My 2012 Retrospect

I’m currently going thru the headlines of all my blog entries this year (and I’ll figure out how many on top of that, I know it was a very prolific year for blogging) to see what’s been happening.

I just did my third year of reviewing my ticket stubs to see how many movies I saw in theaters and tracking popular trends.
The only trend really taking shape is that I saw NO G OR R rated movies this year… mostly PG13
and all the actors “trending” in my movies were Avengers… except for Kristen Stewart, who was in “Snow White & the Huntsman” and of course the final Twilight film

“The Lorax” was one of the biggest disappointments I ever came across in a theater… 
it was geared towards a younger audience, but it turned into an overally political pro-environment statement… I’ll never forgive or forget that EVER 😦

Everything else on my list got A’s across the board… the highest ranking ones were The Hunger Games and final Twilight, that I gave generous A+’s to because they blew me away beyond recogntion… I gave Avengers an A, and it missed on an A+, despite the best chemistry I ever saw on any movie set, because I spent half the movie kinda freaking out about whether or not it’d work for me…

With Politics… I’m going to make it super short…
once again trending is being annoyed with my folks for being so negative…
but I add on top of that that I hate myself for succumbing to their opinions… :facepalm: 
their opinion being anti-Obama, nothing he did was good enough for them… and I figured that with all the stuff that hadn’t happened during his term, the stuff he promised, this and that… that would convince people not to vote him back in…

I really don’t have any stake in what happens in politics because none of it directly affects me… aside from the horrendous job market… 
other than that, I’m not really affected by anything either way personally… 

Politically, I’d entitle it my biggest disappointment of 2012
and as of the time I’m writing this blog, we’re holding onto the fiscal cliff with our final finger (progressively, I moved from holding onto it with both hands, down to one hand, and then down to fingers… like Tweety Bird in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” )

Other disappointments…
I’m not sure if The Lorax will be in my bottom 5 for that… I’d gotten past it with a little thing called repression… repressing my disappointment and how weepy I was over how sad that movie was

Reality TV…
we saw the end of Jersey Shore (THANK GOD!!) 
and even more Kardashian ish… between that live birth that was televised (It was on the fucking View [same day as Andrew McCarthy, towards the end of the show] and the power couldn’t go out fast enough… literally we had a power surger at that moment and that was the last image on the TV b4 it went black… oh god…. )… now we’re gonna have a new one with Kim/Kayne
fucking Kanye… absoutely no respect for that guy :facepalm: 

that baby’s gonna be the new Blue Ivy… the Beyonce/Jay-Z baby that literally everyone was talking about 
I’m pissed about a couple things regarding that… all the baby bump attention, then finally she arrived and not only did she overtake the media (even to the point where another celebrity baby was shoved into the background and only his parents’ fanbase and ET [eventually] got wind of it… more on that later… funny how on the list of 2012 celebrity babies the comments about him included “finallys, someone we actually heard of… goes to show much reality stars have taken over the media)

she overtook the entire hospital… I am pissed for all those other parents in the maternity ward that got shoved into the background just because Blue Ivy is like pop royalty… that was so disrespectul to all those people

We also had MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of rumors about William & Kate… all these goddam reports about a baby bump or William having to choose between her and his military career… 
my hatred of tabloid magazines dominated this year…to where I really couldn’t believe anything at the check out… unless it was on a legit magazine like Cosmo, People, Time or Elle… stuff like that… 
but Us Weekly, Star, obviously the enquierer couldn’t be trusted

at last! we have a royal baby on the way, so we can stop the stupid rumors about looking for a baby bump that ISN’T there

two annoying headlines that I kept running into…. one of which kept changing around…
Kristen Stewart having a fling with her “Snow White” director and everyone just spitting venom on her and such :facepalm: after a while I just stopped listening and it finally blew over
and all of Lindsay Lohan’s run-ins with the law…

it changed every couple weeks, the headlines… my disappointment in her is less than my disappointment with the media for BLOWING it the HELL out of proportation…
like don’t you have any REAL news to report than her latest [fill in the blank]?
they don’t do that for every single drug addict or criminal… kinda like how they overblow deaths of celebrities to the point of flags being at half staff

the biggest loss that I can remember from this year was Whitney Houston, without question…
and it isn’t JUST because everyone on every talent show had to do one of her songs… 

things got a little out of proportion here as well, but I never stopped gloating over the fact Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise… I totally called it that it would never last… too bad I had to wait 4-5 years to be sure I was right… never doubted it for a second 😉

