Medal Winner’s Open- Plushenko’s first competition since Sochi

I’m up a little late writing about this, but I want to get all of my thoughts down before I sleep. And forget all the details.

Anyone who’s followed this blog over the past year, since these past Olympics, knows how much I love Evgeni Plushenko as a person and for his skating…
From now on, I want to write about him on this platform only when I have something important to write about.

And this is very important 😀

Granted, the Medal Winner’s Open in Toyko Japan isn’t a huge tournament. As far as I can tell, everyone skated one short program and that determined the overall winner.
The night before, I just hoped that no matter the result, Plushenko would be happy with his performance. It’s important for him to get some confidence back in his competitive skating, but also because… more than anything else, as a fan, his happiness is the most important thing to me.

I had no expectations about whether he’d win or lose. I know very well how talented he is, but also how he still isn’t 100% as strong as he used to be. Just wanted him to be happy with how he skated.
… then I read that he WON… and I almost cried, I was so happy. It shouldn’t have taken me by surprise, but it still did.

I’d never seen him use “Je Suis Malade” for a competition before. It was always for galas and exhibitions.

I predicted yesterday that when I did finally see Plushenko’s program, I WOULD cry. But I didn’t 😛
But I did have a lot of feelings. All good ones.

There was anticipation. Then there was adrenaline, the thrill of seeing him compete again (currently, not just me rewatching previous European Championships, Grand Prix Finals and so on). I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Sometimes, I think I HEARD my heart beating in my chest. Between the anticipation and excitement.
I wondered if maybe he was nervous beforehand, but clearly, he wasn’t.

I wasn’t nervous at all with the exception of one jump… he appeared to be going for a toe-loop… perhaps a quadruple, but he changed his mind and opted for a triple lutz that wasn’t as clean as it could have been.
Like I said, he isn’t 100% recovered from this last surgery on his back. Right now, I’m searching my brain to think if he had performed a triple lutz since the surgery and maybe that’s the reason it was difficult.
Or maybe it was difficult because it’s the jump hardest on his back.

While on the jumps, that triple axel he opened with… it was PERFECT… I saw the replay on Instagram the other day, so I didn’t have anything to worry about. But to see it at normal speed, how it took him a long time to reintroduce it into his skating. His recovery is going so well.

Going by my feelings alone, all that adrenaline, I wondered how he could possibly not want to keep competing.
Back when I was worried he’d rush recovering, someone commented to me, saying he can be an adrenaline junkie and that alone will make him go faster than he should.

All that’s left to say really is that Plushenko continues to surprise me, how he’s really taken this recovery in stride and his performance here is proof of that… definitely will be watching the program a couple more times…

I will be posting an entry marking the one year anniversary of the Sochi Olympic sometime next month…
unless a video is posted of the entirety of his “Snow King” show (I’ve just started watching through the playlists on YouTube), that will be the next time I will cover Plushenko on this blog.

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