A Few Words about Edvin Marton

I’m starting on this entry after seeing him give a great interview with CinemaSource.

Months ago, I saw the picture of him in the room, waiting for this discussion and I just hoped it’d be for video instead of just in print…

I’d learned so much about him in those 10 minutes.
How he got into music was one of the most clichéd stories I’d ever heard. But it was SO CUTE.
He wanted to impress a girl he liked and his mother suggested serenading her with music.

I could almost imagine this coming together in my head. How he spent a year learning how to play the violin, how the results paid off for him and that is why he plays to this day.
Maybe I should have figured Edvin Marton for a romantic. Most brilliant musicians are. Yet somehow with him, it feels more genuine. Probably because he’s from Europe. Specifically, he’s Hungarian.

I’m not saying that all Americans are arrogant individuals 😛 but somehow with people from other countries, I truly feel that they enjoy their craft and giving that craft to their fans to enjoy.
As he puts it, he enjoys taking us on a journey with him to another planet. His planet.

I guess you could say that he has helped me fall back in love with music. Even though I never fell out of love to begin with.
It’s more like discovering a different kind of love for music that I didn’t really know was possible.

Naturally since I learned about him from Plushenko, I was afraid the rest of his music wouldn’t grab me the same way.
I couldn’t have been more wrong 😀

I’m so oddly possessive of my iTunes account that I don’t want to buy money unless I’m absolutely sure it’s something I’ll still be enjoying years from now. So part of me is considering getting a physical copy of his album “Stradivarius” so I can add it to my iTunes library whenever I please. (as for his music for Plushenko’s programs, Godfather, Concierto de Aranjuez, Tango Amore, I can buy the singles off iTunes whenever I want… I’m just not in a hurry to do so).

“Fanatico” I first heard in the video on his YouTube channel. Which shows him playing the violin on the Great Wall of China. It was among my first 3 iTunes purchases EVER and I still find magic in it whenever I listen.

“Ibiza” was one I’d heard a couple times. I love the Spanish influences on it. Makes me want to get up and dance (something I find in a lot of my favorite music… but I lack coordinate and don’t dare to try)… probably my favorite of his non-Plushenko pieces… okay, second favorite after “Fanatico”

“Grandioso” is another I really enjoyed. When they showed an excerpt in the interview, I recognized it right away. It feels as if it’s thousands of years old, but brand new at the same time.

The charm might be the fact all of his music (that I’d heard so far) is purely instrumental. No lyrics getting in the way. You just listen and feel the music and let it transport you.
My dad loves listening to Vanessa Mae for the same reason. Even though I’ve heard her music for years, something about what Edvin Marton does… nobody else can compete with that.

And that’ll be something I’ll never be able to fully explain in print. You have to listen and experience it for yourself. But if my mind ever produces a clear picture, I’ll discuss it at another time.

For now, I’ll end this entry here. Unlike with other people I’d written about prolifically, I don’t want to go overboard with this one 😉 if I’m truly inspired, I’ll write.

One thing that I’ve found about Edvin Marton… he’s really great on Twitter. Several of my tweets about him, he’d favorited and one, he retweeted (it was my “Tosca Fantasy” inspired fanfiction… where the fascination/love of his music all began for me)

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