Positivity for Plushenko [but with some small concerns]

No joke: this morning I was looking through the paper and a write-in in our medical column was on “Discectomy”…

Never mind the fact he springs to mind whenever I feel a little toughness in my lower back from sitting too long, this was certainly something I couldn’t not think about him while reading… if that makes sense.

Even stranger, when I thought about his back in my head, for some reason I thought of it as him having part of his spine, an actual vertebrae removed…
DUH! They meant one of those discs between the vertebrae.
Supposedly with age they start to deteriorate.

Or in Plushenko’s case, a little too much repetitive force and activity trying to introduce quad lutzes and quad salchows into his skating.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m done watching his figure skating for the season, but I will still watch any new footage posted by PlushenkoNews on Twitter and Facebook. Namely, any new shows he’s doing and training sessions.
Yesterday, I brought up footage from last November, a little bit of his “Best of Plushenko” program with his coach urging him on as he skates.

Because 20-30 seconds of his skating wasn’t quite enough for me, I watched his two shows again.
His second one, Dreams on Ice, in Beppu (I believe that’s the Japanese city, I might be off on the spelling), for whatever reason, I did not feel the same spark as I did for Sendai (Together on Ice).
Maybe it lacked the spark or I was just sick of the same routine again.

No, what he did in Sendai, that was magical to watch. Still is. The aura he had absolutely said “the tsar on ice has returned”. It’s just hard to live up to that. Strength, joy, vulnerability and all. I know that he trips a bit on one of his jumps yet I still gasped. Maybe because this time I noticed it was his first combination jump since the operation. Or at least the first for an audience.
Pretty extraordinary.

Last night before the revisting, I was a little conflicted upon seeing Evan Lysacek being suggested to me on my Twitter page. Noting that below is said that Plushenko followed him, I got curious and looked to see what he tweeted in support of Plushenko in Sochi… I suppose in the Today show interview Plushenko was referring to his tweet about his team competition free skate… or maybe the one where he tweeted about seeing him in practice the day before the tragedy occurred.

That was scary to read. Him saying how he’d never seen him fall down so much.

I really hope that I’m not looking back on the past years from now, being torn up over negative comments about him.
I also read part of what Evan said about his skating, saying how his weakness was his component score.

Between that and reading about people replying to his tweets on how rude it was for people to leave the Iceberg after Plushenko left…
I felt like my body was having a seizure and was just short of clapping my hands over my ears, repeating to myself “It’s not true.”

Over the years, I’ve grown used to negative comments people have had for actors and musicians I’ve grown to care about.
With Robert Downey Jr., I’ve learned to just roll my eyes and move on.

With Plushenko, despite having being on the opposite side of the equation 4 years ago, it really bothers me to read anything bad being said about him.

I resolved a while ago, particularly after the first firestorm of negativity came and went, that only my opinion of him matters to me. And he has my unconditional support.
Even if I don’t always agree with his way of doing this.

Today I read an article stating he might miss this season and the next to bring up the level of his skating up.
That part had me a little disappointed but I understood.
Then I read that he’s thinking about doing quad lutzes again, how he seems to believe that’s his ticket to staying competitive with the other skaters.

Now that worries me quite a bit.
Considering how practicing quad lutzes and quad salchows led to the deterioration of that disc in his back, leading to the surgery to add the plastic disc, leading to his withdrawal from Sochi when one of the screws broke…

Yes, that does make me want to scream at him and frantic to change his mind. πŸ˜›
But, alas, I cannot. He is so mentally tough, but can be very stubborn too. If his mind is made up on something, there’s little anyone can do about it. I just have to let go and hope for the best.

And if I can absolutely help it, I will avoid footage of his last skate at Sochi. One video posted a week ago by the Russian media that was interviewing him, that was hard to watch because they kept showing that failed triple axel.
:facepalm: you guys aren’t exactly helping the situation

:sigh: okay, I think I’m through with the dark stuff

Regarding all the negatives, I consider it my duty to remain positive because that good faith and support is what helped him heal and is helping him get better every day. The lengths he’d gone in getting better and how much time he’s taking, I’m really proud of him.

The latest video released shows him working on some double axels. At first glance, I thought he looked hesitant about doing triple, but after watching it again, it looks more like he’s just retraining his body to get used to that motion.
There’s still no footage of him actually executing the triple axel. Supposedly he did so at one of his “Dreams on Ice” shows.

Now when I see that, I will audibly gasp, possibly leap out of my seat, cheer… and quite possibly I will shed a tear or two like I still when he had his first skate after the surgery and when I saw his first triple toe-loop.

πŸ˜› I’m such a baby, crying about all his accomplishments these past 5 months as much as the bad stuff… I don’t think I’ve done so for anyone else I’d come to admire, certainly not so much in the first couple months.

I don’t know if I’d mentioned this on my blog. I certainly had alluded to it on Twitter.

I’d been picking up a little Russian over the past couple months.
Random words and phrases, but it’s more that I’ll be able to read Russian than actually speaking it.

I would like to one day translate my “Tosca Fairytale” into Russian so he’d be able to read it.
But it does mean a lot I’d already gotten some good feedback on it, but nothing made me happier than see that Edvin Marton retweeted my link and favorited a tweet from someone who said they loved it.

Because he’s just as much a part of the story’s inspiration and making as Plushenko is.
I don’t really expect to get feedback from Plushenko himself, but it would make my day if he read it and it made him smile.
Just like my YouTube video wishing him luck with the surgery, it really is all about making him feel good and having him know another fan is in his corner supporting him.

But anyway, back to the Russian… I’ve gotten pretty good at picking up certain words.
If it contains more than, say, 7 characters, I do get a little nervous because that’s a lot of syllables to sound out and decipher.
I certainly know hello and goodbye, yes and no, good and bad, several pronouns. Proper names I’m pretty good at figuring out because a lot of them are pretty close to English.
One exception being names that have an “x”, and it translates to “KC” which is “ks” in English.

Then of course certain words crop up a lot in articles about him. figure skating, champion, Olympics/Olympiad, training, operation, sport, sportman, program… some of it is helped by the fact the letters figure out the same in English.
the other day, I picked up the word for “ice” and “after” and “when” and “happy”
and today, I realized that when I hear “katanya,” they mean figure skating… translating “katanya” by itself doesn’t make sense, but it and the Russian for “figure” works out to “figure skating”

My biggest help is working my way through comments on his Facebook page and Twitter.
his wife’s Twitter account, it’s hit and miss for me. a lot of the time I get lost in the grammar and the organization of the words, but certain bits and pieces, I can pick out. Like the other day, I managed to pick out the words for “beautiful” and “talented” before translating. that was a cool moment right there, although I can’t say quite how I deduced that

one word I made sure to learn was for “good luck” πŸ˜‰

Now, I don’t wholly expect to watch an interview of his years from now and be able to pick out every word that he says.
I’m just saying if I ever had a moment like that happen, I would go crazy and my day would be made.

…now I just hope I can get away with not doing another blog entry about Plushenko until next season… there isn’t much new to really talk about. although I might do a quick one to celebrate seeing his first triple axel after the surgery πŸ˜‰
I wrote in my other fanfiction that was THE moment I was most looking forward to seeing

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