Other massive disappointments of mine… 

Reality TV…
luckily things got rectified with round 2… but I never was so disappointed, angered and saddened by one season of reality TV quite like that… hopefully never again…

Donald Driver won the Mirror Ball 
Jermaine Paul won The Voice (over my girl Juliet [Simms]!!)
Philip Philips won American Idol (over tons of my favorite girls, plus Colton Dixon)

the worst case of PMS I ever had was with those 2nd two because I kept crying and couldn’t stop… over these disappointments…
the only thing that will top that, maybe ever, was the election night results
made me feel like my right to vote was totally pointless

I believe I went on 3 interviews this year… all of which ended in failure, obviously… 
the first was the lab assistant position at a local community college
the 2nd was for a vet assistant at a vet’s hospital… they wanted someone with more experience
after which I did maybe 5 days (3 hours each) volunteering at a local vet’s place… after which I just didnt feel welcome there anymore… the truth was that I got sick of the guy asking me what else I did with myself and what my goals are… 

a lot of the years was kinda about that and feeling inadequate and all that… not quite as bad as 2011 (although that year I had a little help… speaking of that, I had a dream about being “Ally McBeal” in one of the two later shows where she saw hallucinations of Larry Paul and they were unused scenes from the previous season cuz obviously, Robert’s recent 2 arrests got him fired… I think I saw him come into the room to use the copier, but the case of deja uv made the person who came into the room morph into him… it was a little weird, I’ll say that)

and my final one was at that Allentown lab where they wanted someone better fit with the job description… I can’t help but wonder though if the theory I worked out for a story might be true… that conspiracy, that someone at the lab got in contact with the labs in Allentown and telling them not to hire me… all in a story about vampires (Vampire Diaries style) and by the end of it, I become one and exact my revenge

including this entry, I did 175 this year
WOW… I did 233 last year
I guess the gap was helped by me taking it down a few notches this year, plus the other blog, plus the times at the shorehouse and being on vacay when I didn’t have access 

I had an exciting Oscars this year
2nd year in a row I saw the picture that won top prize
I saw 152 movies this year… bringing me up from the 125 from last year… I’m sure a bunch I really didn’t HAVE to see, but whatever

this was a big year… well, actually last year, was a big year for Adele… but after she swept the Grammys (leaving Gaga with practically nothing 😦 ), I got her album and yeah, it was great

I’ll get through more of the music headlines later…
while I have this one in front of me…

there were three notable Downey headlines this year 😎
he and Susan had a son who I have dubbed E.E. Downey (in the style of e.e. cummings), Exton Elias Downey
Avengers totally rocked and he earned the most of the cast members for maybe $50mill guranteed… totally deserved it 😎
and then maybe being a little too much of a go-getter or it was an accident that had nothing to do with his actions, Robert got himself injured on the set of “Iron-Man 3” that had him sidelined for 47 days… yes, I did count 😉 couldn’t help it… injured his ankle and I’m sure he’ll get hounded for details when he’s promoting the movie… in about 5 months, lol

and I think… checking… aside from Avengers… I saw 2 of his movies this year
Back to School and The Singing Detective… and True Believer… that’s 3
and let’s see… I won’t bother with how many he talked me into… between them featuring cast members or he just liked them… but other standouts from my mass array of films I saw this year, I absolutely loved:

  • Rebel without a cause
  • can’t buy me love
  • bridesmaids (despite my qualms going into it, completely gone)
  • The Blues Brothers
  • The Art of Getting By
  • The Bourne Supremecy (although all the movies were great… well, not so much the Ultimatum)
  • What’s your number?
  • Goodfellas
  • The Hurt Locker
  • both Sister Acts
  • To Sir with Love
  • Outsourced (which the one-season NBC show was based on)
  • Wild Target
  • Shanghai Noon
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • In Bruges
  • Ed Wood
  • The Social Network
  • The Secret of NIMH
  • Necessary Roughness
  • A Few Good Men
so 22 real stand-outs… plus 3-4 from the theaters

this was particularly a big year for Owen Wilson movies (“Midnight in Paris” plus that oddball dream I had about him kinda catapaulted him to my favorites) and Kevin Costner, where I went from being a skeptic to being someone who enjoyed his movies

just as long as he was playing in a drama… I can’t take him as seriously when he’s not being serious

