Buzzfeed’s top 25 SYTYCD routines

Should tonight be the last ever show of “So you think you can dance” (due to poor viewership, thanks for nothing “Sharknado 2”!), I’m going through Buzzfeed’s top 25 routines and making comments.

so much great stuff too.

25. did not know Pasha (one of my favorite Latin dancers EVER) could do hip-hop like that

24. Twitchinton (Twitch & Kherington) doing this John Mayer song “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” with a mattress and rosepetals, one of their finer moments in this partnership, felt like a music video perfect for the song

23. Classic Sonya Tayek, Mark being his demented quirky self (Lady Gaga has a great dancer on her hands)… what more can one want?

22. one of the iconic “royal power struggle” routines yet it reminds me how much I lost interest in Season 3 after Pasha’s elimination… wasn’t a huge fan of Danny or Sabra’s enough to vote for them

21. Janette and Brandon, another of my favorite couples in the show, yet do not remember this jazz routine AT ALL

20. [had to watch on YouTube cuz it wasn’t available] I’ve HATEd “Halleujah” after every season of American Idol and The Voice had it sung at least once, but gotta admit this was so tearfully beautiful to watch

19. with sytycd samba, chances are people will say “hip hip chin chin”. Lacey Schwimmer smolders in this

18. one of Mia’s best, Lacey & Neil representing her reunion with dad in Heaven. Never mind my PMS, I was tearing before the music started πŸ˜› one of the most special moments in this show’s history

17. Stacey Tookey has this great way of accompanying dance so well to music. Eliana, one of my favorite girls on this show looking gorgeous throughout this routine with Alex, one of the best guys the show’s had

16. of course I remember Neil & Sabra’s table routine to “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, forgot it was Mandy Moore’s choreography (that and her song choices this year made her my favorite choreographer for sytycd season 11!)

15. Zack picked this as his favorite of the season, though it was hard for me not to watch Amy throughout this

14. whenever Amy & Fik-Shun dance together, it is just so much fun πŸ˜€ that, plus NappyTab choreography… doesn’t get much better πŸ˜‰ [maybe my favorite SYTYCD couple ever]

13. loved Melanie & Marko since Travis’s “Turned to Stone” perfection. sugary sweet chemistry always good for a smile with this NappyTab routine

12. first Bollywood ever made me a fan of this genre for life 😎 Katee’s one of my favorite girls and most of her best moments were in his great partnership with Joshua (though how he beat out Twitch as the winner still boggles me cuz he’s the biggest celebrity to come from this show)

11. I love it when choreographers put dance to well-known songs. one of Mandy Moore’s biggest talents. Melanie with Neil (one of my favorite guys that I love is a frequent all-star) in “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with probably the most iconic LEAP in this show’s history

10. it’s been years but it’s impossible to forget this Wade Robson group routine. it’d be perfect if they made “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” a musical or if Tim Burton went there again. so lovably demented

9. noted as one of Twitch’s most memorable routines but I think Katee deserves more credit for being his bad-ass crazy girlfriend in “Mercy”

8. as a choreographer has brought us so many great beautiful moments. “Fix You” by Coldplay with Robert and Allison is definitely up there. tearjerker for sure

7. Amy said this was her biggest moment in her season, where she had the most growth. It must have been something to dance with Travis while he choreographed this, this extra intimate bond… just wow

6. Jeanine is probably my favorite female dancer EVER on this show and Travis has an amazing body of choreography that starts here… but maybe not one of my personal favorites featuring either :shrug: just a matter of personal taste

5. Alex and Twitch… probably the first hip-hop routine where there were no words, my mind was completely BLOWN
[seriously, if Alex hadn’t had that season-ending injury, he could have won!]

4. the first truly iconic SYTYCD… “The Bench”… the reason why Travis will be remembered as one of the best dancers this show has had… and choreographers…

3. season 4 was the first season of NappyTab who started the trend of putting current songs on the radio to their choreography, put together with the memorable pairing of Chelsie & Mark… just amazing… though I’d put “No Air” in its place or at least somewhere on this list

2. Mia Michaels gave us so many sytycd moments, most from a very emotional place. “Addiction” was one of those real tear-jerkers that moved so many of us. Kayla, one of the most beautiful girls the show’s had (also love their vampire routine to “Eyes on Fire” from the “Twilight” soundtrack)

1. everyone remembers the hummingbird & flower with Jamie and Hok. Wade Robson doing more quirky, thinking-outside-the-box things

One day, I’ll compile a list of my favorite routines and also of my favorite dancers over the seasons. And here’s hoping the fun will continue with [fingers crossed!!] a 12th season of “so you think you can dance”… cuz summers sure won’t be the same without it.

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