Purple Rain- 2 chapters down, ~2 to go

Personally I can’t wait until the moment I get to see to look at all the material I’ve accumulated on my “purple” flash drive (in contents, not color) in several months/years from now and I say: “wow, this is starting to look like a book.”

Aside from me just looking through my blog and the fact that I have about 5 years worth of pages… with this stuff going towards a book and having a good 100 pages together… I’m hoping it’ll be a little more than that… should be something.

I’ll have to run what I have already through my chief editor & collaborator to see if there’s anything I’m missing, but I think that just maybe, I’ve got something good started.
And it looks like this blog has indispensible properties that make this so much easier.

When I write an entry on my blog, those who’ve been here before, will realize that I go on long, lengthy rants, sometimes where I really need to vent something out… then later on, I come around to my point.

There really isn’t a lot for me to divvy away from on this entry… most of which, I’m not at liberty to discuss.
For Lent, I’ve given up my annoying habit of these entries or rants that do nothing but tear myself down with brutal honesty. And believe me I’ve got reason to do so, but I can’t… which is more than good… actually, what I’m doing should be something that’s grounds for a new year’s resoltuion…

and actually (x 2), in a twisted way, that might be what I’m doing… it’s not gonna be like “oh Easter’s come and gone, I can start being mean to myself again”…

so saving myself the trouble, I’ll go into a bit of what I did.

The first chapter is kind of an introduction to the whole thing, what was going on in Prince’s world at that point, where the movie idea came from and how Al Magnoli and Prince got started. It’s not even a page, short & sweet, to the point.

The second chapter… eh… my side-bar gave me an extra page or two… it’s all right. I mean, I discusses the elements that went into the movie and why they did… how The Revolution was told to play themselves on camera (huh, maybe I should have mentioned somewhere that Jill Jones was also put in the movie).
There are plenty of people who have worked with Prince in the past that would greatly prefer it if he wasn’t part of the first thing they were asked or approached about… I know for a fact that Jill Jones and Denise Matthews (formerly known as Vanity) have that one thing in common… perhaps most ironically is that the fact that there could have easily been a time where Prince was seeing both of them… could also be the part of the reason why Vanity walked away, leaving behind a huge gap in the movie’s cast… it’s hard to really be sure and unless Prince opens up about it (which I doubt… a) cuz he doesn’t like discussing his past… even more ironic… he so should have written a song called that, though its hard to beat the one by Alanis Morrisette… and b) he doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who would openly admit to being in the wrong… understatement of the year

I did a little research over the past two days, just to make sure I had enough information on both sides of the coin for my side-bar… Sunday evening was the visual… and I guess for clarification regarding one crucial detail

in a few parts of the book, I’m sure its going to be a common thing for me to have a few footnotes… there was no other place to put it (as the book is promeniently for discussing Prince and “making him look good”… which means I can’t speculate about his love life)…

I was simply shocked about this to where I had to take a step back and say “whoa….”

I mentioned once or twice recently how odd it was that a couple people who worked with Prince left cuz his music went against their beliefs… and how a couple went on to become born-again Christians and Prince later converted to the JW faith…

I’ll have to check whether or not… there is nothing on Wikipedia that says that Dez became a born-again Christian (makes me wonder how the hell I got that idea… the born-again Christian thing, not that the idea that ‘if its on Wikipedia, it must be true’…) so, actually, for all I know, what I found on Denise Matthews may/may not true, but considering the context of it, I sure as hell ain’t taking it lightly…

I knew a couple of the pieces of this already, but had no idea how they call come together. After Vanity left Prince, she started somewhat of a solo career, did a few small direct-to-VHS B-movies and got addicted to cocaine.
I knew that for some reason, sometime in the 90’s, she became a born-again Christian…

supposedly… in 1995, her addiction nearly killed her and she had an epiphany that sounds very similar to the one Prince was rumored to have had that led him to stop The Black Album from being released… she said that God appeared to her and said he would save her if she gave up her ways… so, she got clean and dropped the “Vanity” stage name and went back to being Denise Matthews, wanting nothing more to do with her “sinful” past and would go on to spend her life devoted to her renowned Christian faith…

first of all… WHOA… yet another reason why drug addiction scares the hell out of me… and secondly, this must be…. I guess that’s my word for the day… the one of most IRONIC things I’d ever heard. This woman made a career for herself flaunting this amazing sexuality and probably got into so much… territory I won’t go into because I don’t think my imagination can afford to go into X-rated territory… and I think if I keep going, she could come across this and be really offended that I’m bringing this up.