I wrote quite a bit for The Word this year… went thru maybe 6 albums and I think I stalled a bit on my 7th

Another set of big headlines…
The Sandusky trial, the Rutgers Trial (only caught a little online, either my internet connection sucked or they completely shut down the audio)
the Penn State aftermath, loss of Joe Paterno, etc, etc. 
the shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook that have kinda changed our mindset in America to wanting more talk about gun control and such

Sports news…
mostly disappointing, with the exception of The Olympics (although I hated how Gabby only won that one medal for the all-around) and The Giants winning the SuperBowl (HELL YEAH!)
Golf was pretty cool this year… Rory McElroy did amazingly and kinda silenced his critics after getting that US Open… watching Bubba Watson WIN the Masters on Easter… that was pretty awesome 😎

the disappointments were that the Phillies sucked (now I’m back to that again… dammit… will never forgive myself for skipping out on their final game where I could have seen their win live)…
and for the third year in a row, the team I picked to win the World Series didn’t…
The Texas Rangers have disappointed me these past couple years and despite having a Triple Crown winner, Detriot could not stop San Francisco from sweeping them…

I wish they’d spread the wealth with the winners, but that’s not how it goes

another disappointment was Tebow getting traded because they wanted Peyton in Denver… now they’re talking about a faceoff between him and Tom Brady…
The Jets signed him… and those idiots didn’t even use him… he did less than 20 plays all year and when Sanchez was pulled, they put a third string in his place… WTF?!
I really hope whoever gets Tebow next will actually use him and use him well 😎 he’s got the talent for it

I was disappointed that I wouldn’t see a Triple Crown winner again this year… days before the final race, the favorite to win all three scratched… dammit, I want to see someone win in my lifetime… is that really so hard to ask?
now it’s kinda like “who will I see first, Eagles win the Super Bowl or a Triple Crown winner?”

The Olympics were pretty awesome, but I’m still kicking myself for us being at the shorehouse that first weekend where I completely missed the gymnastics team win gold…
that’s the event I look forward to every Olympics and I completely missed it… so not the same seeing the replays cuz you already know the ending…
oh right, I remember having to skip past the news throughout that month because they kept posting SPOILERS… guys!! c’mon!

that’s how I found that Gabby Douglas won the all-around gold :facepalm: 

a couple other annoyances… 
“Call me maybe”… Carly Rae Jepsen sounds like she’s 14 and I think she’s older than I am… how that song went viral and everyone did their own viral videos to it and all that… I swear, HORRIBLE songwriting on that, annoys the hell out of me…

and the repetition of “Home” by Philip Phillips
but….. that did kinda win me over over time :falloff: so much for that, right? now its kinda like “I love it a little more each time I listen to it”

another thing to go viral…
Gangum Style!! 

I have yet to see the viral YouTube video but I saw him (and a lot of other people) do it everywhere else, including SNL

getting into April…
The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence were HUGE this year… cannot wait to see more, great book series too
Joel Silver left Warner Bros… he will be missed 😎

more annoyance… Clay Aiken got second AGAIN… despite how much better he did at the final task, he still lost… I’m boycotting this next Apprentice season simply because they’re bringing back celebrity all-stars… including Omarosa… does she have nothing better to do than appear on every single incarnation of this show?!
my disappointment with American Idol and The Voice was that month…

oh I kinda repessed this too… Minaj at the Grammys where she freaked the shit out of me… and for that reason, I’m boycotting American Idol… she hasn’t been around long enough to be able to judge anyone… kinda like how Demi Levato is unfit to mentor at X-Factor…
and Khole Kardashian at hosting… you literally lose IQ points listening to her ask those same stupid questions over and over again…

next month I reviewed Scotty McCreery’s album… a bit…

Sherlock 2 finally got onto blu-ray and that stigma’s pretty much gone… but I will say that on two key points, it has severe flaws… I thought the action scene going into the 3rd act in the original made me grind my teeth, but all that stuff running thru the woods… it just seemed pointless to me and Guy Ritchie’s “Holmes-vision” was just overdone to death… 

