“Remembering Cory”- a Glee Tribute

Considering all the negativity trolling in the Yahoo! comments (for just a moment, I had hoped the majority would have been coming from Gleeks… as always, I’m wrong)… writing my own comments and take in an entry would be enough to put my mind at ease.

I think the only time I cried through the entirety of something was “My Sister’s Keeper”… it was a great movie (although I really hated Cameron Diaz’s character, acting as if her daughter with cancer is the only child she has while one with a reading disability is ignored and the youngest is just expendable)… I was crying every 10-15 minutes, but I enjoyed it.

With “Glee,” I think the only time I stopped crying at all was during the commercials 😛
I defined it on my Facebook status as a “tear-jerker”… as in, you look up “tearjerker” in the dictionary and you’ll find this episode underneath it.

I’ll take a moment out to address the negativity plaguing my brain from those comments… the only opinion that matters on anything is my own, so I really shouldn’t listen.
Anyone who has followed my blog since 2011 will understand my take on this issue and I do my duty in taking the high road on this.

Now onto the positives…

Thumbs up to Ryan Murphy and the writers on this because they did an amazing job. It must have been liberating to all the cast members, getting this chance to grieve and talk about the good times.

Personally, I was expecting a clip show or at least some “movie magic” during Mercedes’ number where they’d synch her performance with his of the same song, as it’s as if there’s a duet-type moment (man, I wish I remembered the actual terminology of this)…

I’d also had dreams about how they’d handle the beginning… I was under the impression during the beginning of this show or the end of the previous one, someone would get a call about something happening to Finn… there was no dramatic scene like that. They started 3 weeks after his funeral… I guess it made sense because it’d be cruel for the cast members to express that moment all over again, but again, that’s just me.

Despite my objections and the things missing for me… they did what they set out to do and did an amazing job.

The first song was from “Rent”… “Season of Love”… in the last third was when it really started hitting me.

I was remembering all of the characters’ relationships with Finn as they were being shown.

I remembered (maybe cuz I saw the clip recently) when Kurt’s dad yelled at Finn when he thought he was throwing gay slurs at Kurt.

I remembered Mark Salling’s (Puck) tweet when he heard about Cory’s passing and all of that energy made for a great performance… even though Puck was being a bit of a schmuck through this…
The same for Sue Slyvester, but thanks to Santana’s tirade (never thought I’d be grateful to her for anything), she was honest.

I remember when Finn was taking over the Glee club when Mr. Schu was away and already, he and Sue was beginning a rivalry… it would have been her vs. Mr. Schu 2.0 😛
Being on that, I remember how he was the only one talking to Marley after people blamed her for them losing sectionals and she was the biggest supporter he had when he was working with Glee club. I wish she had a moment when she brought that up.

The way they wrote Santana’s part of the script was absolutely brilliant, so true to her character.
How she didn’t want people to know she had nice things to say about him and how she missed him.
Granted, when they were feuding, I was on his side the entire time and applauded when he forced her to come out of the closet in front of everyone… she was being such a bitch at that point in the series that she deserved being put in her place. It also freed her to be a nicer person.
I look forward to seeing her character arc build with Demi Levato as her first truly lesbian girlfriend… I really haven’t liked her since “Camp Rock” and think she’s a sucky judge on “The X-Factor” (it’s almost like she says the same crap over and over again, not really offering any legit advice)… but playing a lesbian, I’m totally open for that because it’s something different from what she is now.

The entire time, just as people have pointed out Mr. Schu hasn’t let himself cry, I was thinking about the most recent storyline with the two of them… how Mr. Schu hated Finn for kissing Emma (a purely innocent mistake which he did to ease her pre-wedding jitters) and more or less shut him out because of it…

Obviously they’d spent a lot of time leading up to Rachel’s performance. I was looking forward to seeing Lea Michele’s expressions as she sang and grieved because it would give me the best possible idea of what this time has been like for her. That was the time in the show where the waterworks were really going and the emotions were peaking. her speech at the Teen Choice awards was only the tip of the iceberg.

Much of the show revolved around Finn’s letterman jacket. Kurt wanting to wrap himself up in it made me feel as if he was still here with us, his spirit was still in this. Then after Santana broke down, he gave it to her. It mysteriously disappeared for some time…
I wasn’t surprised at all that Mr Schu had it and he allowed himself, finally, to let it all go. Thinking about it now, I’m ready to break down again. My crying became audible at that point and lasted through the final title card with Cory’s birthday and day of his death… like it was the final realization that it was over.

It felt good to let it all out, but as much as I hated how sad the show was, I didn’t want it to end. I just wanted it to last forever.

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