Potentional Future Tattoos and My Turning 28

The most memorable birthday I ever had was that Jesse McCartney concert at Point Pleasant, 11 years ago from today.
Technically the day AFTER my birthday when I just turned 17.

Even though I’d been working through my birthday this year, I wanted to do some of my favorite things that I knew would make me happy… happiness and birthday don’t always go hand in hand. The past several years, I’d been depressed on my birthday… some of the reasons vary and others don’t…

I never really bought into the “Forever 27 Club” as something to be afraid of. Didn’t even know what it was until a couple years ago.
But the last couple months from fall 2013 to early 2014, I was starting to worry that I’d be part of it. I’d been fooled into believing so much negativity, especially about myself.
Late January, especially, I was running out of reasons to get up in the morning.

So yeah, I did find multiple reasons to get up in the morning, I have multiple people in my life that make me happy, I have another addition to my resume at something I enjoy and am good at…
when I was done with working and freaking about getting certain things resolved, I let it all go.

Starting with Dream Street. I wanted to listen to music I knew would make me happy. My absolute favorite thing in the world. One day, I will get around to reviewing their album with my new ears (after getting to know so many musicians and artists and having reviewed so much music).

It was like a time machine and all of it made me so happy 😀

Then I spent the last hour of July 29th with the other men in my life that make me happy:
I found the music video for my favorite Prince song “Gold”… that I winded up closing my eyes to anyway
2 YouTube videos on my Robert Downey Jr. playlist- 1 is the Volvo mini-film (ironically, it caused my mind to wander in the same areas I had with “Gold”… thinking of how far I’d come in times of doubt and the lessons they taught me) and the other is a list of hilarious moments from various interviews
and Plushenko’s skating from Shanghai from 7/27.

At this current time, I know that Plushenko is the person that makes me the happiest because everything about him is still fresh and new. And even though I don’t want to watch his skating anymore until December (because it seems silly to do that during the summer), I made the exception because it was my birthday (and why not watch my favorite program “Tosca Fantasy” on my birthday).

As for how he figures into my life in the long term, I don’t know.
Plushenko could either become another blip on the radar screen of my life or he could wind up being among those influences that changed me for the better.
All I have to go on now is that praying throughout his recovery has put me in touch with God, starting to see how everything seems to happen for a reason and if I hope for the best, usually it goes work out that way.

I really don’t want to become one of those preachy people who think they’re better than everyone else because I know for a fact that I’m not. And those type of people annoy me to no end.
I’m also not fooling myself into believing this to be more than it is until enough time has passed and enough change has taken place for me to warrant it as such. I’m so happy that his presence is in my life in whatever capacity it might be.
I’ll start with the next Olympics 😉 if I’m still loving his skating, seeing posts from his fans on Facebook and Twitter still make happy, and I feel like I’m a better person than I was when I found him (or rather he found me…I didn’t come into these Olympics expecting to be WOW’d by the same Russian skater that frustrated me in Vancouver)… he’ll be the fourth presence in my life to have massive impact on me and led me to be the person I am.

As for everyone else:

Dream Street/Jesse McCartney- going on 13 years (August/September 2001)
-they got me through 9th grade, which was a rough year
-the first celebrities I got extra excited about that I actually got to MEET
-Jesse is my favorite artist, who I’d stuck with the longest and he was the first person whose music I felt FIT me and the person I see myself as

Prince- 7 years (Monday, February 5th 2007)
-helped me understand the poetry in music and lyrics
-bettered my musical tastes
-THE REASON I STARTED THIS BLOG and my “alter ego” DreamyPopRoyalty in all its forms
…-on second thought, DreamyPopRoyalty is becoming more of me than an alter ego, the only remainder of that “life” is my gmail address, that I only use to check chat with one friend and get messages from this blog
-earned me a friend for life
-got me started with my reviewing of music
-my philosophy that I need to maintain a positive attitude about things because it eliminates negativity from my mindset and, honestly, if I don’t stay positive, who else will?

RDJ- 3 years (Friday, February 4th 2011- the day when he went from being an actor I enjoyed to a mega influence)
-made me more sympathetic/sensitive in stories (real and fictional) regarding addiction
-helped me better my attitude towards people in general, give them the benefit of the doubt because it wouldn’t be right to grant that to some people and not others… unless of course that negativity took hold ages ago
-introduced me to countless actors, directors and movies
-he was probably the first actor I found more fascinating as a person than all of the characters he’d played… not because of his history so much as how he looks at life in general, how he explains things because it makes a lot of poetic sense
-at a difficult time, he reinvigorated my writing, if only for a short while

All this compared to going on 6 months with Plushenko…
even though his name first came to my attention during the short program (2/6) in the team event (in an interview with Jeremy Abbott AFTER he’d skated) and he first WOW’d me in his long program on February 9th…
Thursday, February 13th, the day of the injury, is the date I will remember.
Because it was the day my mind and my heart decided they’d never forget him.


At the end of the day, I want to uphold myself to the words of Lady Gaga:
“there’s only three men I’ma serve my whole life, it’s my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ”…
except with these altercations:

The most important people to me that will always have a place in my heart: my family, my future husband (whoever it may be) and God (for now, all I’ll go by is my prayers every night before going to sleep).

The 4 others I mentioned above, if I get to that good place in my life where I have everything I could want, a good job, a good husband, and being happy with myself… and I’m up for inking myself,
I might consider getting tattoos on 4 corners of my body in homage to those who influenced me, changed my life for the better and gave me reason to not give up on myself.

– either the letters DS or JMac on my right shoulder
-Prince’s symbol on my right ankle
-RDJr or his birthday on my left wrist
-the Chinese symbol for “health” on my left ankle… it’s on the necklace I started wearing the day (3/3/14) of Plushenko’s back surgery

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