So, yeah… Denise Matthews was definitely something back in the day… especially if she makes even a girl like me tremble and almost fall head over heels… there was just this undeniable energy she had that just filled the air and me sensing that through a YouTube clip kinda says it all I just thought it was only fair to have a footnote, saying that she is now a born-again Christian and nothing more to do with that persona

I put together my side-bar on Vanity vs. Apollonia yesterday, a great deal of it came together on my last entry and I just did a little editing… but the majority of it was written on this blog… where I’m usually at privvy to go as long as I want and… I don’t need to worry about holding back so much and

[note: Information Society- “What’s on your mind? (pure energy)”
I’m watching VH1’s block of 80’s music… I’d never heard that song before, but they definitely had that 80’s euro pop thing going on… now listening to “Give a little respect” by Erasure… I remember googling this song a couple times to see who did it, love it…
even more funny, “Dancing with myself” by Billy Idol was another that played a few minutes ago… one of my earliest musical memories… I’d say in recent years “what was I thinking?” cuz that dude can be pretty psychotic, at least back then… but ๐Ÿ˜• I dunno… in sort of a twisted way, I kinda see what the draw was… he was actually pretty good looking, though I definitely can’t say that nowadays]

so yeah, it’s pretty cool when things come together on my blog better than they do on Word…
I think what’s been going on in writing those chapters is that I had this one piece of advice in mind that I read somewhere… it was something about writing a novel, but it could apply to any type of book… you gotta take care in every sentence, that it has a purpose to keep the reader going on to the next one… but from my mind, what I was doing was to make sure each sentence had a legit point/reason for me to put it down in the first place… which is part of the reason why these chapters were pretty short and I wanted more of this section to be devoted to discussing the movie and the music… like the actual opinion/editorial part of it, rather than background information (which will be scattered throughout the next chapter on the actual movie)…

now that I think about it… since I did this side-bar comparing these two women, maybe I ought to go into another age-old debate: Prince vs. Morris Day… trust me, I’d been there, done that and there are multiple facets I can address on that… just to be fair…
there’re two parts of it… going into it from the movie’s perspective (The Kid vs. Morris Day) and going from real life… debating which of the guys is the better…
I can definitely offer up to a good debate for both sides of the issue… but it’ll more or less come down to this: Prince remains relevent to this day and has aged a bit more gracefully… the bottom line being that with Morris Day, I’d prefer to think of him as he looked back in the day… where he looked his FINEST…
Going back to my ideas of side-bars…  I think in the long run, if I have a bunch of them in one era/album, I’ll have to number them (most likely, Purple Rain will have the most, followed by Parade)… and supposing they go into something mid-chapter (like I’m thinking that halfway through the 2nd chapter, comparing guitar players Dez Dickerson and Wendy Melvoin… maybe not there, probably discussing that in the chapter on the actual music from the soundtrack…), I’ll have to make a note at the end of a paragraph like in the magazines (continued on pg #)… the Vanity & Apollonia debate was easy because my mentioning how Apollonia was a last minute replacement happened to come at the end of that chapter… or better yet, if I have a lot of them, it just might be easier to make a note of the side-bar rather than stopping and starting the chapter. Example would be… like towards the end of a sentence before the period, typing something like

(see page # for side-bar #?: [put name here]).

That might actually be easier. Sorry, just thinking aloud here… typing aloud, I should say, lol

There are innumerable things to debate in this section, but I think that I can put together a list of them here as I think them up… as well as they’ll likely go

  • Prince vs. Morris Day (chapter 3- the film chapter)
    –  side-bar squared: The Kid vs. Morris Day
  • On guitar: Dez Dickerson vs. Wendy Melvoin (chapter 4- the soundtrack)
  • “Purple Rain”- deciphering reality from fiction given the facts & testimonies of a few (chapter 3)
  • Reviewing “Purple Rain” as you would any other movie (I might give it a title like: “if you were Roger Ebert”)

Come to think about it, I don’t know how much of the discussion about the movie is going to be… what’s the word… linear… like a few paragraphs of text because there are far too many things to discuss in this side rants to really sum everything up in one section, lol… the only thing linear I can think of is discussing the first couple scenes, how they were shot (the helicoptor shots, Lake Minnetonka, all the club scenes and how long it took to shoot them)… I can’t really go into the musical discussion (like the story behind “Take me with U” and “When Doves Cry” unless its in the chapter about the songtrack… in which case, yeah, there’ll be plenty to discuss there)…

I’ll see what happens, but most definitely, the next two chapters is where all the magic is gonna happen and they’ll most likely take the longest for me to write… but before I forget real quick, somewhere I’ll put my all-too important side-bar

  • My First Time seeing Prince- the Sunday afternoon that would unexpectedly change me forever…

something like that, but I’ve got plenty of time to hammer out those details ๐Ÿ˜Ž
can’t wait

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