Once Upon a Time- “Ariel”


First of all, funny how I’d been getting more into the habit of writing on this blog on Sundays. At least that’s been the case with my last two entries.

Second of all, sometimes you don’t realize how near & dear your childhood memories are until someone messes with them.

I’ve expressed in the past my adoration of “Once Upon a Time” as a series… but at the same time, I’m not shy about expressing my displeasure when they push things a little too far.

My previous experience with this “phenomenon” was how they explained the death of Snow White’s mother.

The thing is, as furious as I was about that misuse of poetic license… I was ready to LOSE it tonight… luckily, Ariel got a reprieve in the last three minutes. A second chance if you will.

The Little Mermaid was one of the first movies I saw as a kid. When I was 10, there was a resurgence of that adoration.
It’s not without weakness, though.

There are emotional moments and unsettling/scary moments… not as scary now that I’m older, but at the time, it was pretty intense.
The two scenes that stand out are King Triton destroying Ariel’s grotto… in some sort of weird way, it hit home for me… the second was the final fight scene where Ursula looked like she was electrocuted… a little unsettling
… then I cried at the ending because Ariel was saying goodbye to King Triton and sailing away with Eric into the sunset.
Somehow I doubt that’s what Shakespeare meant when he wrote “partings are such sweet sorrow”, but that comes to mind here.

Now, Nostalgia Chick can give her spiel all she wants about how “The Little Mermaid” was a horrible model for little girls to go by… the helpless (or is it hopeless? lol) romantic in me is a sucker for the storyline… falling in love and doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Plus, Ariel sang! One of my favorite past times.
Jodie Benson has to be one of the best, most memorable, female singing voices that my generation grew up listening to.

Again, I gotta state how odd I find the way the Kingdom Hearts franchise dealt with that storyline.
In the first game, she was a strong character that you could have as a member of your party.
But in the second game, there were no fight scenes, just button-pushing challenges… and her level of maturity felt vastly less to me.

But back to “once upon a time” before I get too far off track.

I gotta say, I’m surprised (in a good way) that Hook fessed up and told Emma that Neil was still alive. Technically, he told Snow White and David, and Snow White told Emma… either way, he didn’t keep that to himself and fell into that pitfall I’d seen a million times between TV and movies.

All kinds of secrets were coming out this time, so it was kinda nice to have everything out in the open…
Hook being in love with Emma
David having been inflicted with Nightshade and after getting the cure with Hook, he’ll never be able to leave NeverLand
Snow White wanting to give motherhood another shot cuz they missed out raising Emma
and of course, Emma’s feelings for Neil… all this taking place in Echo Cave where they had to reveal their deepest darkest secrets to rescue him.

Then there’s the interesting alliance forming between Regina and Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin is too dang long to type a dozen times)…. after dispelling his illusion of Belle, which is actually a shadow (perhaps THE shadow of Peter Pan), Ariel comes into play.

But not before we see her backstory.
Snow White jumps from a cliff into water to escape Regina’s men in pursuit. This is during her “warrior princess” phase where she’s living in the forest with the 7 dwarves and constantly on the run.

Ariel’s nearby and saves her life. After they become friends, she tells her about meeting Prince Eric when she saved him from a shipwreck. She wants to see him at a ball that night and thanks to the mythical sea goddess, Ursula (who’s thought not to have existed for years), her kind are allowed to walk on land during high tide. She has a 12 hour window to see Eric, and Snow White goes with her to the ball.
The two of them dance, get along really well (also, GREAT casting on their part, the actor looks so much like him). He says he wants to travel the world, she says the same thing, and he asks if she’ll come with him.
She plans to go to him later.

Somehow, Regina gets wind of this (she’s got a thing for mirrors, apparently… but that’s kind of a “duh, obviously” comment now, isn’t it?).
In the trailers, they show Ariel talking to Ursula and I knew right away that it couldn’t be the real Ursula. My sister had it nailed “Ursula’s ugly”… impersonating Ursula (she definitely had the voice down), she gives Ariel a bracelet. It’ll allow her to have legs permanently, but after putting it on Snow White, thinking turning her into a mermaid would help her escape Regina’s forces, she kinda realizes that she messed up.

After the two of them escape, Ariel goes to see Eric before he leaves.


One of those moments happened… a moment where I’m consumed with shock and disbelief (I’m rarely surprised to that extreme degree)…
her voice was gone… Regina shows up and is gloating about how the thing worse than fear of rejection is being unable to express your feelings for someone…

While I’m stewing in anger, misery and every other negative emotion there is… I’m thinking that there’s no way things could end the way they did…

luckily, Regina gives Ariel her voice back in the present and sends her to Storybrooke to give them a message.

Man, I have missed Storybrooke… her teaming up with Belle looks to be a promising storyline.
I love the use of girl power on that show. And if it isn’t each female character individually (although with Regina, it’s a case-by-case basis), it’s when they come together.

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