Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen- [nearly] 10 years later

Oh how I have spent many an entry on this blog practically claiming to be the last devoted fan Lindsay Lohan has…

I don’t feel up to doing the research of what she’s “into” or why she’d had stints in rehab, ran into trouble with the law and all that… I honestly don’t care anymore to this point, unless of course the next item is something more positive.

Interestingly, I went into the movie today wanting to read into the character played by Megan Fox. Carla Santini is the quintessential “mean girl” at high school. She’s rich, has rich family with connections, drives a BMW, the list goes on. And she supposedly has so much power that there are “stories” attributed to it:
two of her nannies being institutionalized
telling others not to hang around with certain people, and they listen without question…

the connection I at least attempted to draw was to my character, Amber. She might not have as much pull in her professional life as she’d like, but when I was writing dialogue for her in a hypothetical Q&A segment, I heard Megan Fox’s voice coming out.
My memory of the Transformers movies are very vague, so I don’t know if that’s the voice she had for this role or it’s her actual voice.

Either way, neither she nor Lindsay are taken seriously as actresses. People across the Internet have shouted blasphemy at her being cast as April O’Neill in Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles reboot… the dude should just stick to Transformers and blowing things up cuz the fanboys are already unpleased with him…

Megan Fox is insanely overrated as an actress. During this movie, she made my skin crawl so much that I aborted my “mission” of characterization. The high voice with the sarcastic inflections can stay.
Other than that, I don’t see them having as much in common as I figured.
Probably more in the vein of Santana (Naya Rivera) and Cassie July (Kate Hudson) in “Glee”… thinking they’re hot stuff when there’s clearly something missing in them. Their rudeness is there to mask a void.

My “mission” also got aborted because, once again, Lindsay Lohan monopolized my mental dialogue.
Actually, most of it was preparing to cringe at any possible eye rolls or sarcastic retorts from my folks.
Hey, it’s a Monday night with literally nothing on.

I don’t think I would have been taken seriously as a movie blogger if this movie made my top 100, but certainly would be somewhere between 102-200.
It’s been quite a few years since I’d seen it, so the “time capsule” effect was still there. In that, I refer to movies that bring me back in time when I watch them… kinda like my older playlists that remind of certain people, situations and so on.

Now that I’m 10 years older, I do see the cracks and flaws. It’s not excellent film making by any means, but take away the unbelievable factors… hey, it’s a Disney movie, of course it’s not all gonna make sense.
It doesn’t resonate with me as much as it did when I was 16-17, but I still respond to it the way I did way back when.

Lola Cep, as a character, was an inspiration. I’d certainly put her in the category of “girl friends I wish I had growing up.” However deluded she might be at times, she always followed her heart, never second guessed herself and refused to give up (with the exception of the 3rd act… but that cliché ruins everyone, no matter how much or little success they had previously).

I remember reading the reviews. How someone in the local paper gave it a D… a D! like, omg…
but because I loved “Freaky Friday” so much (I had to get highlights in my hair too, she was that cool), I had to see this as well.
On the surface, I have more common with her friend Ella, who always followed the rules and didn’t try to rock the boat. But underneath, Lola and I hit on a lot of the same points.

Even if no self-respecting teenager talks like that, I loved the script, how Lola narrated the movie in such an artistic way. I totally got that.
In fact, a lot of it was relevant to my life at that particular time.

Although there was no “farewell concert” for Dream Street, I understood the pain Lola went through when her favorite band broke up. I understood how much she loved their music and how it resonated with her. Again, Dream Street was kinda that way for me. I only knew of them for a year, but so what? Those were great times and I probably wouldn’t have made it through 9th grade without those 13 songs on that one album.

Even funnier was the fact that part of the plot centered around the high school production of Pygmalion when we’d just recently finished our production of “My Fair Lady”… the big difference was that their version was modernized.
It took place in New York, Eliza was a check-out girl and Professor Higgins taught at NYU.
Almost like it was fate or they took a page out of my diary (metaphorically. I was no longer keeping a diary at that particular point).

So I did see the movie in theaters… and I freaking loved it. I still love it, but without that “distinction”.
I enjoyed it so much that I had to get the soundtrack.
The acoustic version of Simple Plan’s “Perfect” ended up on a future mix of my 11th grade favorites. But mainly because it resonated with me at that time… fearing I wouldn’t be good enough for my folks with my grades and also not really knowing where my future was…

I still have that problem, but that’s not the point.

Maybe a year later, when we were in California before/after visiting the HPU campus, we had dinner with one of my dad’s former co-workers or someone he did business with. Somehow movies came up in the conversation and I talked about how much this movie resonated with me and how I enjoyed it, despite the fact the critics HATED it. And the way I remembered the conversation, he appreciated my take…
too bad I was never able to duplicate that any other time.

Bleck… makes me think about another time we had dinner with people my dad knew from business… I was so fucking tired that I had trouble staying awake. I needed coffee after dinner. Just couldn’t keep up with the conversation. I think it had to be jetlag or something…

Other than the great songs (a lot of them were featured on Radio Disney at some point), the parts I always go back to are about things that really shouldn’t be as funny as I find them to be.
Lola and Ella had just “rescued” a drunken Stu Wolfe of their band from piles of trash bags and sit him in a dinner to sober him up. Every word that comes out of his inebriated mouth, I just found so hilarious
I mean, the dude’s drunk out of his mind, I shouldn’t be laughing, but I am.

The kicker is where he keeps saying he wants onion rings. Never thought of onion rings the same way again.

The other thing I got out of it the most… right behind Lola’s philosophies, just the way she dresses. Just so differently from everyone else. Lindsay Lohan had cool costumers during those first couple Disney movies she did… mainly that and “Freaky Friday”… looks I wanted to steal for myself, but I doubt I could scrap all those things together and make them look that good.

Lastly, speaking back to the songs one last time… the musical “Eliza Rocks” featured new versions of older songs, and it’s interesting hearing them again after becoming so acquainted with the originals.
“Livin’ for the city” being by Stevie Wonder, and “Changes”… I believe is from David Bowie or some other English band… but I hear his/their version in my head when I recall it nowadays

yep, gonna be listening to that soundtrack for quite a while 😎

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