Robert Downey Jr- The [Dream] Conversation

It’s been a while since I’ve addressed Robert on this blog. [Only 4 entries on him this year so far]
In part because a lot of the discussion has been on my movie blog, but also because there hasn’t been as much to talk about.

At least not much since “Iron-Man 3” came out last year. And he and Susan announced they’d be having a girl within the next month. Excited to hear what name they come up with. Indio and Exton work well, but in the face of all the strange celebrity baby names, I kinda hope they go with something more “normal”…

Ever since Robert joined the Twitterverse, I think I must have messaged him at least a dozen times. Somewhere between 12-20 times. I have yet to get a response, but I’m not ready to give up just yet.

There’s also been a little added pressure on my part to attempt to keep my fangirl tendencies under wraps. Just so he doesn’t think I’m an idiot. 😛
It’s more than just being one of his biggest fangirls. Since becoming a fan, he’s brought so much into my life, allowed me to experience so many new things, brought me such happiness in times where I was feeling down on myself… it just would mean a lot to hear from him :shrug:

With Robert, my dream scenario is rather elaborate. The true pipe dream would be to convince him to let me ghostwrite his biography. That’s something I can’t help but feel like I’d need a lot of recording devices because I could not type fast enough to keep up with him.

But in real life, I’d love the chance for a Charlie Rose type interview… except more personal.

I saw him do a Q and A with Northwestern Law School with some students asking him REALLY good questions.
It put a lot of pressure on me 😛 That if I got lucky enough to interview him or sit down for an hour long conversation with him, I’d better ask some good questions so I don’t a) embarrass myself in his presence and b) waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I think I’d narrow it down to a couple of things.
First I’d focus on my favorite roles of his. My favorite movies and going really in-depth with them.

I’d only ask about his past on two occasions because I really want to keep things positive. God knows he’d fielded millions of questions about it already. I actually saw a magazine a Wal-Mart about how drug abuse has derailed young careers and his picture was there… among people who actually DIED of drug addiction.
That really upsets me how people still ask him about it because that’s not his identity anymore.

I identify more with the fact he recovered from a very self-destructive pattern and gained wisdom in the process.

So the tough questions I’d get out of the way first:
1) After doing Less than Zero, which paints such a dark picture of drug addiction, how could you not heed that cautionary tale? [It’s just something I’d never been able to wrap my head around and I’m sure by now he’ll be able to explain his rationale a lot better]
2) Larry Paul is probably my favorite character that you’d ever play. Not just because he was super intelligent and well-spoken, but I related to the relationship he had with Ally. How she was this neurotic mess and he was her rock. When I was going through stuff, I took a lot of comfort in that. How could you let that opportunity [“Ally McBeal”] just go to ruin with a relapse?

I feel myself saying this with a bit of sarcasm, if only to mask the fact it was really upsetting how things ended off with his character.
And I’ll probably follow up asking if it was an opportunity he regretted taking because of how he let it end.

I only say all that because, not just the fanfiction I’d written about Larry Paul where I was the one he was the comforting presence for… but also because I’d dreamt about asking him about Ally McBeal… and I woke up before I ever got an answer from him.

Other movies I’d ask about would be my favorites:
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Tropic Thunder
Chances Are
Charlie Bartlett
Two Girls and a Guy

and I guess maybe a little about John Hughes since I’m a huge Brat Pack fan.
Ironically, the one thing I hated about the 80’s were most of his movies. They just weren’t very good and he’s the main reason I revisit any of them.
But it’s only really Chances Are and Weird Science… Less than Zero, I just can’t deal with.

I would go into that a tiny bit. Aside from that one question, I’d ask if he read the Bret Easton Ellis books (both the original and the sequel… it’s to the point where I’d blocked out the fact Julian doesn’t die Less than Zero but gets killed off in Imperial Bedrooms, after he and Clay saw the movie and he was stunned by the fact he WAS killed off)

But the big question I’d ask:
Looking back at Less than Zero, was there ever a point where you believed Julian could have survived it?
Only because I practically rewrote the ending so he could…. after he goes see his dad and makes his piece with him, he should have just skipped town with his friends. There was no way James Spader was going to let him get away without repaying his debts. I realize it was the right thing to do in the situation, but the jerk might as well have tied the noose around his neck.

I suppose if we were really getting on great, in an amiable mood, I could probably tell him that I do blame James Spader for his death in that movie more than him :shrug: and how I will go ballistic if Ultron kills off Tony Stark.

But considering all the hype about a potential 4th Iron-Man movie, that fear is becoming less and less of an issue.
One more thing that’ll help me sleep soundly (that and James Spader getting killed off in “The Blacklist”… although I somehow get the feeling that he’s the type of guy that’d fake his own death and I’ll be even more pissed to hear he’s still alive).

As for the personal stuff, I might bring up a couple issues I dealt with around the time he became part of my life. How he temporarily made me forget how inadequate I felt about not being able to get hired, how I still don’t really know my place…
It’s a common question that people ask people all the time, but because he knows so much about conquering darkness, I’d ask him what advice he’d have for anyone who said how they feel out of place and don’t know where their life is heading.

His responses to the poser-type questions fascinate me, so I’d have to come up with some GOOD posers for him.
That’s why I kinda want to do a Charlie Rose type situation with the really thought-provoking questions.

You know, just good advice that I can apply to my own life and hopefully become a more confident person.
:shrug: I’ll try to make it 50/50 so I don’t feel him crowding him with my ego, making the whole conversation about me. I don’t know, it could be a nice change of pace for him because he’s always being asked about himself in these talk show situations.

Then we’d just talk about the types of movie we enjoy and why.
He’s opened my eyes to so much about movies. How directors have their unique styles. What producers do. Even about Chaplin and how it helped me reflect on how great some older movies were on the little they brought to the table.

And I guess we could talk about music too. How his music is more soulfood than it is escapism and entertainment. I don’t get that way with anyone else.
The same could be said about how I get around him. Probably the widest range of emotions and feelings and such that I have with anyone famous.
*how I feel he doesn’t get enough credit for stuff
*how I hang on his every word because he’s so eloquent about everything he talks about
*how he’s a reassuring calming presence on those difficult days where I just don’t feel like dealing with the world… and in that regard, he helps take my mind off things and once I get back to them, they don’t feel quite as daunting [kinda strange how he’s a Fire sign like me yet he’s calming like water]

Part of me does feel… maybe the reason why he hasn’t retweeted me among all the praises for “The Judge”
is because the timing isn’t right… that there is a possibility this dream could be a reality.
or maybe it’s because it can’t be unless it’s guaranteed I will get more out of it than just a fan encounter. That it’ll make me better as a person and the things he said will stick with me for the rest of my life.

People come into our lives for all kinds of reasons. A lot of people who’ve come into mine have done so during trying circumstances and I’ve been left to believe it was for a reason.
Robert said something to this effect when talking about what Larry Paul was to Ally McBeal. He was a person she didn’t know she needed in her life and wound up giving her more than clarity and balance. He made her happy in ways she never imagined.
Or maybe that’s me just thinking about how he’s made me happy in ways I never imagined.

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