Finding the Story in the Album: Featuring Nelly Furtado and Karmin

I’d have “protected” this entry, but I’d rather not have my last entry remain in the negative longer than it already has.

Seems like the past several entries I’d done here have been negative. And I thought Prince’s music was teaching me to look at the positive.

First of all I wanna note that this is my first DreamyPop entry on my brand new laptop.
It’s an HP, includes a disc drive, 4 USB ports (one’s taken up by my keyboard and mouse), and the chip is made by a competitor of Intel

so far, it’s been working out great for me. It’s nice having a lot of space to work with (and I’m not in a hurry to take it up… even my iTunes isn’t as substantial as it was… although the only Prince tracks come from Purple Rain) and a disc drive that doesn’t stick every 10 or so uses.

My love for music in general is a good part of the reason why I have this blog in the first place. But it’s not just about exploring Prince’s music, it’s about finding the stories behind the tracks. Sometimes the story behind the whole album.
It’s become a little less about that, especially the past few times working on “The Word.”

Way back when, the way I operated with music, it was always about the individual songs. I made a couple mixes based on my favorite songs at a given period in time.
When 12th grade came around, it’s become more about albums as a whole.

Starting with Lindsay Lohan’s “Speak” album. Didn’t like it much at first because it was a little more on the rock side rather than pop. But when the right guy came around, an entire storyline came out.
I also listened to Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee Simpson’s albums as a whole, usually on the bus ride to and from school.

Then the music scene suffered and it became about the individuals.

Prince helped reintroduce me to albums as a whole, but it went even further, maybe because I was trying to figure him out rather than finding myself in the song.
…come to think it, I’d hardly even done that. “Gold” was the lone exception where I stood in my own shoes almost as often, if not more, than I tried to walk in his.

Two occasions recently, I listened to two albums from start to finish and the brainstorming just started coming.
I swear I have notes for my newest project EVERYWHERE… different notebooks to a couple of Word documents to my writing blog.

A month or so ago, I listened through Karmin’s album, which has been very instrumental in helping me define the antagonist of the story. Also the idea that she was initially a victim of Talis’s new direction for the business and came back with a new look, new name and new attitude.
A couple of Maroon 5 songs (from their newest album) have inspired scenes in my head similar to the “servant chorus” in “My Fair Lady”… very saucy sounding tracks…

I swear “Ladykiller” sounds like Adam Levine is warning his ex-girlfriend to stay away from this other girl who can’t be trusted… almost like she’s bi and their break-up might prompt her to permanently “change teams”…

then “Tickets” is about a girl who thinks she’s hot, but nobody else is really buying into her shtick, especially not him… seems pretty on the outside, but inside, there’s something rotten in Denmark…

however solid she is as a member of the sirens, it’s still possible that not everyone takes her seriously or thinks she’s nowhere near as good as she thinks she is. she’s an excellent dancer, but there’s some part of her that’s incomplete so she comes off as a little superficial.
Talia has similar faults, coming from the fact both of them were taken advantage of at a young age and do what they do in an attempt to escape the negatives in their pasts

Karmin is a duo that whose sound is a fusion of hip-hop, pop and dance. But I feel their songs reveal the inner workings of Amber and might reveal this and that about her past

1. Walking on the moon
– the ecstasy of being in love- I have my launch pad for my story. Talia has this love-hate relationship with Alejandro, who is the heir apparent of the club/venue the girls dance out. Amber harbored feelings for him for YEARS, but before she can admit those feelings, Talia comes along and (as far as she’s concerned) steals him away
2. Brokenhearted
-as illustrated here- Amber’s waiting for Alejandro to call her back about the possibilities of them seeing each other outside of work. He doesn’t get back to her because he sees Talia perform for the first time and he wants nothing more than to pursue her
3. I’m just sayin’
-aka Amber’s theme- where she’s ultimately saying she’ll come out on top and have everything that Talia has, it’s repeated throughout the story
4. Told you so
-pretty much part 2 of the previous track, where Amber uses her bragging rights
5. Coming up strong
-uses the least amount of hip-hop elements of all the tracks. also the only one to feature the male counterpart in Karmin in a prominent role- I see it as a reconciliation between Amber and Alejandro, as well as her and Talia once they talk things out and explain how one another feels
6. Hello
-it’s pretty close which track I play more on my iPod, “Hello” or “I’m just sayin”… both are very catchy. This is also the one I have the most choreography down for in my head and for the most part, it’s very consistent
-I see it as this huge group number in the end of the story, where Talia and the others abandon the naughtiest party of their business and put their energy into putting together a dance studio where they teach different styles

I suppose I could also say Amber’s more new school when it comes to her style and the music she works with and such. Also younger and a little less mature

whereas as Talia is a professional in what she does and as a dancer, she knows her distinct niche.
To be fair, though, my idea for my story came from listening to “Sex Shooter” by Apollonia 6, but it combined with what I’d been considering for a while listening to Nelly Furtado’s “loose” album…
the whole idea that I love imagining different dance numbers to different songs and often times, the same movements come to mind whenever I listen to those songs.

“Loose” is very rooted in its urban roots. Musically, it has elements of R&B that’s popular in the clubs, but it’s very cultural sounding… transporting me to a far off land like somewhere in South America or even Miami, Cuba or Los Angeles. I haven’t yet decided which city or place will be host setting to my story. I’d even considered the fact I might wait until the 2016 Olympics when Rio de Janerio is hosting.
Or I just need to rewatch the animated movie “Rio” a couple times to get a grasp on the layout and the culture of the place… again, if I choose it as my location. I might end up not disclosing it or any location at all, but I can go into them as my inspiration later on.
Ultimately, the album gives me a feel for Talia’s roots. She may be the only siren who has any sort of an accent whenever I hear her dialogue in my head.

on this note, I think I’ll leave this entry as is and come back to it in another place at a later time

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