood or what I’d recently exposed myself to. With him, it’s almost always “re-exposing” myself because I’d seen some footage so many times.
I try to leave the fact he was addicted and in trouble for a long time. That’s the kind of negativity that most people are judged by, usually for the rest of their lives or in some cases, for all eternity because that was how they found death’s door. That isn’t to say that any of it is excusable, but given all the process that’s been made in the right direction, I know for the most part I don’t need to worry about him. I know he knows that he was super close to blowing everything up, almost costing him his life. And things are so good for him right now that it wouldn’t make sense to revisit history. I just use his case to look out how things could be and not to judge some people too harshly, even when things look bleak. With Mel Gibson, for example, I could take one of two sides. He’s taken one side and won’t waver because they’re good friends in all that. There are some things that he did that were inexcusable that I still have trouble accepting. We can simply agree to disagree on that matter, but I try to see both sides.

I look at him usually as an example of what one could do when trying to find redemption. I look at my life compared to his. Perhaps I overanalyze and think maybe I’m dwindling on the edge with my vises. It does good to be honest with oneself but there have been too many times where that’s got me down. One can be too honest and when you’re faced with that, you get pretty miserable. I guess that’s what he means (or rather Mel Gibson) by “hugging the cactus,” which means embracing the part of yourself that is ugly. Doing that too often, like many things, can be overwhelming and lead to unnecessary depression and whatever comes with it.

I think of him as a very complex person, but he can say deep down, he’s extremely simple. I used to think of him as a method actor because of what he did in “Tropic Thunder,” but it’s not really what defines him anymore. At the moment, I think he’s defined mostly by two franchises: Marvel and Sherlock Holmes, which are coming with amazing results. I like to define him as those things, but also a person who thinks a lot about the roles he takes on. If it serves a part of him, he’ll do it. He usually looks for something in it that can enrich part of his soul or better yet, its something that sounds like a lot of fun and a little different than what he’s used to doing. He’s more of an A-lister, but every now and then, I like to remember him as a guy who did a lot of indie films. Most of those films are among the best things he’d done and I happen to enjoy them the most.

He is prone to overplaying things a tiny bit. When he presents awards sometimes, he can be very over the top. He likes to joke around and pull stunts. Most of the time, it works, but it’s not necessarily something I always want him to do. I like him to be loose as well as serious depending on the situation. Then when he’s with Susan, heck, anything is up for discussion because she’s as crazy about him as he is about her. If he does something and she laughs it off, it’s okay. As a person, I think that there are a handful of roles that come very close to him. He plays somewhat of an antagonist in “Charlie Bartlett,” but when things get serious, what he says helps you remember that he’s been there so he knows exactly what he’s talking about and trying to instill in the title character as well as the audience. I can’t say for sure how much of Harry Lockhart in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is like him, but I’d like to believe he is that way with women in real life as he is with his co-star, Michelle Monaghan. I’d have to rewatch the sequel to Sherlock Holmes, but I think that just maybe, he seems to be the perfect man with the perfect intellect to fool the audience into believing he is that character. The only thing that perhaps gets me closest to knowing him is listening to his album. A lot of it is a little melancholy, but it has truth in it. He acknowledges that he’s wasted a bit part of his life, but he wants to make things right. It’s hard to really nail down precisely what I think of him as a person because it changes so much. I’d recently grown a bit annoyed for no apparent reason. Call it karma or just the fact my loyalties are moving back to a place I never thought I could fully come back to. It is possible to be crazy about two people at the same time, but the situation is different with each one.

Robert Downey Jr. is probably one of the hardest working people in Hollywood right now. Maybe not so much as George Clooney who’s not only starring in movies, but he’s producing, co-writing and directing. But he is definitely up there in that he does his research to where he can live and breathe the part. And when a sequel comes around, he goes back into the source material to find more things he hadn’t tried yet. He used to be known as a person where if you were directing him the first time, you had to be open to improvising with him because that’s just the way he works. But he’s definitely become one of the best actors to direct in that he’s full of ideas on what to bring to the screen, usually to the point where he and the director are on the same page most of the time. You know, he often has me thinking that there’s more directing than I originally thought. And that’s a good thing. Directors ought to be celebrated as much as the actors they work with. It’s for the same reasons why fellow musicians and songwriters for certain people deserve as much respect as the artist gets.

In a nutshell, I believe Robert Downey Jr. is a very grounded individual who has a really keen intellect. He’s also got a lot of humility coursing through his veins so he doesn’t take a lot for granted. He’s serious about his work, but at the same time, he tries to have fun so the audience will have fun watching his movies.


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