I rewatched some of Sailor Moon on VHS after getting something into my head, my wanting to go back… a little after that, I saw Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, which I may never have seen in its entirity… it was pretty amazing for a kids’ movie… shame on the people who knock the 80’s…

I had a temporary downturn with Robert… finally saying I’d had enough of watching biographies on him and such because my opinion got clouded by the past again
let’s see…
I saw “Chaplin” before Sherlock 2 came on blu-ray… just to get myself into that mindset…
I had my first sick day in a number of years on March 16th and “Charlie Bartlett” kept my mind off feeling as sick as I did… great medicene
I think I saw “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” twice… the 2nd time was at the end of a long exhausting week, trying to keep the negativity out of my head… I saw the documentary he filmed in 1992 “The Last Party”… where he rectified “the goat boy”, lol

anyway, seeing that other movie… it was like the best nice EVER… me watching him, enjoying him… that’s what it’s all about with his movies, enjoying his company and having a good time

I’m not sure if I really wrote anything legit this year… I started a couple ideas and I outlined a whole storyline I’d been working little by little all year, but didn’t really write anything as far as fiction goes
got the idea for my movie blog in August…

around that time, Jeremy Renner became my new favorite actor 😎 man, he’s cute

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” was my influential book of the year… and another source of repetitive annoyance cuz I never got to see the movie
found out one of my fictionpress stories was stolen and passed off on Amazon as someone else’s work and got that taken care of
Prince was on The View and performed on Jimmy Kimmel, but I’m still waiting for a new album

October got dominated by our cruise to Bermuda, which was more about the activity on the ship and the journey than the actual destination… although it was pretty cool how it was like “Monte Cristo” with the plantlife of “Jurassic Park”
saw Brokeback Mountain and The Social Network, taking those off my “must-see” list 😎

I rewatched a bunch of my VHS’s to rank them in my top 101 movies (there are at least half a dozen going back to my childhood)
had a second go at my favorite reality shows…

and I picked three winners
Melissa & Tony (DWTS)
Cassadee Pope (The Voice)
Tate Stevens (The X-Factor)

two members of Dream Street re-emerged…
Chris Trousdale on The Voice, where he failed to get past the blind auditions
and Matt Ballinger, who got engaged to a girl from Stroudsburg

almost forgot: I recorded a bunch of vlogs for my YouTube channel…
one was a message to Chris Trousdale, which he may never have gotten… 
and I did a bunch for Robert, starting the day after I got wind of his on-set injury…
one on Ally McBeal (picked up that season DVD boxset) and a 4 part series on his album

oh, Chris Trousdale got signed! to a label called Hitnation…. okay… never heard of that… best of luck to him

I think I might have gotten into this habit the year before, but it was even more prevelant this year…
I watch Judge Judy every weekday between 4 and 5, pending whether or not the shows were repeats… LOVE that show

she appeared on Katie Couric but I decided not to watch cuz I think I’d rather not hear more other than her persona in the court…
I’d only seen her talk show a couple times… the first was for the author of “50 shades of gray”

OH, that was another big thing this year…
and also I watched it for Taylor Swift

she’s pretty good at it, I think 😎 depending on who she has, I’ll be sure to watch more
it was another big year of me watching Ellen… love her and her show…

Kelly Ripa was a source of annoyance for me because without Regis, her ego is free to fly wherever it likes…
Michael Strahan became a household name by being her new co-host (for all those homes that didn’t include a football fan, I mean)… he kinda keeps her in check, but still, some days like today are annoying where she seems to keep the focus on herself with the questions… 
but then again, I’m blogging all about my opinions here, who am I to talk about being too self-centered?

