Racing to The Voice [season 7] finale

In the history of the show, I don’t think I’d been this deflating going into the finale…

Every year has at least one person I get behind in a big way. That I look forward to each performance.

I barely watched season 1, but enjoyed Javier Colon (the eventual winner who wound up walking away from his deal cuz the album didn’t sell).

Season 2, I had my girl Juliet. Still waiting for Juliet Simms’s album to drop, but considering I’ve waited 10 years for Chris Trousdale, I can easily take a few more for her. [I have great patience when it comes to music].

Season 3, I was lucky enough to have several people I enjoyed. Cassadee Pope wound up winning (surprising me but no one else apparently). I also liked Terry McDermott A LOT (woulda been happy with him or Cass winning).

Season 4… I was a little less enthused about. I liked Danielle since the audition, but then Michelle Chamuel was winning me over little by little. The stand-out moment was her “I Knew you were Trouble” cover… she did Taylor Swift AMAZING justice and to my best memory, no one else has managed to top that.

Season 5… I think there were a bunch I liked that year. I never got fully behind Tessanne until the final 3-4 weeks when she was slaying everything. [Considering she had an album come out, I really should check into some of it to see if the promotion was the problem or the product itself]. I also really liked Will Champlin and Jacque Lee (she was probably Christina Aguilera’s best chance to WIN the show, something I doubt will come about no matter how many more season she has… just because she was the best she ever had to work with)

Season 6, I’m oddly having memory problems about. I got behind Josh Kaufmann for a number of reasons. Mainly because he defied the archetype of every other winner. He was over 30 and he wasn’t on Team Adam or Team Blake.
He got a little better each week.
I also didn’t care for Jake Worthington or Christine Grimmie (Drake cover aside, I still think she’s overrated because there are literally millions of pop stars like her already out there).

This year started out so good. I think I liked at least a dozen people (which is often the case anyway).
The sad thing was that my favorites have all pretty much gone home already.
I’m still stinging over the fact they decided to do a wild card round THIS YEAR and neither Ricky Manning nor Taylor Phelan were invited cuz they weren’t in the top 12.

To this day, I am still pissed at Adam for picking Chris Jamison over Taylor Phelan.
They’d been promoting Chris as “the heartthrob”… even after a few good Bruno Mars covers (“If I was your man,” I doubt I’d heard it done better… although the falsetto got annoying after the first couple times), I still don’t get the attraction.
Previous heartthrobs have included Dez Duron, Joshiah Hawley… and Ricky Manning from this season. Technically, Ryan Sill finds the bill but he was never promoted that way… for whatever reason. I don’t know. His Muse cover was the only performance I really liked.

Chris Jamison may have a falsetto in his corner (I feel like he overuses it… not so much he keeps doing so but because he holds it like he’s a male Christina Aguilera), but I feel like there are dozens of other guys like him.

How many Taylor Phelans are there in comparsion? Indie rock singer/songwriter types. There certainly aren’t any in the mainstream circuit.
I have heard some of his songs from his EP that I really liked and maybe one day I’ll purchase them 😛 I’m just very choosy about my selections.

After being anti-Blake Shelton for the past couple years, I decided it was a good year to return to that.
Craig Wayne Boyd has been pretty solid the past couple weeks. I don’t know if he’s necessarily an artist I’d buy an album from. It all depends on the songs. I like some country, but not too much of it 😛
He was pretty solid last night even though I didn’t recognize either song.

Gwen Stefani’s remaining contestant, Taylor John Williams, I’ve enjoyed since the blind auditions. He’s one of those indie hipster types that “Taylors/Taylor Makes/Taylorizes” songs to make them original.
I caught part of him singing “Falling Slowly”… a song I feel is overused on these shows and I don’t even like it that much. It’s long and boring.
Then he did “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift’s current smash hit. I was thinking it’d be a good dark rendition like he did with “Royals” last week (the first song I downloaded a song to help someone advance… I got “Wrecking Ball” by Ricky Manning weeks before when the iTunes didn’t even matter… sadly 😦 )…
I thought the performance was terrible. Taylor’s voice was weak and never found a foothold. And the arrangement just wasn’t good. I didn’t like it at all 😦 so that has me a little worried.
I dubbed him as the only artist whose album I’d BUY at the end of this and that might not happen now.

Then the other two for Team Adam.
Damien I loved from the audition and rarely am I not crying at the end of a performance. He’s so emotional and draws me in almost every time. But speaking on those grounds, that didn’t happen this week at all. His Michael Jackson cover was great. The “Dawson’s Creek” song, not so much…

Matt McAndrew, he took me a long time to see any appeal. I thought his “A Thousand Years” cover had such a shaky vocal that I never would have turned around for him.
But last week with “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice grabbed me very strongly. It made me a believer and I guess I can finally say I’m on board with him winning. Again, it all depends on the songs he puts out on the album.
It’d also be GREAT for someone from Philly to finally win a singing competition. The closest we ever got was Justin Guarini in season one of American Idol. Now nobody knows where he is.

I just find it maybe a little unfair that Adam hasn’t lost anybody yet. They really should have kept the “cap” rule in place. So no team could be knocked out completely. It just isn’t fair. It’s already bad enough that the show’s already kinda about the coaches instead of the contestants anyway.
Even worse that it’s practically the Adam and Blake show and they’re not even doing that antagonistic dynamic anymore 😦 Why can’t either of you guys take a season off like everyone else?

Last night I was still figuring out if “The Voice” ruined me as a Maroon 5 fan…
Years ago, I got their first two albums for Christmas.
Hands all over, I got in 2010 and wasn’t quite as pleased with it.
Overexposed made me a believer again.

“Maps” I have warmed up to, but it took a while.
I still don’t like “Animals” (great beat but the lyrics ruined it for me… it’s just too obviously suggestive… I can handle the explicit but when it’s handled artistically).
And I didn’t really like the new song “Sugar” that Chris Jamison covered.

I don’t know… unless they release a great ballad (every Maroon 5 album has succeeded with that), I think my collecting Maroon 5 albums will stop at 4.
Considering I tend to stop with artists after 2 albums, that’s a pretty big deal.

As for the wild cards… I still think they should have included the top 20, not just the top 12.

I’d support Luke Wade, Jessie Pitts and Danica Shirley. Hopefully we can get a girl back in the mix. But I’m also hoping if Luke Wade gets back on, he steps up his game because he didn’t have the best going-out.

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