Autumn Albums

Somehow, I get the feeling that I won’t be able to put together a playlist as I did for the summer.

So for the moment, I’ll list the albums I have been listening to.

To start, something that’s brand new.
Alex & Sierra’s debut album. All because their first track/single is called “Scarecrow,” the rest of the album feels like it fits into the current scheme of things.

Fall is when the leaves changes, when the days grow shorter and colder.
Halloween is at the end of October and brings about images of full moons, pumpkins and farms. Which is also the reason I like playing Taylor Swift a lot during this time of year. Country music just fits here perfectly.

I’ll get around to reviewing Alex & Sierra’s album as well as Ed Sheeran’s latest. But that’s another entry.

I always start the season with Green Day’s American Idiot
all because it includes “Wake me up when September Ends”

Coldplay’s Viva La Vida… for whatever reason, just feels like it fits in this time of year. When the weather is changing, life starts on its decline towards its winter (when it’s on its final legs).
That album in particular is one of the stranger ones I’ve encountered (and considering I’m an admirer or Prince, that’s saying a lot).

But what has me place is at this time of year:
“Cemeteries of London”
the lyrics are very spooky to me, making me think about the dead and such in a very ghostly fashion. As if they’re the spirits of those with unfinished business and hadn’t crossed over.
Every time I listen to it, the song gives me chills.

As a whole, it’s an album I’m still trying to make sense of.

Taylor Swift, I can easily explain with all the imagery that comes across in her lyrics.

I went into this a bit in a previous entry and go primarily from her albums Fearless and Speak Now

Daughtry, it’s a little harder to explain.

Fall/Autumn feels like a time where a lot of break-ups would occur because the falling leaves indicate change.
And a lot of my favorite songs by Daughtry happen to discuss breaking up and toxic relationships.
It’s not in a masochistic way, I promise. The songwriting is just better.

When it comes to this band, I feel like I’m always at war with the radio stations. They always play the same old tired songs. And when it comes to picking singles, they never pick the songs I personally enjoy.

…the only single I readily listen to is “Over You”… the others, I’d all but gotten sick of at this point
“Used to”
“Crashed into you”
my personal favorite is “Breakdown”… musically, it always gives me chills. My only nitpick is that I love the falsetto Chris Daughtry uses on the first chorus, how it plays out, but it changes and gets more intense in the choruses past that. Should have kept the falsetto and quiet approach (at least for another chorus and gone all out at the finale)
“There and back again”
“All these lives”

In particular, though, I enjoy Daughtry’s 2nd album even more this time of year.
Because I think of it was my own personal soundtrack to “New Moon”
The association more or less comes from the fact that I was devastated that Robert Pattinson died at the end of “Remember Me” and I got the DVD for “New Moon” as an odd way to soothe my grief.

Yeah, Edward leaves and is absent for most of New Moon, but at the end, he always comes back.
Tyler Hawkins, who died in 9/11, was not so lucky.

Leave This Town
“You don’t belong to me” goes with the break-up theme of the season
“Everytime you turn around” is Jacob convincing Bella he would never hurt her the way Edward did
“What I meant to say”- break-up theme
“Open up your eyes”- an extended ending to “Remember Me’ that would include a funeral scene (some lyrics indicate this might have been an abusive relationship that ended in death and she can now live her own life happily… but I want to hold onto my interpretation)
“September”, I’m not as big a fan of, but given its title, it fits in with this time of year
“Ghost of me” is Bella waking up after a nightmare (about their trip to Italy, facing down the Volturi) and Edward reassuring her that he’ll never leave again.
“Supernatural” falls within this theme (given that Edward is a vampire and Jacob is a werewolf)
“Call your name” is about break-ups and goodbyes, going with my first theme

A few others, none that I’d gone around to, belong to Genesis.

“Misunderstanding” I listened to a lot this time last year… for whatever reason, I’m not sure.
[totally irrelevant] It always made me think of Leonard in “Big Bang Theory” apologizing to Penny for doing something to make her mad… heck, I imagine Leonard singing it with Phil Collins’ voice.

I also listen to “That’s All,” which I ironically got hooked on after I claimed Philip Philips ruined the song on “American Idol”

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