Dreaming of Plushenko- Too Cool and So Real

My fanfiction entry will have to wait a little bit longer… while I still think about whether or not it’s something I’d be comforting with sharing πŸ˜›

This, on the other hand, is worth celebrating.

I’ve kept a dream diary since I was 13, when I started seeing familiar faces, real, fictional and celebrated, as common themes in my dreams.

My only other Plushenko dream was 2/18/14, the night after I started watching him on YouTube.
It was very brief, as was our moment together at the rink. I must have come to watch him because as he was leaving, he looked at me, smiling and says me name, nodding as if to say “goodbye it was nice to meet me.”

In last night’s super realistic dream, I came across him in the most random place and with remarkable timing.
A lot of drama had just taken place between me and the “mean girls” who invited me to come out with them as well as some of my professional doubts coming back to the surface. I was outside on my way to leave the restaurant, realizing a) I came here with them so I didn’t have a ride, and b) I left my purse inside.

If I didn’t go inside (I did find my purse right where I left it), I wouldn’t have had this chanced meeting.

I go past the table instead of turning back the way I came, for some reason, and at literally the table next to ours, is Plushenko with his coach, his wife and a few other people. Somehow, I get up the courage to talk to him. He’s wearing his red Sochi sweatshirt and his hair is longer like he wore it in Vancouver.

So it went like this: I start, “hi, how are you doing?”
He immediately gets up from his seat, expectantly. “I’m good. thank you.”
“did you practice today?” [It’s here I start to notice that a skating rink is just up and left of this table.]
I forget all the dialogue but he goes into great detail about how it’s different. How he’s using new shapes. he talks about using platforms for training (likely in the gym) “because I have to work on my jumps” I remember him saying clearly, and also said later in this part of the dream “my ankles are a little sore”… this doesn’t bug me for some reason since I’d been so big on his health these past few months. I just nod and say “that does make sense”

Then somehow we get on the topic of how I got into the sport. He asks me if this was my first Olympic games (I think that’s the question, still not sure). I say I’d never skated, closed my eyes saying “been regretting it for a couple months now that I never did”… my first Olympics were with Nancy Kerrigan, then Nagano with Tara Lipinski and I say I love her and idolized her. Somehow this really impresses him. he says “yes” enthusiastically, his eyes so bright just before he kisses my right temple…
I know for a fact that in his CNN interview that he called her “amazing” but would he really be so crazed about Tara? The way he is about Michelle Kwan and Mao Asada πŸ˜›

I’m surprised I can even collect myself after that because I’m blushing and breathing to compose myself, still smiling. “Somehow I didn’t see Salt Lake City, I didn’t see Torino…” as if to say I didn’t see him for a while. Before I could go further, two guys go by, talk to him briefly, they looked like they came from a cosplay convention. Then he turns his attention back to me very respectfully after they leave. Before I can start again, he runs down everything I mentioned so far, “so basically, you never skate before, you’d like to, you saw Nance Kerrigan and Tara Lipinski but you didn’t see Salt Lake City and Torino…” and was about to say something about Vancouver and I woke up πŸ˜›

One person in Plushenko’s Facebook page recently said how amazing it’d be to know him in person.
As far as I’m concerned, this is as realistic as it’s gonna get and I wouldn’t mind it staying that way. Everything about him (except for the hairstyle from 4 years ago) was dead on accurate. His native accent and his speech was like I’d heard on so many interviews.
Some of my dreams have been realistic before and this probably will be towards the top.

However much I can and have written about him, I can’t imagine ever being lucky enough to see him in person or get this type of acknowledgement in person. I can think of at least two people that I CAN imagine myself being in the same room with and I still hope for that, but with him, I think admiring from afar is still the best way to go.
Although I would love it if I get lucky enough to receive a reply for him on one of my many admiring tweets πŸ˜‰

and for the record, before I even checked my email today, I watched Tara Lipinski’s Olympic skates.
It must have really resonated with me because in my 7th grade English class, I portrayed her for an interview project (we were all celebrities… and shockingly I did not know anyone else, considering how big a celebrity lover I’ve become over the years). the earliest we could have done that project was 1999, and considering I had my back surgery that year, we most likely did it in 2000… 2 years after the Olympics.

maybe it’s the time and in 1998 skating wasn’t as dynamic or maybe the mens’ circuit is just more dynamic by nature, but it took me a while to get the difference of the feel. πŸ˜› although not that everyone can fill every second of the program like Plushenko can. but her jumps really were amazing and I loved that she skated to “Anastasia” in her short program 😎 one of my favorite movies

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