Downey news and factoids

I’d been keeping all of my blogs generally busy. Least of all, this old place. The place I’ll likely go when the little things strike my fancy, when it has nothing to do with counting down my favorite movies or talking about my seemingly endless writing process

A few interesting Downey factoids have popped up in various venues these past couple days. Then a couple of brief cameos in my dreams.
I have very little recollection of the first one… but it was coming out of a movie theater. To which I have to infer that the Iron-Man threequel is going to ROCK!
something in the back of my mind, though, was kinda suggesting something else… things looking so much cooler in the movies that when you watch them again a couple years, they weren’t nearly as cool as you thought they were… to my knowledge, “Iron-Man 2” is the only time that’s happened to me as far as he’s concerned… and actually it’s been the opposite in other cases… if I don’t love in the theaters, it comes out so much better at my leisure… the story with the Sherlock Holmes franchise, although it remains to be seen about the 2nd… I will have my nit-picks on it for sure when that time comes

I don’t think I have worry, though, about things not looking the same as they did in the theater in this case. 
If anything, I think I’d changed a bit in the 2 years since I saw the movie, my mindset about movies has changed a little bit… no matter how many times I’d seen it, I see perfection in “Iron-Man”… as far as the genre of superhero origin film goes… 

Aside from the dialogue being a little hard to track in a few small spots (too techie for me), I see “Avengers” in that way… the chemistry, the script, the transition from one scene to the next… gotta hand to Joss Whedon and the cast on those accounts

Given the cast and the director of “Iron-Man 3,” I have somewhat of a feel of what I’m going to be in for… I know the work of the franchise and a little of Shane Black… granted, I only have two sources to go by… so maybe I ought at least rewatch “Lethal Weapon” once more before the movie comes out… like with so many things in life, I gotta learn not to slap the panic button so much. 

The dream I had this morning… supposedly, it was going to be this huge late night talk show (although it looked like daytime in California, an open office with large picture windows with sunlight coming in)… where all of the Avengers were going to be interviewed… each of them only having maybe a couple of minutes… 
It felt like turning on an interview and catching it towards the very end. And it ends with him facing off with what appears to be an XBox Kinect or some game that involves tracking movement and contacting laser beams as they hit different areas. I’m watching this thinking “he’s so fluid at this, how’s he doing it” and I remind myself “duh, he knows Wing-Chun Kung Fu”

I doubt it looks anything like Tai-Chi, but even from the backside, he looked so freaking agile at whatever this game was.

I woke up feeling good, ready to give this a go again. Been a while since I’d seen “Avengers”… so long as it doesn’t stop getting more awesome each time I watch it, I think it’s going to be just fine 😎
Gotta love how spot on everything is. I’m starting to catch onto to dialogue little by little.
Like I didn’t understand why they needed to get Iridium from Germany… it’s a stabilizing agent for the Tesaract so it won’t blow the way it did at the S.H.I.E.L.D. lab… a good thing about the dialogue is that, in part, it helps me exercise a little self-control to not constantly talk at the screen every couple seconds. Like I happen to do with a lot of his movies in general.
It’s better off to shut up so I don’t miss a single bit of dialogue. Then maybe someday everything will make perfect sense, scientificially and all that.

It feels like it’s been a ridiculously long time, but I’m pretty sure I only revisited those unfortunate sequels a month or two ago. 

So some interesting stuff…

Robert was the original choice to play Oz in this new movie. It didn’t work out between him and Sam Raimi. I tend to forget how important freedom on the set is to this guy, but deep down, I know I know this. At some point, all the directors he worked with realized that he needs room to improvise. Hmm… makes me wonder why he only decided to do a year at SNL, where improvization is the name of the game. Meanwhile, Sam Raimi is on the opposite side of the spectrum, wanting everything to fit his particular vision of what this movie should be.
LOL, my original thought when I heard this was: “Really? Isn’t he a little old for the part?” Actually I don’t know how old Oz is supposed to be in this movie, but considering that they went with James Franco tells me that it has to be a dude that’s in his 30’s. Johnny Depp was their 2nd choice and I’m thinking “nah, that’d never work.” Because Johnny Depp brings his own flavor, this uniqueness to his roles. Obviously Oz wasn’t going to be right for him. I might not think much of James Franco in general compared to these guys, but on look alone, I think they have the right guy in the right role here.

