“Imperial Bedrooms”- reopening wounds left by “Less Than Zero”

Speaking of coming into new territory in response to tragedy…

in this case, I think it might be worth revisiting some of my “Less than Zero” fanfiction, all my attempts to revive Julian or just make sure that his life didn’t end tragically.

I dreamt last night about seeing Julian alive, as if seeing the film adaptation of the sequel to Bret Easton Ellis’s book “Imperial Bedrooms”… I’m seeing this dream, neither me nor the other characters can contemplate him being alive because we saw him die in the back of the car in that movie.
So while watching this unfold, well honestly I don’t know if I could watch. I remember closing my eyes and turning away because I was so overcome with emotion.

After reading all this stuff about “Less than Zero” and its sequel, something I probably should have done before looking into all the details about Robert’s destructive drug addicted history that’s been behind him for 10 years now…
it’s depressing to say that
1) I would not have taken back the experience of “Less than Zero” because becoming the big fan of Robert Downey Jr I am now has brought me so many good things
2) this movie has imprinted me with this vendetta I have against James Spader and now I feel like I need to give Bret Easton Ellis a piece of my mind too…

Overall, his writing style doesn’t really appeal to me and based on synopses alone, I really don’t want to read any of his work. “Less than Zero” was a hard movie for me to watch in general… because it was a really bad movie and the only watchable scenes had Julian in them… all except for his epic withdrawal scene of course, that stuck with me about as much as his death did.

So first I read the plot of “Imperial Bedrooms,” curious to see what Julian did in his 2nd life…
he fucking dies again. Even worse, Clay was behind the whole thing. The guy that saved him in the movie version.
Why the hell would he kill of Julian only to revive him and kill him off again?

Now I read that Julian didn’t even die at the end of the book “Less Than Zero”…
Too bad they couldn’t have added to “Imperial Bedrooms” that Rip gets what’s coming to him…

My head hurts so bad right now, you have no idea.

Again, I would not want to write my own history, take all away the things I did in response to my feelings on “Less than Zero”…
It’s about enough that I’m constantly worrying about whether or not James Spader will *double tap* RDJ in the next Avengers movie, making sure that he stays dead on screen.
After the last Sherlock Holmes movie, I told myself that I would look into spoilers to make sure I’m not walking into something that’s going to shake me to the core. While researching Robert’s films, I looked at all the spoilers to make sure I know that he dies at the end before going in. I guess with my love of the previous Sherlock Holmes, I didn’t imagine I’d be blindsided like that.

Probably the worst part: reading quotes from the book, which has satire where the characters see the movie based on their lives, and Julian remarking how he got killed at the end of the movie. He and Clay watching the movie, him making the comment and Clay saying “you’re still here”…
only to later on have him killed because he finds out that he slept with his new girlfriend… Clay became a fucking psychopath.

The only saving grace, I suppose, is that Julian does finally kick his drug addiction in “Imperial Bedrooms”, but he’d also turned from being a male prostitute in order to resolve a debt to being a “sober but fragile” person in charge of a pimping service…

I guess there’s nothing left for me to do other than keep worrying about Avengers spoilers and practically begging RDJ to not reprise the role of Julian for “Imperial Bedrooms” if it gets made into a movie…
because all that coming to pass would just mess me up so bad I doubt I’d ever be able to come back from. no amount of fanfiction will be able to heal those wounds.

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