Reviewing “The Lorax”

I think this is gonna be one of my short entries because I’m gonna keep it short and sweet to limit spoilers.

This is gonna sound strange, but I hate it when people moan & groan about how much a movie has an extremely environmental message as if they’re shoving it down our throats… to the point where they see a premise for something and immediately roll their eyes, thinking “this is a complete metaphor for yada-yada”… which makes them immediately dismiss it.

Even more, I hate when I kinda realize at the end of it all… they were right… in the aspect that this was definitely one of those punches in the gut you see every now and then in movies to where you’re thinking “what have/will we become?”

There’d been a couple of things I’d seen recently… well, over the past 5 years that have been kinda similiar to this.
“Wall-E” was glaringly obvious because it said that in 100 years, we’ll be polluting so much that the Earth will become inhabitable… and we as a race will become nothing more than a bunch of bumps on a log where everything is a click away…

“Avatar” had several themes to it… some say things more than others… I thought the whole Bush administration interpretation was one of the most ridiculous things I’d ever heard. Green Day’s “American Idiot” was one thing… but “Avatar”? seriously?

When I found out the premise of this seemingly out of this world story, I was thinking nothing more than the Native Americans and how we wiped out their race for the sake of advancing our own and how we tore down all these forests in search of gold… that wasn’t even there
(yeah, go figure that you had to go all the way to the other side of the country to find gold… that and Alaska, which was part of Canada)…

The only similiarities I saw between “Avatar” and the War in Iraq… was the military aspect of it and going to another place to conquer it…
and by the way, we did not go to Iraq to mine for some mysterious element that could save planet Earth… we went there to look for nuc-ular weapons and Osama Bin Laden


Interesting how I brought Green Day into this having just watched part of (will watch the whole of it soon, got it set to go on YouTube)… I had no idea that “American Idiot” was a commercial success BUT they lost their recording manager as a result of the fall-out…
I gotta read up on what the Dixie Chicks did to make America turn on them the way they did around that time… whether there were similarities or not, I have no idea… but definitely, “American Idiot” was a heck of a masterpiece… that rock opera was so cool the first time I listened to it… wow… there are very few times I will listen to an album first time and be jumping up and down because it was just so different and exciting

Long story short…
I don’t know what it was, but there were maybe two key parts during “The Lorax” that had me tearing up… no joke… still kinda getting over that actually
I just didn’t think it was gonna get to me to the way it did

my premiere analysis: after seeing the movie, I almost wanted to go outside and hug the first tree I saw

Aside from that, the movie was very bright, very colorful. The whole idea of the utopia has intrigued me since “The Giver”… but this time it was a town that had no real plants or animals… what kind of place is that? Kinda, you know, that whole “sameness” theme, even though there were different kinds of cars, clothes and people.

Once or twice, I got to thinking “is there really need for a musical number here?” There were maybe 5-6 songs in this and some were well placed… some were just “WHY?” like is there a need for that? kinda of a give & take of sorts

The greatest highlight… aside from the furry animals… and probably the only spoiler I will give:
a lot of this is flashback… which really threw me for a loop…

was the cast… everyone was excellent, but none moreso than Betty White as the grandma
probably will go on to rival Grandma Arbuckle (of the “Garfield” cartoons) as the coolest grandma in the history of animation

it’s kinda cool being around people where you know their voices and what they look like.
Zac Efron & Taylor Swift, also cute together (though I wouldn’t peg them as a couple in real life… Taylor has been scrabbling like mad to tell people repeatedly that she is single at the moment… so I’m scoffing at the Tim Tebow rumors rather than buying into them)…

Danny Devito as The Lorax… need I say more… dude’s probably one of the coolest voiceover actors I’d ever heard (and yes, I have seen him in a couple of his live action roles where he’s better known… but I like when he plays the nice guy…
well scratch that, The Lorax and Phil from Disney’s “Herculess” were kinda rough around the edges, but deep down, they were good and had good intentions. Just love listening to his distinct voice sometimes

then we have the antagonist… and I’m not talking about Ed Helms as the Onc-ler… :shrug: don’t you hate it when greed gets to a person like that… (rest assured that he learns his lesson by a certain point)
the mayor of the town who invented bottled fresh air… him being short makes things kinda funny, especially when he FINALLY gets his due… the way he uses his big henchmen is priceless

so I guess to end this… yeah, kinda short…

I’d say this movie deserves… somewhere between a B and a B+… 87/100, I’d say :shrug:

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