“Through all of it”- for Colton Dixon’s consideration

When I woke this morning, getting ready for my commute, I started recalling lyrics from Colton Dixon’s sophomore album, Anchor…
sure enough, I made the right choice listening to it. it’s been a while.
I wish I could go in depth about what I feel when I listen to each individual track, but it’s hard to put those things into words. And if I did, I’d be nowhere near writing utensils to get them down in time.

But I thought I’d post this on the off-chance that Colton will read it and include him among his #ThroughAllOfIt collage on his Facebook page.

Here’s ultimately what I wrote:

“I only got in touch with my faith a year ago. I come from a family of Christians, but we don’t practice our faith as regularly as most. And I’d been struggling for three years since my termination so I had trouble believing all of it was for a reason. That it was all part of a bigger picture, a plan. A few people came into my life that took my mind off things when I felt discouraged, but also inspired me to find strength- if only temporarily. Last year, I had another of those “chanced meetings” with someone who inspired me with their talent. I barely knew him, but he was going through a difficult time- and I knew I had to pray for him- something I did every night. He made me happy when nothing else had for months so the least I could do was that.
A month later, things started happening in my own life as he was recovering steadily from major surgery on his back. An interview came out of the blue from a company I tried for over a year before. I had no doubt this was it, that I’d finally gotten back into the workforce.
Prayer became part of my daily life since then- not just for myself, but others I knew who needed help through difficulties. Now I feel that God was always kinda there- and knew I wasn’t ready yet for things to change. That I needed to be where I was in my life to cross paths with the right people. I either wouldn’t have encountered them at all or they wouldn’t have meant as much to me if not for my circumstances.”

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