new season & series: “Once Upon a Time” and “Lindsay”

[Scroll past the third set of stars for “once Upon a Time” and the fourth for “Lindsay”]

Last night (and technically all of yesterday) was so full of baggage that I probably shouldn’t have bothered with YouTube because my heart just wasn’t in it.
I could make excuses that the videos lacked what excites me about Plushenko, but that’d only be half-true. I was thinking about too many things at once and he’s something I think I need 100% to enjoy.
On the plus side, though, my thinking when he’s about to do a triple axel or lutz doesn’t take my attention away anymore because I’ve learned to recognize the difference. It’s the toe loops and flips I still can’t quite discern 😉

But probably the most distinct thing about him that separates him from other people I’ve let into my life in the past:
I see him as an athlete and a person, but not a man. In other words, I find him attractive, but I don’t let my mind wander beyond that as I’ve done with other men in my past. So if I write any fanfiction at all, it won’t be relationship driven. If anything, it’ll be friendship or fanship-driven… unless I decide to write a story inspired by his relationship with Edvin Marton.

I never thought I’d find a violinist I’d enjoy listening to as much as Vanessa Mae. Gotta thank my dad for introducing us to her music. But the way Edvin Marton rearranges classic pieces and makes them current, not to mention caters them specifically to Plushenko’s skating.
That’s why my favorite routines are to his music, specifically “Tosca Fantasy.”
In the back of my mind, that alone has me wanting to get Edvin Marton’s “Stradivarius” album for my birthday, so I won’t need my computer to listen to that track… but I’ll keep that on the backburner until I’m absolutely sure I need it.

And yes, at some point, I will do an entry about my favorite Plushenko skates, but only when my head is fully in it.


My mind’s also been full with my latest interview and other than my dream last time (a very saddening one), I have no reason to believe that it’s not going to work out for me this time. The person I interviewed with last time for this temp job actually contacted me herself and I saw her again. Seeing as she didn’t have much to really ask me, I’m guessing that’s a good sign. Maybe the previous time, I was maybe the 11th choice and they could only take on 10 people.

And daylight savings kinda threw my internal clock off and I’m still working my way back

Yesterday morning, I also had a dream that inspired me to write a little something more for “Te Busque.” Namely where the new girl Emilia comes to work with Amber after learning the truth about Talia’s business. Amber hooks her up with her favorite lay-around-the-flat outfit, a sweater, cami-top and stockings. Also telling her a little bit about her fetish for blindfolds and bondage. Kinda risqué, yes, but the nature of the story I’m telling is anyway.

haha, my heart really does want to write about Plushenko, but the story just isn’t there for me right now. I need details to work with.
Because it really is tradition for the celebrities who have some sort of pull in my life to get some sort of story written about them.


Now for “Once Upon a Time.”

First of all, they spend 2 hours on the series today. The first was a recap of pretty much everything to this point, mainly focusing on the themes of “hope” and “family.”
Seeing Robert Carlyle in the interviews made my heart sore. I still haven’t gotten over the fact they killed off Mr. Gold at the previous finale… thank god for Hook or I wouldn’t have anyone to look forward to seeing this season. Although it’s always great seeing Emma Swan. Love the theme of strong female protagonists.
Other than that, I felt like I could have skipped this because I really didn’t like revisiting the history. I know the history backwards and forwards. If anything, I thought they were going to PREVIEW this season.

As for the show itself:
The fairytale characters arrived back in the Enchanted Forest and were greeted by Aurora and Prince Philip.
Everything seems to be okay, but to themselves, they say they have to “tell her” that they’re back.
C’mon, guys, you couldn’t have maybe warned everyone else that the Wicked Witch has taken over? That was a sucky thing to do.

