Revisiting UTCM in mixed company

It was a random Friday night with nothing on TV. I’d been planning to show that movie to my mom for a while since I think she’d appreciate it more than my dad, who wouldn’t be back for a couple more days.

First of all, it was really fun going back to that music for the first time in FOREVER… I think I was grooving to every track that played (and went on to play through the entire album that night).
Second of all, since I started my movie blog, I came to realize that the movie really is as horrible as people say 😛 I know what good movies look and feel like. That wasn’t the case here. Never mind the shotty ending, it just wasn’t well put together.

It also reminded me of one sad but true fact:
Prince is a weirdo 😛 and not everyone is going to understand him. Even if I get to finish The Word and Prince lets me publish it, there are a bunch of people I’ll likely be unable to convince. And sadly some of those people are in my own family.
After seeing the movie, I started thinking about an album I could play during our trip to and from a baby shower we were going to. I’d already played plenty of “safe” albums by Prince like Musicology, 3121, O(+> and maybe a couple others… for my own reasons, I don’t want to play Planet Earth 😛 that fantasy has to stay between me and him with no other women listening in 😛

I’ll admit that some of the jokes “Under the Cherry Moon” are kinda odd, but it felt like a lot of those moments aren’t going to get through to a lot of people. Certainly not those who aren’t in the know about Prince.
My mom cried foul at the ending, which I always kinda have, but for different reasons.

Just because this dude has the local police on his payroll shouldn’t forgive the fact he committed murder or ordered someone to do so for him… politicians might get away with it in real life for a while I know, but when you think about it, it kinda doesn’t make sense.
And here I was trying to come up an alternate ending for the movie that didn’t involve Christopher Tracy getting killed… I’d been able to refigure “Less than Zero,” but for the life of me, cannot figure out a better ending for UTCM and I’d known of it longer.

Despite my misgivings here and there, the same spot still made me smile and laugh loud and long. I don’t think anything gave me more enjoyment than the music, though because I hadn’t heard it in ages.

I’d had Parade for a while because someone on .org sent the tracks to me. After that, I burned them onto a CD with 3 bonus tracks: Love or $, Mountains (extended) and Alexa De Paris.
The other night was the first time I’d actually listened to the actual article since I bought it (I think at Best Buy, which I’m hoping to get to tomorrow to buy Prince’s new albums). It was also the first time I’d heard the album version of “Mountains.” Compared to the extended version, the quality was so sharp, but it was also shorter.
In fact, I’d gotten so used to my version of the album that it feels weird having it in the middle instead of being the 2nd to last track. Hopefully this doesn’t offend Prince who had meant for Parade to be heard as a whole. I just found it an interesting observation.

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