4 seasons of music: Taylor Swift

First off, this is my official “opening” entry for this new platform of my blog.
DreamyPopRoyalty has been in “business” with Xanga since 2007 and due to changes being down to the site (namely, having to pay a subscription to have new entries added), I have to relocate to WordPress.

Just for a little history to any newcomers I may get:
DreamyPopRoyalty started out as my username on a forum website for Prince. It was my first attempt at describing all that he is as a person and artist.
He is DREAMY, a word that also described the “dream-like” state I found myself in when I first saw him in Purple Rain.
POP is my favorite musical genre and just one of many Prince does. “Little Red Corvette” was the first music video of his I found the day I became an admirer of his and has been described as the perfect pop song.
ROYALTY is not just a reference to his regal name (his real name is Prince Rodgers Nelson), but his respected status in the music industry.

I discovered that I needed a bigger space to write about him, so I took my namesake to Xanga.
After the first 3 years, I ran out of things to say, so I started going into other musical artists I follow, movies I was watching and so on…
I’ve opened a few other blogs since then, but I think of this as my unhindered artistic thought space.

So let me bring out a warning before you get too far:
I have been known to go on for ages, but I promise I do have a point in my posts SOMEWHERE.
I only require a little bit of patience on the part of my readers, however many or few I have.

Second of all,
“4 seasons of music” is something I’d had in mind for a while, but never put ahead any effort to capitalize on.

I’m gearing up for Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” album, playing a few hooks on my keyboard and got to thinking about the big picture.
How does Taylor’s music figure into my hypothetical “4 seasons” model?

When I started listening to “Fearless,” it was the fall of 2009. I was driving home from my commute, an hour-long ride, and the end of daylight savings. Therefore, my first time driving at night.
Good times 😎

So it’s fair to say I think of that album as an Autumn Album because it’s where I got into the habit of listening to it a lot.
For the majority, it’s just the vibe I get that marks it as such.
But then there are lyrics that signify it as an Autumn pleasure.

Specifically, “The Best Day” comes to mind. Lyrics include:
“past the pumpkin patch and the tractor rides and now, the sky is gold”
“I don’t know why all the trees change in the fall.”

Then “Fifteen” refers to Taylor’s first day of high school where she meets her best friend Abigail.

Let’s just say I’m big about details when it comes to music, almost as much as how it makes me feel and where the escapism of it brings me.

I haven’t listened to her debut album in a long time, so it’s hard to pinpoint if it’s a Spring or Summer affair.
“Tim McGraw” is about the end of a summer romance, so it’s not quite there.
I’ll have to come back that at a later time.

As for “Speak Now” and “Red,” neither of them are entirely in their given season.

“Speak Now,” I tend to think of as a late Autumn album because when I fell in love with “Enchanted,” it was going to see family on Thanksgiving.
“Back to December,” by title alone, places itself in the wintertime. It also helped inspire a Christmastime fan fiction.
On the other side of the spectrum, there’s “Haunted,” which sounds perfect under the guise of Halloween. Nastia Liukin did a balance beam routine for a gymnastics special to the live version of this track. In the background, there were bare trees surrounded by fog. It also makes me think about “New Moon” because it sounds to me like Bella saying how she can’t forget Edward even though Jacob does occasionally make her smile.

On the basis that “Red” has a bonus track called “The Moment I knew” that takes place on Christmas Eve, I think of it as a wintertime album.
Plus I first played it to the Magic Crafters levels of Spyro the Dragon, a lot of imagery including snow comes to mind.
Then there’s “Treacherous,” which has the chorus lyric “this slope is treacherous,” reminding me of ski slopes (even though I’ve never skied).

Then some other tracks are hit and miss. “The Lucky One” makes me think of the fall with the changing colors and such. Then “Starlight” takes place in the “summer of ’45,” so it’s not all the way there.

Sure, it might seem a little abstract and I don’t completely have my act together yet on any of these.
But these are just a few of my ideas right now.

Hope you enjoy them and feel free to leave comments below.
Just try to keep it positive. Is all I ask 😉

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