Damn this Negativity!

There’s been so much of this going around lately, I feel like I have to do an entry about it… if only to make myself feel better.

Sure, it might serve me right for reading Yahoo! comments. If I know I’m in for it, why do I bother? Because I hope to see at least one or two people agree with me.

At least with “American Idol,” there’s one plus: more people backed Jessica Meuse than the stage mom that attacked her after Group Day.
The story was that Jessica left her original group for another because one of them was sick and the other wasn’t catching onto the lyrics (the latter was quickly eliminated in his other group). She went to group with three girls. They ended up picking “Singles Ladies”… just WHY?!
so Jessica and Stephanie Hanvey [Jersey-native Latina, age 16]’s mom were butting heads throughout this. When they go on stage, Jessica actually stumbled over the words a bit (again, who picked this effin’ song in the first place) but one of the other girls helped her remember them… the only girl cut was Stephanie. Everything seemed fine cuz her mom was still saying she was great and the whole group was great. Away from the judges, she went after Jessica again as if saying she didn’t deserve to go through…

Stage moms flat out suck. I mean, Stephanie was great, but as a singer/songwriter who’s been working for years to get a break, Jessica needs this more and she has more assets working in her favor than just a great voice.
It just didn’t seem fair, as Jessica said, that the stage mom kept treating her like she was 16 instead of 23… as if she knows better.

I still have a lot of people I like left in the competition. I lost Bryan Watts the other night (were we watching the same show? where was the inconsistency they were talking about?) and Carmen and Tiquila tonight…
this one dude Emmanuel is getting under my skin a bit because he just sounds odd to me. Does he have a lisp or something? My dad and I are still getting over the fact he hair-flips when he has no hair to flip.

Kinda sucks that we also lost our local guy, Keith London, and the only two Jersey people… absolutely no love for the Northeast on this show 😦 there was a bit of a firestorm with Keith cuz his song choices were supposedly his overt way of coming out… I’m still wrapping my head around the transgender character on “Glee” singing “If I were a Boy”… umm… I’m missing something here. How is that song relevant to a man who sees himself a woman?
why are you singing “if I were a boy” if you already are one? strange stuff…

so anyway, this firestorm was the Yahoo! comments, saying how annoying the gays have become. Why they feel the need to make a statement by coming out on a national platform? Why they wave their sex lives in our face?
Last I checked, they don’t come and say “I have sex with the same gender”… but then again, if they’re not saying that in the literal sense, what are they proclaiming?
My mind hurts thinking about what else it could mean, but it just seemed rude of the comments to say how obnoxious the LGBT group is about declaring themselves these days. Gay is in, people. A lot of states have OK’d gay marriage.

Personally, I find the civil rights extremists a little annoying. Placing the race card if things aren’t going your way… just doesn’t seem right to me. Discrimination isn’t cool, so I get why that’s an issue. But people complaining that blacks in schools are punished more than whites because of racial prejudice… that’s just not true. In my experience, the people that get in trouble more just happen to be black. Not that all blacks are criminals or drug addicts, but more of them get into trouble with the law… or maybe more of them just caught. I really don’t know.
One odd thing I have noticed about the Poconos… we have so many sickos here that get charged for pornography or child sex or whatever… maybe it’s because we have more whites than blacks up here, but all those sickos are white people. And it isn’t strictly male anymore. There’ve been a lot of cases recently of female teachers having sex with their students.
Sickos, I tell you… what compels people to do that? Are they not getting sex in their own relationships? Are they single? Or do they just get off controlling people and guilting them into silence? Nothing’s more disgusting to me than Jerry Sandusky professing innocence throughout all this. Dude, 10 boys came forward with allegations. Even if (and that is a very BIG if, just for the sake of argument), one or two just wanted restitution because “everyone was doing it<" there are still a good number of boys that came forward to begin with. That's more than enough evidence where you can't fucking say "you're making this up." There is just no way.

Three more things that've been grinding my gears lately:

An article came out, saying the latest Jeopardy champion, Arthur Chu has annoyed people (Alex Trebek among them) with his unorthodox style of playing. Picking out all of the big clues first, searching for the daily doubles on purpose… I'm among those people annoyed, yet all the comments were supporting him.
WTF? Why I am alone in this?
Is it because I'm in the minority of people who has Jeopardy OCD?