Regina’s still broken up about leaving behind Henry and tries to bury her heart in the woods. Of course, Snow White is there and able to talk her out of it.
Kind of a dumb move, really. It would have been repeating history since her mom, Cora, had done the same thing to avoid getting hurt. And anyone could have found the heart and taken control of it. My mom also said something about an animal digging it up and eating it 😛

They’re attacked by a flying monkey and saved by Robin Hood… who I forgot knew a lot of the characters already 😛 like Snow White and Belle. Regina wasn’t a fan, which is somewhat hilarious because Tinkerbell led her in his direction some time ago and she decided not to take the leap of faith to get her happy ending with him.
As it turns out, they just wanted her blood for a spell… maybe the witch needed it for her particular curse… which I’m still trying to figure out.

On Emma’s side of the realm, she’s living in New York with Henry. She’s been going out with this guy, Walsh (what a stupid name… I mean, that’s a last name at best), for 8 months and he proposes. Something she obviously doesn’t accept right away because that’s her character. What did amaze me this time around was that in this scenario, Emma actually told Henry the truth about his dad. The previous time, she said he was a fireman that died on the job.

Of course, Hook is there at the restaurant (conveniently when Walsh is away), trying to get Emma to talk to him. He gives her an address and curiosity inevitably gets the best of her.
It turns out to be Neal’s old place and Henry’s name was on the camera strap.
She meets him again in Central Park, livid and decides to have him arrested 😛

Part of me was wondering if there’d come a time where Henry’s voice would start changing because we know him so well as this young innocent boy. As it turns out, this would be that moment.
I love his relationship with his mom, how they’re so open with each other (with the exception of this latest revelation) and they play video games together. What mom is seriously that cool?

One way or another, Emma decides to bail out Hook and agrees to take the potion he has that can restore her memories.
Of course, knowing this world as well as I do, I’m asking myself the obvious questions:
1) where did he get it?
2) who did he get it from?
3) what price did he pay to get it?

Between a couple previews, Robert Carylye’s name still being attached to the cast list, and dialogue from Belle and Neal, I have some reason to hope that Mr. Gold isn’t completely gone. But if by some miracle he does, he probably won’t even have magic anymore since he used the Dark One’s dagger to kill himself and his father.
Anything’s possible, though.

All of Emma’s memories come back and she breaks things off with Walsh… who also turned out to be a flying monkey.
I hate assuming the worst, but just the fact he’d been together with Emma this whole time, I had my suspicions about him… and I turned out to be right. Goes to show the show’s predictability, but it’s not all bad.

So Emma, Hook and Henry are going back to Storybrooke, which is miraculously back there in its entirety.
Although there’s still the matter of explaining everything to Henry because there was only enough potion for Emma… I’m sure he’ll be okay with most of it :shrug: I mean, he was quick to believe in the curse when he had the book… :gasp: maybe the book is still in his old room.

Other than the witch’s reveal (can’t believe they waited until the last minute of the show to even show her… I felt like it was a waste), the show ended with Emma reuniting with her parents who’d already started on baby #2 and them saying how they lost a year of memories.

At first, I was thinking “Okay, so how is this a curse? Just that they’re stuck in this town again?” because they still know who they are and stuff. To me, it just looked like Hook had Emma remember everything because he just wanted her to fall in love with him again 😛 pirates are notoriously selfish by nature. The whole thing, though, I was just thinking how Hook is my favorite pirate now (sorry, Johnny Depp).

But then I thought about the question of time… will Snow be stuck with her baby bump forever? Because that would really suck.

The only other thing they showed in the preview for next week is people being turned into flying monkeys, so we’ll see what happens. Maybe it was because it was going on two hours of coverage (those commercials were excruciating to wait through, especially the hundreds they did for “Resurrection”), but I felt a little cheated in that very little really happened.
Kinda like it was a tease of what’s to come. But then again, with this series, where I’d gotten emotional in the past, I don’t want to be subjected to the consequences of “be careful what you wish for.”

Anyone who’s followed my blog before or knows me personally knows that I’m one of Lindsay Lohan’s biggest supporters. So when I heard she was doing a documentary series, I was excited.

