Renaissance Fairs vs. Comic-Con

If you want to get technical, it probably isn’t fair to compare the two entities.
For cosplayers and geeks totally into it, Comic-Con IS like a modern-day Renaissance fair.

It’s about people getting together at the same venue, celebrating their love of something you have to somewhat of a nerd to fully get into and enjoy the experience of.

Comic-Con wasn’t even on my radar before I went to college and became part of their animé club.
A few years into it, when the idea came on the table, I figured my geekdom wouldn’t be quite complete without at least going to one con.
Plus one of my friends going and I thought it’d be fun.

In truth, it was fun and I got the once-in-the-lifetime chance to meet my favorite voice actor of that time. The reason why voice actors are on the map for me.

But after going to the Renaissance fair with my mom, sister and a few aunts, I started to think that maybe they’ve got Comic-Con beat.

First of all, it was really cool how the entire atmosphere made you feel like you were in the medieval times. Okay, it wasn’t entirely medieval. They still had working bathrooms and all that as well as technology for cash registers and stuff.

A great amount of people, more than 50%, were dressed up. A lot of corsets, capes, vests, stockings and so on.

Second of all, there was more emphasis on the atmosphere of it rather than the commercial side of it.
To me, other than the designated meet & greet area, a lot of it was about selling stuff. Lots of aisles lined with people selling comic books, action figures and so on.

On the other hand, though, my trip to Comic-Con was five years ago. A lot has changed since then and I’m so much more of a geek than I was back then.
Except for the line going into the site itself, the day was perfect. The weather cooperated the entire day. The atmosphere between people being dressed up, different events and shows going on, and the fair being set in a wooded area. Just loved it.
It kinda sucks that I forgot to bring my camera to the event, but I’ll try to take down as much as I can so I’ll have this to remember later.

The only thing I got was a tote bag with a dragon on it.
There was a red cape with a hood that looked SO nice, but I didn’t feel like spending over $200 for it.

We went to a couple shows.
The first one was a ventriloquist act. Ded Bob was the dummy, being manipulated by a dude whose face was covered in black. The audience interaction was spontaneous and really made the show. He could have given Achmed a run for his money. (Ironically, I was first acquainted with Achmed on YouTube during comic-con weekend).
Not sure what was funnier, he had a dead dog named Disco, he went out of his way to embarrass three “rule-breakers” (without pushing the envelope too far), or whenever a crowd of people went by, he insisted we all drone “join us…” as if we were a zombie colony, lol

We saw one jousting show. There were 4 knights involved, each interacting with a different part of the arena. We got a Scot dressed in a yellow kilt named Angus. Other than that, I couldn’t understand much of the dialogue because they didn’t have good projection on the vocals. But it was still fun. Got me in the mood to see “A Knight’s Tale” again.

Then we saw Dextre Tripp, a juggler who did all kinds of crazy tricks… my folks thought he was a little mental.
His last trick involved him strapping firecrackers to his chest with duct tape and having kids throw water balloons at him afterwards.
No worries, he didn’t burst into flames, but we had people on standby just in case. A cop and an EMT from the audience.

We did a lot of walking around and they definitely had more food stands around than they did at comic-con. Not that we took too much advantage of that. I had a chicken sandwich and an iced chai tea… now that was good.

The last thing we did was check into an area where they had birds of prey. Among them were a condor, a vulture and Harris’ hawk. Although he was written as a red-tailed hawk in the books, they had a Harris’ hawk play Tobias in the Animorphs TV series. I couldn’t help but feel watching him that he shouldn’t be caged up 😛 still was cool seeing one up close, though.

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