Once Upon a Time- “Think Lovely Thoughts”

I’d be catching up on “Sleepy Hollow” right now if I weren’t pissed enough to write another blog entry.

Like I’ve said before, my favorite shows tend to make me extra infuriated. Now I’m thinking “Once Upon a Time” is my latest brand of S&M. It has the potential to be greatly torturous… the only thing array in that scenario is that I usually don’t know until it’s too late that I’m in for emotional distress.

Case-in-point, I hadn’t been this upset with this show in quite some time… okay, the one time remotely close and recent was when we had filler a few weeks back. The only thing worse than THIS happening is having nothing happening at all… no progress in the general story.

From the look of the previews, this looked like the season finale. And it really should have been… if not for all the extra emotional crap they had to throw in.

In summary:
1. We find out how Rumplestiltskin’s father left him
2. We find out the origin of Peter Pan
3. The search party comes together (Regina & Mr. Gold uniting with the others) and finds Wendy, who reveals Pan’s “great plan”
4. Everything gets shot to hell including my heart and emotions.

It’s a pretty demented and unrealistic way of looking at things, but I look at these characters like they’re close friends… practically family. So when crap happens to them, I take issue with it.
In an old episode of “Castle” where murder happened on a soap opera set, someone coined the term “shippers”… people who invest in the relationships of soap opera characters…
that’s kinda what my case is, but without it being about the characters being in romantic relationships

Way in the day, Rumplestiltskin’s dad was a con-man and because of this reputation, nobody wanted to give him a job. We also find out, while his dad leaves him in the care of two women, where he got his aptitude for spinning on the spinning wheel. They give him a magic bean and with his dad, they take it to Neverland, a place his dad visited in his dreams as a kid.
Loads of stuff happens there, but what doesn’t happen is his dad regaining the ability to fly… since he grew up.
Huge bombshell: his dad had the shadow (the first time we hear Marilyn Manson’s voiceover, perfect for this role, btw) take Rumplestiltskin back to the Enchanted Forest… trading him for youth…

yeah, Peter Pan is Mr. Gold’s father…
among one of the coolest twists in the whole series… until he became responsible for his death…

At the end of the flashback, Pan is taken to Skull Rock and sees the hourglass that determines how long he can remain on the island and stay young. The shadow says he’s breaking the rule of the island by staying longer than he should, but he’s refusing to listen.
Which is where Henry comes in… Pan needs the heart of the truest believer to stay there forever, making him immortal and so on. And Henry has to die for this to come to pass.

The search party is caught up to speed when they meet Wendy at the Lost Boys’ camp.
It took me a few moments to remember I’d seen her and her brothers before… in a flashback where Baelfire ended up at the Darlings’ residence in London after he fell down the portal & got separated from Rumplestiltskin. The shadow was coming from them, but Baelfire got in its path and got to Neverland in their place.

Snow White & David (and I think Hook cuz I don’t remember him in the next scene) stay at the Lost Boys’ camp while Regina, Emma, Neil and Mr. Gold go to Skull Island… where Pan brought Henry to go through with this plan of his.
There’s a barrier they can’t get past, but Mr. Gold can because he cast off his shadow. With Pandora’s box in hand, he makes the trip… and the show broke me after that point.

I probably mentioned a few times how Mr. Gold was one of my favorite characters. Pan turned the tables, stating that he had the real Pandora’s box and Mr. Gold had a fake (WTF, when did that switch even happen?!)… and sucked him into the box…
for all intensive purposes, killing him off and making me lose one of my favorite characters in the whole series. A close second to Emma Swan, but Hook has gotten towards the top of that “leaderboard” throughout this season.

He wasn’t the most moral character in the series, but it’ll be impossible for me to fully have my heart in the series without him… so I’m praying that there’s a way for him not to be gone forever.
The mere thought of it is making me start crying again… 10 minutes after the show ended, I was still Niagara Falls.
I should consider myself lucky none of my football teams lost today or it’d be worse… but I don’t consider myself lucky at this point.

The way the show should have ended was everyone showing up (Regina and Emma obscured the moon so their shadows wouldn’t touch the ground), convincing Henry they’re right about Pan and letting the bastard just die…
Why the hell wasn’t it just that easy? Why does it insist on being a pain in the ass? It’s like having a gun to my head and the trigger actually being pulled… it’s suicide, madness…

Just ruined everything…
Henry gave Pan his heart, dying, and the thing they’re here to stop happening… that’s not how it’s supposed to work. That’s like racing to dismantle a bomb before it explodes, and it freaking explodes.

One horrible thing after another… and there’s a freaking HIATUS on top of all that… why does that always happen after so much crap happens? Why can’t it be during filler or when things end on a good note? Why not last week or the week before that when I was at peace with how things ended?

Stuff like this… what is the absolute cut-off point where there’s enough of an outcry that the writers retract what they did and fix what they fucked up…

The finale of “Merlin” is coming to mind right now… even though that’s still infinitely worse and, more likely, nothing else will surpass how that upset me and deprived me of whatever faith I had in anything.
I don’t know how long ago that finale was, but it’s still a very sore spot that I’ll likely never get over.
Usually when stuff upsets me that much, I can write circle around it until I can finally be at peace. I thought about that for “Merlin,” but nothing came… too much there for me to even touch.

At least “Once upon a Time” can still go forward… but it’s just unfair/wrong/cruel/ridiculous for it to come after having to wait two weeks… and none of those words can fully sum up the situation and put my mind at ease.

If I have nothing going on in the next couple days, I wouldn’t at all mind just crawling under the covers and staying there forever.

…and for the record (and I’m not usually one for harsh language), I’m looking at the title of the show tonight… “think lovely thoughts”?… SCREW YOU!!!!

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