Once Upon A Time- “Dark Hollow”

Going on a tangent for a second…

I should of quit while I was ahead.

“Once Upon a Time” was a great episode tonight. Despite all the craziness and tense moments, it worked out better than I expected. Of course without it being too perfect 😛

I hadn’t seen the latest “Wonderland” installment, so I went into it after the show tonight.
Alice finally got a chance to bitch-slap the Red Queen (case-in-point why no personality is more annoying than an overtly obnoxious one). She was forced to use her first wish. And we found out how Jafar became the devious sorcerer he is. That backstory was written pretty cleverly, I must say.

But that’s not why I’m here.

I’m so used to get wrapped up in “Once Upon a Time” to the point of madness. My first instinct when things don’t go well off the bat.
Today, my moaning and groaning found resolution in some pretty cool ways.

The coolest part about this series is getting introduced to new characters, especially when I can guess who they are before they confirm it.
In this case, it was the two people that broke into Storybrooke just before the new cloaking barrier (given to Belle by Mr. Gold before Henry’s search party left for Neverland) came down… of course I know it’s not going to go well.

People aren’t always what they seem, luckily. Otherwise, I would have gone on for ages about why people should LOCK THEIR DOORS when they’re about to do something important at a particular location.
With the arrival of Ariel and Mr. Gold’s clue in hand, they go to his pawn shop to look for a special object. Of course the key to finding it is the chipped teacup. (I thought it was destroyed, but maybe Mr. Gold did the “Reparo” spell to fix it… it was so long ago).
The special object was Pandora’s Box.

Then the two guys show up, tie the girls up and get away with it.
Again, wouldn’t have happened if they thought to LOCK the DOORS!

Storybrooke’s storyline left me reassured by the end of it.
Firstly, the guys said that the two people that kidnapped Henry, Tamara and Gregor was practically jokes of the organization… they still frustrated the hell out of me and being mostly blind to the truth of their purpose, doesn’t excuse that.
Secondly, dealing with the two guys was relatively easy. After escaping their bounds, Belle and Ariel found them in the mine (hoping to use a pick-axe to destroy Pandora’s box) and tripped them up with a cart. Simple enough.

When they said their sister was kidnapped by Peter Pan, it all made sense.
She had to be Wendy, meaning they had to be John and Michael.
Ariel returned to NeverLand with the box, Regina allowed her use of her legs whenever and Ariel asked them to help Wendy.

Meanwhile in NeverLand, we have three storylines going on:

1) Emma, Neil and Hook go to Dark Hollow to catch Peter Pan’s shadow (which I heard will be voiced by Marilyn Manson, very fitting)
2) Snow White isn’t talking to Prince Charming, still pissed about his secret-keeping
3) Henry is looking to get away from Peter Pan, but comes across Wendy

Lost Boy Felix looks to still be under the influence of Regina, who has his heart. Henry starts to follow him at a given point, probably thinking he’ll lead him to his family. Pan gets wind of this and sets up the rendezvous. To make it look like Wendy’s sick and Henry’s the only one who can save her… by going to Skull Rock.
Not that he has a lot of choice, but dude… hell no!!

Snow and her Prince finally do get things out in the open, but it doesn’t come easy. She gives him the silent treatment until he prods her enough to break down and chew him out.
Not much else can really transpire with them until we get more flashbacks or, next week happens where, the climax arrives.

Things get kinda interesting with the love triangle of Neil, Hook and Emma… except it’s about two bachelors and a girl who couldn’t care less about resolving things permanently.
Henry’s her main concern.

We’ll see what happens, I guess, but right now, I think she’s linked more to Neil.
But everyone else loves the bad boy, Hook. I certainly do 😛

I thought for sure they put everything out in the open last week. About Hook and Emma kissing. Hook tells Neil and that kinda creates tension between the old friends. Something that almost costs them their shadows. Luckily, Emma figured out how to use magic to light the flame needed to attract and trap the shadow.

Next week looks to very interesting… definitely one big battle with all the Storybrooke natives coming back together in Neverland.

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