These past several years, I’ve dodged all the news articles on her, the tabloids and such because I didn’t know what to believe. There’s this culture generated by the TMZ, paparazzi and tabloids that looks to exploit celebrities at their worst moments. Because I grew up with her movies and since we’re the same age, I’ve considered her a role model, I want to see her succeed. I want her to do well. And I want this series to get the truth out there so maybe in 10-20 years, she’ll stop being the butt of all the jokes about celebrity addiction.

We got all the stats out of the way pretty early. This series takes place after Lindsay’s 6th stint in rehab, which lasted 90 days. Between 2007 to the present, she’d been charged with a couple DUI’s, reckless driving, theft and one or two other things I’m forgetting.

The fact this shows on Oprah’s network will make it a little tricky to watch… my folks aren’t her biggest fans and already, I can feel a million insults coming on from my dad. I don’t get what the big deal is. :shrug: other than how her people were coming to Australia just after us and you couldn’t go through Sydney without some mention of her somewhere.
Maybe it’s because they think she’s a phony. They also say that she doesn’t directly give things away. She has people to it for her. She didn’t pay for the Australia trip, she had people comp it for her. Stuff like that.
I think “phony” and I think about John Lennon’s killer, who was way too into Holden Caulfield’s philosophy about unauthentic people being phonies. And I could go on a tangent about that, but I’m better leaving that alone entirely.

I only saw her interviews with Prince and Robert Downey Jr. and in both cases I thought she was great. Although it was hard to watch her show with RDJ because the focus was on the negative.
Some critics of the series are already suggesting that Oprah is only doing this to exploit Lindsay, but it’s kind of a two-way street. Lindsay wants to use this platform to promote herself as well.

So right away, what I’m gathering is that she might be a shopaholic. or at least a hoarder because she had a huge storage space full of clothes. Plus she also had tons of jewelry. At least it looks that way to me because I only have maybe a box full of necklaces and a couple bracelets. I’m not really into bling.

I started to find it fascinating that tobacco is literally the only drug you don’t have to enter rehab for… unless you’re really, really addicted. Yet it’s just as deadly with all the long-time side-effects it has.
I say this because Lindsay was doing a bit of smoking throughout this as well, but it’s better than her vise, which was alcohol.

That answered another question for me. I didn’t know what her drug of choice was and I’d heard a couple of different things, not knowing what to believe.

The first show focused on her first 20-30 something days out of rehab. She had to turn down a few opportunities to promote her latest film because it might lead to some triggers that return her back to start.
And there were a few occasions where she agreed to something and she flipped out because things changed by the time she could address. One was a lingerie shoot that went from being a modeling gig to something of a promo with a storyline attached. Another issue was an apartment she wanted to rent but a 10-million dollar insurance policy was added in at the last second, and she was fighting that as well.

Her ultimate goal right now is just finding stability and setting up a routine for herself. Of course, it won’t be as simple as it sounds. Things rarely are. Things look good on the surface, but the previews do have me a little leery because there’s a hint of a relapse, Oprah saying something about people saying it was gonna happen and it sounded to me like she retracted the intention she had before… instead of jumping ship at the first discretion, she might hang on for longer.

Maybe it was because this made her struggles more real to me, but I started to feel cynical. As much as I want her to do well, I’m afraid my faith in her will be proven wrong. It had me second guessing myself that I’ll support her no matter what happens.
But I still really want to be that optimist because few other people are. I’ll see the facts for myself in this particular medium and I will decide for myself where I stand, not because of what other people say.

The only thing about the series, other than that possibility I’m looking least forward to is any coverage that involves her dad. There was one moment a couple years ago where he supposedly said to the press that she’s a wreck and was doing this specifically to get face time.
My Facebook status after that was LIVID.
Her alcoholism is partially his fault because she inherited that from him. And each time she tries to let him into her life, he ends up letting her down and often tries to see what’s in it for him instead of being a stable figure for her.

So far, things are looking positive and it’s nice to see that she has a sober companion that’s helping with her decision making and such. That’ll be really helpful on this road to recovery.

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