[my girl] Juliet Simm’s “All or Nothing” EP


Nearly 3 years later, this day finally came 😛
Granted, I’m still a little on Alexis Grace’s EP (at least half of the songs have entered my consciousness over the past couple days, daring me to take it for a 3rd spin)… but I can definitely see myself getting heavily into Juliet’s finished product a bunch of times as well.

The first time I fell in love with her voice, according to this very blog, was when she performed “Roxanne” on “The Voice”… blew my freaking head open with the stage presence, the interpretation and that VOICE… I got major goosies.
Then “It’s a man’s world” happened and lost my mind.
And I couldn’t find it after she ended up in 2nd place by the end of that season.

Somehow I get the feeling, had Juliet won “The Voice,” she may never have gotten an album out at all (that’s exactly what happened to the dude that beat her out, which I still cannot understand) or she might not have had the freedom to put out the music she really wanted to.
I think her back story was that she had a record deal and got out of it because they wouldn’t let her handle her own image and music…


ironically, I’m talking about this the day after Phillip Phillips announced he wanted out of his contract

I’ve said some pretty mean stuff about him on this blog when he was on the show, how he was the last person I wanted to win because I just didn’t get him… but he had won me over quite a bit over the past couple years, and I feel for him. But then, I’ve heard about other people’s experiences about buffering against record contracts. I sympathize.

And this whole business about former reality show singers setting up fundraisers and campaigns to get albums made however they want to… between Angie Miller and Alexis Grace, I’m already loving the concept and feel like it’s been great for artists who want their true voices to be heard.

Suffice to say, I think I’m done buying music on iTunes for a while 😛 I got 3 pre-paid cards for my birthday and after several purchases (Alexis Grace’s among them), I had to redeem my 2nd one to get all of Juliet’s “All or Nothing” EP.


[just learned that she’s only 5 months and 3 days older than me :P]

Between the first two songs, my first impression was that Juliet reminded me a lot of Orianthi. [Yet another artist who left a deal to seek artistic integrity elsewhere… I swear I’m not doing this on purpose :P]
I think Orianthi might have been my first bad-ass rocker chick- a girl who has major vocal power and, an added bonus, could shred guitar strings like nobody’s business. While she left her deal because her music was made to be too commercial, I enjoyed that pop/rock sound with a rocker edge.

Juliet has that going for her certainly in the first two tracks.
“All or Nothing” felt like something I could hear on the radio. It’s VERY catchy. Reminds me a little bit of “I’m just a girl” by No Doubt, but of course with more of an edge- half thanks to Juliet’s vocals.
It almost feels like a tongue-in-cheek memo to all the recording contracts that’ve let her down over the years… heck, that might have been the intention.
[Second time I’m listening to it, I’m already catching onto the chorus, lol]

Another guitar-heavy vehicle. Vocally, the previous track had me thinking Orianthi… here, I’m getting that vibe from the instrumentals, the combination of electric guitar and drums.
She seems to be addressing a lover she’s very into, but nervous that he might disappear.

When the music started, it caught my attention because it was drastically different from the previous two.
Every now and then, I get nervous with an artist (old or new) when their music starts to sound the same after a while… in this case, I was getting a lot of guitar-heavy music and was maybe 30 seconds away from mentally checking out…
On my first run-through of the album, this was the first stand-out moment for me. Even though I really liked “All or Nothing” and I liked “Mystified” a lot…
“Evangeline” reminds me a little bit of “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon. I was getting somewhat of a jazzy vibe while imagining this being performed on stage at a small club where they do open-mic nights. The guitar remains prevalent, but was used in a different way. Towards the end of the track, there was a melodic guitar solo I really enjoyed and by the grand finish, I got chills.

“End of the World”
We move from guitar to piano for an even greater change of pace. All of us have heard laments in music about a relationship coming to an end. Lyrically, I appreciated the spin Juliet put on the situation. She talks about what the break-up feels like with the metaphors and such, but then adds ‘but for tonight, I swear on my life, this is the end of the world’… a lot of us can be melodramatic about a break-up, but it’s SO refreshing to hear someone wanting to live in that moment, but wholeheartedly believes she will be able to recover from it and find happiness again.

“Not Broken Yet”
Another song that grabbed me from the first note and gave me chills when it came to an end. Heck, I was tweeting during it about something else and literally had to be backtrack because I was enjoying what I was hearing in the peripherals of my mind, but wanted to hear it again more clearly.
I can’t quite pick out what song it reminds me of, but it sounds like something by a band I heard on the radio.
As I heard the chorus the final time (where she gets some help on the vocals), I could feel the melody in my throat as if this is something I’m already imagining myself singing this song A LOT.

“Before it rains”
Juliet relies on her higher register for this one… but every so often, I felt she almost did so to her detriment. The lyrics up to this point were easy to grasp. I couldn’t really understand her on the chorus. Almost where I’d say if she pushed herself any further, it’d be unlistenable.
But stylistically, there’s something about it I really like, just the way it was produced. Her voice with the backing vocals, the guitar revving, the hard-hitting drums.

By now, I’d heard almost every song twice 😛 I had to double-check the lyrics while quoting “The End of the World”…
just taking “Evangeline” for another spin…
Sounds almost like it’d fit one of the exotic dancers in a story I’m writing.

So yeah, another EP that’s definitely worth a purchase on iTunes. Would absolutely recommend it. :thumbsup:

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