Stuff like this is really no big deal. I know people are meant to play certain roles and it just wasn’t in the cards this time. Also has me wondering “how the hell he would even had TIME to do this movie… on top of everything else”

The other bit was that, supposedly, when he first moved out to LA to break into acting, he and Keifer Sutherland were roommates… OMG!! Jack Bauer was his freaking roommate!
Of course the jerks on Yahoo had to bring up what kind of party hole that place must have been… haha, yeah, I get it, SHUT UP!

soooo… yeah, after “Iron-Man 3″… all I have to ask is “now what?” He’s on the docket, for sure, for the “Avengers” sequel. I’m a little late on this obviously, but E.E. Downey turned a year old just over a month ago… time flies, dude. Here’s hoping he’s just as much a participiate as Susan is 😉 I’m sure he’s good for it. 

so, what else? It might be too soon to start on another Sherlock Holmes, assuming that there is one coming… I mean, we have to have at least one more. Just so we can have an incredible reunion scene with him and Watson.

hold it, I might have breaking news here… according to Variety news…

Robert Duvall is set to play Robert Downey Jr.’s dad in David Dobkin’s (Wedding CrashersThe Judge. In the film, Downey Jr. will play an attorney who finds out that his estranged father (the town Judge) is a suspect in his mother’s death. It’s being described as a dramedy. Jack Nicholson had been considering the role as well, but decided to pass on the project. [THRVera Farmiga and Elizabeth Banks are also being considered for the ex-girlfriend role.

The movie is set for 2014, but it is so new that there is literally no information on the site. 
I will be sure to keep an eye open for that one. I guess he won’t just be playing an attorney in… wait, guess I’ll go check his profile to see if there’s any process on any of his Team Downey projects.
so far, he has two other “official” credits to his name… doing the voice of Geppetto in yet another Pinocchio film… ok, that’s only “rumored” (as is Christopher Walken as the voice of a fox… supposedly it’s a “darker” version… geesh, you’d think these guys would have looked at the Disney version and saw the messed up stuff I’d recalled here a number of times)
and of course “Avengers 2”

on the long list of “Projects in Development”… 
there’re my old “friends” (stuff he’d mentioned in an interview), Yucatan and Perry Mason (I’m hoping it’ll run closer to the TV series than the movies… hey Robert, it’d be cool to shoot in B&W, that is if you’re gonna take the helm on that one… seems I still have plenty of time to do on on/off research of the source material)…
How to Talk to Girls… which I saw him listed for AGES ago… why the hell hasn’t that been taken care of yet?

a couple of untitled projects with a few hints here and there, 
  • Emergency! (I assume based on the series of the same name, never saw it) 
  • The Accidental Genius (if that’s him, that’d be amazing)
  • The Entire History of You
So there is some gold to be found here, I’m sure. Not to say everything he does is excellent. I’d say at least 25% of his entire resume was excellent. 
Man, it was way too late for me to be doing the math on this one… I’d seen roughly half his movies, probably a bit more than half… of those 37… more than half… maybe 20… I really don’t know, at this time of night, I don’t care…

God knows I am crazy about Robert Downey Jr, and if Robert is even remotely aware of this blog, he knows it too.
How many of his movies would I consider among my favorites of all of movies I’d ever seen? I could probably do the number in my head, but that’ll remain to be seen. It’ll be so nice to add an AV component to those particular entries. Whenever it is that I get to them.

Geesh, at this point, with things being as hot & cold as they’ve been… half the cold is me trying not to immediately jump to panic when I’m going back to his films… and the other half is me trying to behave myself, trying not to overobsess the way I tend to do with literally everything else that comes into my life…
anyways, now I kinda wonder what I’d get out of a chanced encounter with him if something like that were to happen tomorrow (figuratively speaking, mainly cuz it is already tomorrow… 12:30 in fact).
That I’d become more level-headed about movies? Being able to appreciate more than just the actors in them? Not just the escapism? But the styles of different directors and the writers and this little bits and pieces that make each venture more fun than the last? 

Seriously, how boring would that sound? 
“Robert, because I respect you so much as an actor, you helped me appreciate movies a lot more than I used to”… and also
“Because of your past struggles… scratch that… because of your performance in “Less than Zero,” I’ve become more open-minded about people who fit addiction. Not automatically discounting them because of the errors of their ways or jumping to the conclusion that things aren’t going to change.”

At least with Prince, it was easy. His music helped me in general, but also widened my gaze about artistry, both in music and in other forms of art. 

It’s been two years with Robert, and other than a stack of DVD’s, a new album, a few quotes, pictures and articles attached to my walls, what have I show for it?
That he helped me keep my sanity in a difficult time of self-doubt and all that. Temporary relief from facing my own harsh realities. My head’s gotten a little more level-headed these past couple of weeks and I’d been feeling pretty good. 

Honestly, if that chanced encounter happened within 24 hours of me posting this, my brain wouldn’t be able to comprehend his presence, seize out and I’d just faint, unable to say a single word. 
…hmm… and there’s also the fact he’s kept this blog keep a heartbeat, no matter how repetitive the patterns may be… and he helped keep my typing muscles and writing muscles in tip-top shape with my fanfiction of characters he’s played

Nah, there has to be more to his entrance into my life in this big way than simply a temporary relief or a stepping stone to greater things. Then again, what is my movie blog then, following that line of logic?
Man, wait until that place sees what happens when I start going into his movies
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