My thoughts and prayers for Evgeni Plushenko, pre-surgery

It’s been ages since I posted anything on YouTube. I’d done so half a dozen times for Robert Downey Jr., as a new fan, saying how I loved his work in Ally McBeal and a four-part series on his album, “The Futurist”.
Mind you, that was after I’d been a fan of his for a couple months.

It seems crazy that I would want to do the same thing for Plushenko when I’ve only been a fan of his for a third of that time… like two weeks.
But when someone makes that big an impact on me, I feel like I have to stretch my boundaries and put myself out there… even if he never gets to see this video personally 😛 I always hope to make some sort of connection with the people I admire.
Something the most unlikely to happen of an celebrity I look up. Prince may be reclusive and seldom does any concerts in my area, but Plushenko’s an athlete… an athlete on the cusp of retirement… who happens to live halfway across the world in Russia.

As with any video I post, I try to get it within the first shot because it takes me twice as long to get up the courage to hit record a second time. So it might not be the best quality (and yeah, I’m rubbish at editing so I wouldn’t know how to fix the awkward pauses even if I really wanted to).

Now my biggest concern is that, given the crazy scenario he does see the video himself, I didn’t speak clearly enough for him to understand. I know his English is good, but I don’t know how good. And I wish I could say that my pauses were to keep from tearing up, but in truth my throat was terribly dry. As it is in any unfamiliar, somewhat terrifying situation I get myself into.

So I guess what I wanted this entry to do is summarize what I said in the video, in case my voice doesn’t come across fully.

*I gave my name and that I’m from America… [just in case that didn’t come across in my hoodie and slacks]
* I wanted to wish Evgeni Plushenko good luck with his surgery and hope for a healthy recovery
* I had surgery when I was 13 to fix the curve in my spine due to my scoliosis, so I know his situation isn’t an easy one… even though they’re not quite the same thing
*I reiterate how crazy it is for me to do this video when I’d only become a fan as of these Olympics, but he moved me so much in the free skate and my heart was one of many that broke when he withdrew. [and something to the effect of] so many of us support you, whether you decide to retire after the surgery or keep going

…then I went a little further off my script, talking about how I watched the Olympics for the women’s figure skating, how I grew up watching Nancy Kerrigan and Tara Lipniski and this was the first time I really paid attention to the men’s program. [I omitted my thoughts on Vancouver because I couldn’t figure out how to maneuver through that tangent without coming off too offense… even if I added how watching the footage back changed my mind… now that I think about it, I don’t know if I even saw the routines at all. I have zero memory. Other than the medal ceremony and the post-competition interview, I can’t recall anything]

*another awkward pause… I repeat the good vibes, say I’ll be praying for you on Sunday when you go into the surgery. and I say farewell with the only Russian I know, which is “do svidaniya”

Even though I finished this 2min40sec long video almost an hour ago, I still feel like my stomach is in knots. Which is a little strange because everything that’s happened with Plushenko has made me feel like there’s pain in my heart. Like a brick sitting my chest… it’s mostly in my head, of course, but you know.
It’s similar yet different from the stabbing pain I felt for a couple days after seeing “Less than Zero” the first time…

Last night, I finally got to see Plushenko’s short program from the Olympics… I swear, I missed seeing that by 10 minutes cuz by the time I turned it on, Jeremy Abbot was being interviewed, saying how his routine didn’t go well “because of the Plushenko thing”.
That’s one of those moments I wish I could remember to every detail… when I asked if he was the same Russian guy in the Vancouver Olympics and got the confirmation that he was… after that, I couldn’t wait to see him skate the long program, just to get a look at him. lol, I still maintained that Evan Lysachek deserved to win… that lasted maybe a week, until I saw the short program and thought to myself: “oh shit, he might have been to be upset after all” 😛 admittedly, now when I see the commercials with Evan Lysachek, I feel a little upset.

But yeah, Plushenko lived up to all the hype and it sucks that might be the last time I get to see a live skate from him.
I guess I’ve nothing else to do but end this entry and hope that he might chance across it :shrug:

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3 Responses to My thoughts and prayers for Evgeni Plushenko, pre-surgery

  1. Ina Richards says:

    I relate to the video as I too enjoyed the Sochi experience. This includes figure skating athletes ! For some reason many of us are drawn to their trials as human beings! We wish them much success and appreciate their sacrifice!

  2. ukash online says:

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    is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
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    • Jackie says:

      you can easily set up a free blog on or… I imagine if you wanted a website with lots of bells and whistles that you’d have to pay extra, but I’ve never looked too far into that. in my experience, I’ve accomplished plenty blogging without having to pay a dime.

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