Thanks a lot,! >:O

I might not have found a title for this, but because I had to find out who was in Prince’s band when they performed “Electric Chair” on SNL… my Internet had to close down and reboot…

I lost this entire entry because your website SUCKS… with its overlong script, taking a while to load… I knew I should have put all of that outlining I did for my vampire story on my other blog because I’m never getting any of that back…


I don’t even care anymore… I spent my entire morning working on this entry starting at 10… 3 hours WASTED… as if I get anything done these days which feel like they’re getting shorter than longer…

I just can’t believe it…

I’ll have to leave my discussion for the awesomness of Prince performing “Electric Chair” another time… and it was a damn good performance… one of the best I’d seen in a long time… never saw it before… I’m just too furious to be able to continue… not even relevent at this point that the performance defies me being able to describe its awesomeness…

one of these days, I just might relocate this blog to blogspot… at least when I write an entry, it saves my progress as a draft every time I stop typing… that’s the one thing I don’t get here… I’ve lost so many entries because the site wouldn’t load or I opened another tab that ruined everything I had open on my browser

I’m just short of screaming two words to end this entry… three guesses what

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  1. What’s up? I am Donna. btw Cool site.

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