Morris Day ruled my world for a good couple weeks after seeing The Time in concert… that was the coolest thing about this year, hands down… at least I thought so until I watched the 1999 tour footage of The Time and Vanity 6 kicking it old school 😎

Now I think all that’s left is to focus on the music…
I got 17 albums this year
same as 2010 and 7 more than last year (for obvious reasons, lol)

of those 17, I have listened to and/or rated 10… 
although it carried over from the previous Christmas, Daughtry’s “Break this Spell” album was probably the most heavily rotated… I think my favorite that I got into this whole year
although Karmin was a close second…

I’d been working thru playlist ideas in my head for one of my stories, so I’ve had Lady Gaga, Nelly Furtado and some Prince proteges on heavy rotation

I got into Genesis this year and really came to adore our 80’s station on Sirius/XM… and of course I miss having it… so I ended up getting myself copies of a couple of my favorites like “Word up” by Cameo, “Obsession” by Animotion and “Something about you” by Level 42 (which has been heavily rotating in my mind for the past…. man, its been a couple weeks, since I found the mp3)

Hurricane Sandy was the biggest storm this year… and of course I completely forget about it, gloss it over because we didn’t get hit by it as hard as a lot of people (here’s hoping that the rest will be back to the normal by early 2013)
our shorehouse furnace, we just found out, is currently dying on us, which might not have to do with the storm at all, but it’s a bit of a setback 😕 back $4,000-$5,000

my mom’s Madza’s battery died on us just before Christmas… luckily it was still under warranty so we didn’t have to pay a cent

of course I love Taylor’s new album and it’ll be one I’ll be working thru for a while (learning the words and such)
Casey Abrams was the biggest surprise
Maroon 5 had the most variety and restored my faith in them, being able to put together good albums and such

I’m sure there will be lists upon lists of the best songs of the year… but here are some of my favorites:

Glad You Came- The Wanted
(reminds me… “so you think you can dance” had an amazing cast. although they cut two of my favorites early, they picked the best winners in Chehon and Eliana… other standouts were the dubsteppers Cyrus & the rest of the Dragon House, and the guy who did his own “exorcist” style to “Immortal” by Evanescene… a real tearjeker…
and also I loved the winners on both the Gordon Ramsey shows, Christine (the blind Korean woman from Master Chef) and Christina (who I picked to win Hell’s Kitchen a couple weeks in)

One Direction took OVER the world… thanks to one Simon Cowell
still love their song “What Makes You Beautiful” cuz I feel like I could totally be in that girl’s shoes

John Mayer’s single “Shadow Days”
“She’s so mean” by Matchbox 20
“Paradise” by Coldplay (probably my favorite radio hit of the entire year)
“Someone that I used to know” by Goyte (haven’t heard that in ages)
“Shake it off” by Florence & the Machine
“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men (a late entry but still amazing)
“It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons (another late entry)
“Set fire to the rain” by Adele (got in super heavy rotation on the radio this year)

not just Genesis but I love Phil Collins this year as well, as my throw-back “entry”
as was “This is a man’s world” when it was covered first by my girl Juliet, but now I think about Joshua Ledet whenever I hear anyone sing it 😎

holy shit…
“if you dont know me by now” WAS originally done by Harold Melvin & the Blue-Notes… I saw them do that in the same concert Morris Day was at… that was one of the best songs they did, but there weren’t many others that were as memorable that night in comparison

oh… gotta give some credit here…
“Give your heart a break” by Demi Levato… probably the only song of hers I’ll ever love to the nth degree
“Where have you been?” by Rihanna (probably my favorite of her songs in a long time, she doesn’t have many that wow me like that… it was a huge club hit this year, I know that from the “white party” we had on the cruise ship that had all these lasers and flashing lights and shit, haha)
“It’s always a good time” by Owl City (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)… (just found it playing on the radio)

might not be from this year, but still among my favorites
“I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz
“A thousand years” by Christina Perri

“Lights” by Ellie Goulding

none came out this year, but I was a HUGE fan of whenever Adam Levine gave one of his contestants an Amy Winehouse song… I fell in love with “I’m no good” the first time and never looked back 😎

“Payphone” and “One more night” by Maroon 5

that puts me at about 18…
and I’m just about done here…
2012 wasn’t such a bad year after all and hopefully there’ll be a lot more to celebrate in 2013
see you in 8 hours and 16 minutes, 2013
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