Happy 28th birthday, Lindsay!

As I mentioned on my entry about her OWN Docu-series, to this day, I remain a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan’s.

I don’t pay attention to tabloids and I don’t read into comments sections.
The media has this ugly habit of looking for the worst in people and twisting photos and facts around to make the most compelling stories, so I can’t accept any of it as truth.

For this reason, the docu-series was a great way for me to get things from her perspective and from those closest to her.
You can call me naïve all you want for believing as I do, but I believe that some day, she will redefine the horrible reputation naysayers and cynics have given her.

Today alone is a triumph because there are a lot of people who believed she’d be another member of the Forever 27 club.
Young talents in music and movies that lost their lives to their own vises.


Now, I’d seen just about every thing Lindsay had starred in. The only exceptions are “Chapter 27” (which she has a small role in), “I know who killed me” and “Machete” (which don’t seem very well made or the type of movies I enjoy watching anyway), “Liz and Dick,” “Scary Movie 5” (I gave up on the franchise after 3), and “The Canyons” (which was her most recent).

“A Prairie Home Companion” and “Just my luck” were enjoyable and “Georgia Rule” grew on me after a little while (only saw it once and my memory isn’t the best, except that Cary Elwes really let me down by playing a not-so-likable character)…
but my favorite roles of hers are still the earlier ones.

Loved the “Parent Trap” remake (kinda ruined the original for me cuz I saw it later on and it felt too dated to really hold my attention span), so much so that I was stoked to see her in “Freaky Friday” because it’d been the first time I’d seen her since.

That streak of teenager-high school genre’d films: Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls…

Still love them to this day. Great soundtracks, great stories, and Lindsay played characters I admired, wanted to be or (in the case of ‘Mean Girls’) personally identified with.

Not that I was homeschooled, I was considerably naïve in high school and college, didn’t make friends right away (doing so took me three years in college, but my first two besties were just like Janis and Damian) and had trouble fitting in.
Had I been in Cady Heron’s shoes, I’d probably have done all the same things. Although I doubt I’d have turned into that much of a bitch, haha.

I got highlights in my hair after “Freaky Friday” and I wished I had the crazy-ass courage Lola had in “Confessions”… movie critics and parents like mine thought Lola was bratty, deluded and, yeah, a drama queen… but I saw her completely differently.
I still do regret the fact I never had this grand transformation after seeing it 😛 but it does pay to play it safe, I suppose.

And of course I’m still hoping that Lindsay will return to music because I love her voice and her first two albums.

The second is more in the poppy direction, but also some dark stuff too. About her rocky relationship with her father. About losing her innocence. One’s about wishing a former lover will one day wraith with pain and anguish as payback for putting her through the same thing throughout their relationship… something I took comfort in during a particular difficult time.

Then there were a couple covers that made me fall in love with the originals: “I want you to want me” and “The Edge of Seventeen”.

But as a whole, “Speak” will always be my favorite of the two albums she did. It was one of the soundtracks to my senior year of high school. Particularly regarding my crush that year.
It also inspired me to write a story about the biggest “what if” that year presented. What if I was brave enough to say exactly what I wanted to say to him? How would it have panned out?
It’s still very much a work in progress. A little too close to reality in some parts, as in the people I went to school with might read it and see themselves in it, despite the name changes.

Never mind that the guy in question came out of the closet the following year after I had graduated… high school is tough in general. A lot of us needed a reason just to go there in the morning. And he was mine that year.
Like I said, I didn’t really have any friends in high school, at least none that I saw regularly or was super close with.

I have to give some credit to the co-writers: Kara DioGuardi, John Shanks… Ben Romans and Ethan Mentzer wrote the “writhing with pain” track and are half the reason why it’s so bad-ass 😎 the other half is her killer vocals.

Just in general, I love the rocking edge in her singing voice and I’m never gonna stop hoping I’ll hear more of it 😉

and Lindsay, if you happen to read this entire entry, happy birthday, good luck in everything you and I hope things only keep getting better 😎

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