2015 European Figure Skating Championships

Over the past couple days, I caught the programs from the top three in the men and women’s categories.

With the guys, nobody was really perfect. Maxim Kovtun fell on one of his jumps. Javier Fernandez and Sergei Voronov had their stumbles.

With Maxim Kovtun, he still leaves me hot and cold. Sometimes, I can see why he’s the supposed heir apparent of male Russian skating. I thought his short program was more composed than Sergei Voronov, who looked like he was all over the place.
But after seeing the free skate, I still maintain that I prefer Sergei Voronov over him. Even though his music is kinda all over the place (This is a man’s world, Come Together, At last, etc.), I love his energy, the spark he brings to his skating. Maxim Kovtun had a different costume for his free skate that I preferred to that blue one with the scale design, but I’m not a huge fan of that program. Maybe I’m just recollecting what Johnny & Tara said, how they don’t feel his Muse program. I’d be interested in seeing what else he can do and I need to continue following him to see what else he can bring to the sport.

Javier Fernandez, while he didn’t skate his cleanest programs, was such fun to watch. I still have “Black Betty” in my head from his short program. I tweeted how he goes so fast that it’s amazing he lands any of his jumps. And his “Barber of Seville” program allows him to really let loose, play to the crowd and smile.
He’s simply infectious.

With the girls, it’s all about Russia.

Anna Pogorilya had “Adagio” with vocals for her short program and looked absolutely gorgeous throughout. Her “Firebird” free skate, not so much. She started out really well, but she missed some of her jumps and lost that sense of elegance she had before.

Elena Radionova had a great short program as well. I thought for a second the music was by Shakira or someone like her because it was very Latin American sounding. She presented it so well.
I didn’t connect with her free skate quite as much.

And of course, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva… she continues to be amazing.
Her “Bolero” short program, I had to “like” it on YouTube. I don’t think I’d see it so clean and consistent. It felt like a painting with every piece working as a whole.
Then her free skate, again, a great performance. She has this amazing exotic elegance I wish I could pull off. Yet she’s maybe 10 years younger than me. Have always loved that confidence she puts out on the ice.

While going through YouTube to find these videos, I came across an interview she gave after her victory.
Because Javier Fernandez gave one in English (his English is really good, btw, but then I’m already impressed that he tweets in English and Spanish for his bilingual fanbase), I thought maybe I’d get lucky again.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva had a translator. But hearing her talk at all, it helps me get to know her a little better. She seems like a very sweet person that happens to have a killer instinct on the ice 😛
She did say “thank you very much” at the end with such a pleasant voice.

I hope she brings it again at the Worlds next month.

…on another note, I just read that Yulia Lipnitskaya is done skating for this season. It’s sad that things haven’t gone well for her, so I hope she continues to hone her craft for next season and becomes better able to deal with the attention of the media.

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