The unwritten rule is that you work top to bottom in each category. If not the same category, you start from the top of the next category if the current one isn't your strength. People who intentionally search for the Daily Doubles… annoys the HELL out of me because it feels like they're cheating.
Ken Jennings won 74 games without doing all that crap. And yes, I believe he won those games on his own. All those naysayers who say it was fixed to revamp the show… bunch of jerks.
I also get my feathers ruffled a bit when people call out Alex Trebek, saying that he has a massive ego, that he's rude to people… Alex Trebek is awesome! Since high school, maybe even before, he's become a fixture in my weekly life. The show works because it runs the way it does. Great host, really takes interest in the contestants (love those interview sections because you never know what to expect… and his reactions are priceless)… hard to believe he reached 70 a couple years ago. To me, he still could pass for 10-15 years younger.

My other two peeves are kinda political in nature.

Sure, I could get chewed out for this one, but I'm considering writing an editorial to the local paper.
"When did "liberal" become a dirty word?"

I remember in 8th grade when we had to write an essay about who we'd vote for and why in the presidential election. Since Bush already had a presidential pedigree, I liked him. But I had trouble writing the essay because I didn't understand his platform. There were a lot of big words I didn't understand
Al Gore, on the other hand, was the easier candidate for me to write for. Maybe because of his pro-environment standpoint. That's the kind of stuff I care about.

With all this snow lately, yeah, I do have a little more reason to believe that global warming might be a myth… but whatever. The truth is that SOMETHING is melting the polar ice caps. Unless that changes in the next 20-30 years, I have no choice but to cry foul.

It's no secret I hear a lot of Obama-laced flack in my house. People saying he's ruining the country with the healthcare thing (the only plus is that it allowed me to get coverage, but locally, not through their effed up website) and all the things supporting welfare and the poor. How the attack on the 1% is an effort to equalize everyone until we become the fucking USSR with public property and such.
I do kinda see how people would think that.

But that doesn't mean that all liberals are automatically socialists. The ultra-liberals are attacking the rich cuz that's in right now. That was Obama's platform going into the 2nd term, so of course his supporters would back it. I don't know if anything's really changed as a result of all that. I don't believe anything has. Because most of the bills Obama backed stalled in Congress because the Republicans won't want to support the same agenda.

Both sides are kinda at fault when you think about it. The only thing changing is a degradation in employment. Sure, not a lot of people want to hire right now because its freaking cold outside. The weather has made it kinda hard to go out and such.
The latest is that because companies want to work around the Healthcare law, employment will collapse.

If anything, though, the ultra-conservatives, particularly the religious ones freak me out more than the notion of socialism. People trying to force their religions down your throat as if they’re the law. And these same people trying to tell women what they can/can’t do with their bodies. I find the birth control mandate a little odd personally… not that I have much say in that cuz I’m a single virgin with zero intention of changing that anytime soon :shrug: I’m not sure where I stand on that. In a way, it kinda makes sense and in others, it doesn’t. But when people dog abortion clinics, trying to talk women out of committing what they see as “murder”… some women might need that talk, but the majority of them don’t. They’re scared out of their goddam minds most likely. They might have been rape victims who want to move past a traumatic part in their lives. They have that right to move on. Same can be said for women not physically or emotionally capable of the process.

By this point, I’d just about run out of steam… it’s exhausting.

So the last thing…
there's something I saw on Facebook in light of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death that I want to address, but don't want to risk getting verbally beaten to a pulp for disagreeing.

The meme read "another actor dies of an overdose and it's frontpage news. another solider dies in combat and there's nothing."

Part of it, I CAN blame on liberal media that wants to snuff out any mention of Benghazi and impressing that we are pulling out of the Middle East.
But still… What do you want us to do to make it right? Do you want us to NOT mention people who die of drug addiction? [All life is worth mentioning, however it ends] Would it make you happy if we scrolled names of people who died in combat? [Would we have enough time to do that? At the same time, I'm remembering vaguely that when Bush was president, they mentioned how many people died in combat on World News]

Sure, I might be a little flawed in being someone who sympathizes with people who die of addiction :shrug: but it still annoys me when people complain about the exposure they get… how should we fix this to make you happy? Even if we did that list of daily casualties and gave celebrity overdoses 2 minutes in the news… would that be enough?

There’s a saying about if you don’t like how things are, be the change you want to see… nobody every wants to do anything to change things, so why are they still complaining about stuff?

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