The Voice-season 7-top 12 reveal

Let the blood letting commence…

I have so much ire about these results that a few tweets just aren’t going to do it…

I had this many horses in this race prior to the results

Team Adam- 3
Team Gwen- 2
Team Pharrell-4
Team Blake-4
.for a great total of 13 out 15

After the results, I’ve now at a 50% likelihood of being happy with the winner.
Team Adam-1
Team Gwen-1
Team Pharrell-2
Team Blake-2

Like Lyndsay Parker, I’m gonna leave Adam Levine for last because I have one MAJOR bone to pick with him.

When it came to having season 7, I was getting back into the mindset of being a fan of Team Blake. Now that he’s gone two seasons without winning, I can chill-ax and just enjoy him again 😛
I find him oddly fascinating for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the accent. [and the fact I cannot get through watching “The Voice” without speaking in a southern accent, especially when referring to “Blake” by name]

I’m not super upset about James David Carter going home. Even though he reminded me a lot of Scott McCreery in American Idol [a natural country voice], his song choice clearly did him in.
It was relatively unspectacular. So much that I can’t remember what it was. It was just a SAFE country song.
And it might be for the better. I thought the same about Tate Stevens and his album was a pretty big disappointment. The voice is one thing, but it needs a solid canvas to work with. The songwriting was pretty horrible [either that or I just don’t get country music]

Craig Wayne Boyd has been saved by the voters (don’t know if it was the voice or the fact he was a Thor look alike) but he’s a couple moments already where I’ve gotten to enjoy him.
Not as much as people that went home this week, but he’s one of the people I’ll keep supporting.

Taylor Breshears was that food truck girl with a pretty good Loretta Lynn audition and she’d wow’d me twice already in the battles/knockouts. But she’s another casualty and one less person to root for on Team Blake.

Reagan James has a couple good moments. She gave a decent Ed Sheeran audition.
She sang Colbie Calliat’s new single “Try”… a well-written, emotional ballad… I didn’t respond to her cover of it. I didn’t feel any emotion. She sang it well, but it didn’t make a tear well up in my eye. So I didn’t think she’d get the votes to advance.

Jessie Pitts has become a dark horse for me. I didn’t think much of her audition and, yeah, there are all those Ellie Goulding covers/comparisons, but I like her. I can definitely get behind her.
Right now, I don’t think I’m ready to buy an album from either Team Blake contestant I’m supporting.

…data data data, I cannot make bricks without clay

Team Pharrell

He and Blake still have in common one fact: I like one more artist from their teams than I do for Adam and Gwen’s.

Luke Wade was someone I would have turned for at the auditions.
I’m on the fence about him now because there hasn’t necessarily been a WOW moment for me. His Marvin Gaye cover this week WAS good, though. I’ll give him that.

Jean Kelley, who I’d really gotten to like these past couple weeks, was among the people on the chopping block.
In a way, she kinda reminded me of Juliet Simms in her looks, but didn’t have the same fiery attack or growly voice. But there was at least something interesting about her I got to look forward to each week 😦
No more of that.

Elyjuh Rene has a great voice, but I didn’t connect with a lot of his song choices. The way he performs also didn’t sell me on him. A little too much face pulling with the expressions. It sucks that he got eliminated, but I’m not totally heartbroken by it.

Danica Shirley has a huge image problem (she always looks so much older to me than 25…) but I love her voice.
It has that spark, that special something extra.
If she got the record deal and some good songwriters (and EXCELLENT promotion… something no contest for “The Voice” other than Cassadee had).
So glad she’s still around.

Sugar Joans… I just don’t get 😦
I don’t know why Pharrell chose to save her.
I really didn’t like her performance (“I say a little prayer” has made me CRINGE since “My best friend’s wedding”… cannot stand that song) and the way she dressed… what was she trying to prove? That she’s a 60’s flower child?
Nothing about that worked for me.

Team Gwen

Gwen never had my favorite team or even the strongest team on this show.

After his AMAZING “Wrecking Ball” cover (my first ever “The Voice” download on iTunes), I added Ricky Manning to my list of favorites (even though I dismissed him as yet another good looking guy).
I also thought he looked like he’d be a ringer of a character in a story I’m writing.

His loss was probably the 2nd most sensitive point for me of this elimination.

I have a lot of iTunes just waiting to be “redeemed” and added to my account, but at the same time, I want to be sure whatever songs I buy are ones I’ll still be listening to year from now.
So naturally I am gonna be picky.

Bryana Salayz, who I didn’t think too much of, did a good job with her performance this week. Not good enough, apparently (another elimination), but she did well.

