a few words on being “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood

It’s too soon to go into a full blown track-by-track discussion of this album, but right now, it’s my new favorite. 

If I’m doing really well with my music, there’s usually one album every year that I really get into… and if I’m really swinging, I can get 2-3 I just can’t get enough of.

It seems like I’m becoming more and more of country music fan also… 
not that I’d made good on Tate Stevens yet (only listened to him once), but the past few of my favorites have been country-music albums.

not that Taylor Swift is entirely country, but she’ll always be my fave in the genre.

I got “Blown Away” just because I HAD to have “See you again” after that American Idol performance…
it was just WOW… I’m not huge on Casey James in general, I like him, but not cray-cray for him… 
his performance that night was like a 6… Carrie Underwood doing her new single was like an 11

it was a moment that happens soooo rarely in my life where all the pieces just lined up, I fell in love and I had to pursue something after it… 
the only thing remotely close that I can really think of at the moment is seeing Purple Rain the first time

everything about the stage set-up, as I’ve said previously, was perfection… everyone and their positions, the shoreline backdrop, the dress she wore… she looked like a cross between a STAR and angel…

I don’t have a person or story or movie that comes to mind when I listen to it, but it feels as if something is needed to fully realize the vision of it… poignant lyrics painting the prettiest picture of utmost hope… it’s a sad situation, but we know that it isn’t the end of it… there will be a reunion in the future… one way or another 😎 that gives me hope about life in general

my first listen… very uneven… I wasn’t big on the first two songs the past couple times…
when I got what the third song was about… it was a “knock the wind out of me-it’s so good” moment…
things slowed down to the point of boredom after “see you again” made it to my stereo… then there were a couple other more optimistic highlights… a little more unevenness, including this one song “thank god for hometowns”… it’s good, but it’s a part of country music I don’t quite get personally…
a few more upbeat numbers and I have no recollection of my first impression of the last track

2-3 more listens later, and I’m now a HUGE fan…
I have plans to get her first album “Some Hearts” that has “Before he cheats” (aka the ONLY Carrie Underwood song to make it to my favorite radio station…. for some reason), but after all this, I’m not sure if I’ll be as into it…
the reason I’m really liking it is cuz the vision is more realized and there’s a great maturity about it
I dig that… kinda like one version of my “perfect man”… the guy that knows exactly who he is and where he’s going… 

here’s just a blow-by-blow on my impressions so far…

1. “Good Girl”- getting more fun all the time… took me a while to kinda get how the title fit into it

2. “Blown Away”- this song really hit me when I listened thru the album the 2nd time, in my CD player during TV commericals… it was the day of or after the Oklahoma tornados… and I got choked up a little bit thinking about it… but on the flip-side, I’m really digging the angry, grittyness in the lyrics… almost like something I could use for inspiration

3. “Two black cadillacs”- very spooky to listen to, always gives me chills… it’s basically about a funeral for a man, and the people present are his brother, the preacher and two women… one was his wife and the other was his lover… they found out about each other and decided to get even…
the rest, you just gotta experience in the lyrics… soooo cool, and the music continues a little while after the words stop

4. “See you again”- enough said 😎

5. “Do you think about me?”- makes me smile a little bit more each time, so playful in its layback-ness

6. “Forever Changed”- not on my ipod- it’s one of those country songs about starting a family and growing up that I don’t quite get into :shrug: not my ride

7. “Nobody ever told you”- now we’re getting happier… she’s telling this other girl, maybe a friend of hers, that she needs to pick herself up because she’s better than others lead her to believe… that self-esteem boost I need every now and then 😎

8. “one way ticket”- just so care-free and chill… almost perfect for walking along the beach… kinda about living life to the fullest

9. “thank god for hometowns”- not on my ipod- I’m from the northeast so I don’t really have that “hometown” thing going for me… never really grew up in that type of tight-knit community where everybody knew everybody… but then again, i’m a bit of a loner, so… there u go

10. “good in goodbye”- I didn’t listen to this today cuz I wasn’t up for it… it’s mellow and kinda depressing… kinda about how she was ultimately grateful for a relationship that didn’t work out because it not happening allowed her to have the relationship she’s now in… 

11. “ leave love alone”- don’t know what it is about this one that reminds of me something off the Emancipation album… something in the notes hit in the verses… once I figure out which song it is, I’ll post it kinda fun and funny at the same time cuz the chorus is just the repetition of “I just can’t leave love alone”

12. “cupid’s got a shotgun”- I had to listen to the album today cuz this one got in my head when I woke up… kinda like that angry-country-music-type revenge song that sells many-an-album… I have SO much fun listening to listen… it plays off like it’s an old song where it tells a story about a legend… I believe the one I’m thinking of is about dueling the devil ala playing the violin…
reminds me also of Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead”… that Skylar did on American Idol 

13. “wine after whiskey”- not on my ipod- overall, not my cup of tea and I don’t get into this as much as a lot of the other songs on the album… its about a relationship that doesn’t work as well as the last one cuz the other had more a sharp taste or more danger or the stakes were upped more than they were on this one

14. “who are you”- there’s a sense of mystery in this one cuz I don’t quite get it yet… is it about a future lover, someone she just met or is it about Jesus or God?
the music reminds me of that song Maroon 5 did with Hilary Scott from Lady Antebellum….
kinda sounds like it could fit the bill for Jonas, actually… so I’m gonna keep listening to see what else shakes out in my head

so right there, that’s about 9 songs I’ll probably be playing for years to come 😎 and that’s why I love getting into new albums… 
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