I’m most upset about Anita Antoinette getting through… I don’t get the reggae thing, honestly. And I really thought “All about that bass” was a horrible song choice… in that, the song is horrible… at this point, I’m already sick of it and something about it just irks me.
What does it mean? That she’s all about a real man with a solid voice, not one with a weak falsetto… or is it innuendo? I don’t know or care. Point is that I didn’t think she’s get the votes based on that.

Ryan Sill… I don’t really get him either. He’s a good looking guy like Ricky, but he didn’t have a break-out moment that I could get behind.
A little disappointed Gwen picked him and not Ricky (who I was so happy for her to steal from Pharrell… who chose Elyjuh over him and BOTH are now gone)…

Which leaves me with Taylor John Williams.
I liked his audition immediately because he did a good cover of “Heartless”…thanks to Kris Allen, the ONLY Kanye West song I’m willing to listen to.
He also did “Mad World” great justice.
Me and Lyndsay Parker were thinking he was a fan of American Idol season 8 😛
He did this “Stuck in the middle” this week, kind of a song choice “off the beaten path” but in an odd way it worked.
Of the people left, he’s the one I’d probably support the most.

But nowhere near as much as I would have one of the guys that went home.

Team Adam

I used to think “maroon” in Maroon 5 was pronounced “moron”… after hearing otherwise, I still say it that way out of affection.
Now I’m starting to think Adam Levine really is a moron because he never keeps around my favorite singers.

From her first audition, I picked Mia Pfirman as a potential WINNER because she had this crystal clear pop voice.
I also picked Taylor Phelan (who did “Sweater Weather” amazingly)
And I picked Damien. This week marked the first time I got through one of his performances without crying my eyes out 😛 he’s a great emotional singer and I’m so glad he made it through on America’s votes.

To say I’m extremely disappointed with MORON 5 leader Adam Levine is an understatement. I’m furious at him right now.

It broke down as such:

For me, Monday night was a snooze fest until Taylor Phelan sang “Cool Kids”…
then Mia sang Lana Del Ray’s song from “Gatsby,” not her best, but I still thought she was great
then Damien was amazing

THOSE were my top three.

Matt McAndrew, I thought, gave a shaky vocal at his audition (“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri).
And his Beach Boys cover was good, but I wouldn’t have voted for him.
I tweeted my support for Taylor Phelan and someone replied saying to make sure to vote for Matt McAndrew
I didn’t want to reply and get into a Twitter fight but that really pissed me off.
I don’t want anyone replying to one of my tweets suggesting to support someone OTHER than who I’m tweeting about.

So my trifecta got one person through on America’s votes and Adam had one pick.

He could have gone with Mia (what made her any different than Christina Grimmie who he supported like crazy despite the fact she’s just another dime-a-dozen pop singer… I will give her that Drake cover, that was awesome, but I wouldn’t have picked her to win… her voice sounded like half a dozen other people I hear on the radio)

and he could have gone with Taylor Pheland… who really hadn’t put a foot wrong in any of this.
Heck, his performance of “Cool Kids” WOKE ME UP from a very sleepy show. His stage presence was awesome. I tweeted how he was like a combination of Alex Preston and Colton Dixon.
Alex because he’s a WGWG who makes songs different
And Colton because he has that emotional voice that grabs me.

…Instead he picked Chris Jamsion.

Mind you, I picked up all these results on Twitter and had to wait 24 hours to read Lyndsay Parker’s entry to make sense of everything.

Chris sang “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran… and he didn’t sing it well. Barely even sang it.
From a certain POV, I guess he might be construed as a good looking guy… I’m not attracted to him and he has yet to impress me.
Never mind that I’m kinda in love with Ed Sheeran’s music at the moment, he didn’t do the song justice and it PISSES ME OFF that Adam picked him over Taylor…

Taylor is studio-READY right now. He can play. He can write. He’s got a great voice.


…I’ve got a cry tickling inside me just waiting for me to let it out…

Granted, The Voice isn’t great with producing its winners and getting albums out.

So far we have 3 albums from winners.
Cassadee and Danielle did well, but that’s because country music has a substantial following.
Tessanne Chin, on the other hand, she got an album out but it didn’t sell. I wish I was more of a fans of hers, so I could get out and get it… maybe for the heck of it, I’ll preview some of the songs on iTunes and decide then.

Taylor Phelen was nice enough to send me a link to his EP on iTunes after my tweet and it had some good songs on there.
Listened to 4 of 6 or 7 and I think I might download 2 of them.
I guess the only other thing left to do is follow him on Twitter and hope everything goes okay for him.

In the meantime, I gotta check in on Alexis Grace (who just released a new song on iTunes) and Angie Miller (who just released her album “Weathered” this week)

Terry McDermott just announced he’s got an album in the works, which is great news.
And I’ll hang tight for my girl Juliet’s album to get released. I cannot wait to hear her banging voice again.

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