Evgeni Plushenko is “Magic” and a “Sky Full of Stars” [plan for 2 montages]


After doing my “Precious” YouTube montage (last I checked, I hit 227 views… 237 now), I told myself that I probably wouldn’t do another unless I found the right song.

At one point, I’d like to try using Aly & AJ since their songs reappeared on my radar in the early days of my getting to know Plushenko… a lot of them fit the way I felt about him, some I’d even pictured him skating along to because the pacing of the music matched his on the ice.
Considering that my video of just singing one of their songs automatically got the label “matched 3rd party content”… I’m a little hesitant about including the actual song in a video. I don’t want to put all my work into something and find that it was removed for copyright infringement.

Anyway… neither song is as perfect as “Precious”… but I think I may have found two songs, both from this Coldplay album, that I’d like to put for montages.
And I get the feeling that I’m going to be creating them simultaneously. It took so long for me to even splice the footage I got to isolate my favorite segments.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

for “Magic,” I’d like to use a lot of smooth skating, a couple jumps and some spins… I’d like to use more footage that takes place at night than in a fully lit arena :shrug: but then I could say the same about the other song I have in mind…
I’d like there to be a progression where things are smooth and easy-going, but when the falsetto kicks in the song and the euphoria sets in in my head, I’d like the movements to be stronger and better defined.
The tricky part, I think, is finding enough variety of movement to make the overall video compelling.

“Sky full of stars”… it’s easier to differentiate the different parts of it… because there are stronger dynamics. For the upbeat instrumental interludes, obviously, there’s going to be a lot of jumps, a lot of fast paced skating.

What I’ll probably do, is that I’ll have one project open for where I splice all the footage I’ve accumulated, and I copy/paste what I want in each of the two projects. Some might even overlap.

There were some arm movements I really wanted to use that came from a couple “Tribute to Nijinsky” programs. One where Plushenko got 11 6.0’s… and another from the 2010 Japan Open where he wasn’t at his best, clearly, but there were lots of moments I enjoyed in that program.
Most likely for use for “Sky Full of Stars.”

It’ll be harder this time around also because I don’t have a very clear version for either idea and I don’t want to just throw footage together hoping to find some cohesiveness.

Plushenko can be so serious and intense when he skates. So with both cases, I want to showcase his personality in a way that suits the music.

Like with “Magic,” I want to him to have that quiet confidence about him. I want it to be serious, but not too serious. Happy, but not so beaming that it clashes with the music.
If anything, “Sky Full of Stars” will have thoughtful moments, but when the music explodes, so will his skating and he will look so thrilled to be doing it… maybe not to the point in “Tango Amore” where he’s super flirtatious and such… or in some cases where arrogance comes through- I don’t think I find that more evident than I do in his performance from the Olympics.

I think what I’ll do is brew a cup of Chai tea, put on some Coldplay and see if I don’t get inspired.

Last night, I downloaded two more versions of Tosca Fantasy… I’m so in love with that program, but I can never quite find the right combination of elements πŸ˜› certain parts, I love performed from certain versions.
Like the lighting for Prague 2011… that’s magical. And there are certain movements in Shanghai from his tour last summer that I want to use as well.
And also part of me wants to look at his Torino gala… phew, it is EXACTLY the quality I’m looking for. The first time I saw it, I knew it was magical. I said in my comment that he was “defying gravity” and “nothing short of magic”… the jumps weren’t just flawless, but his whole presence on the ice… it would look amazing with that magic. πŸ˜› I just have to be sure not to relay solely on this performance for my montage. I’d like to include more than that.

LOL and after getting so much of Tosca, I might be tempted to put together my favorite version of that program with the highlights. The only downside is that the version of the music that appears on Edvin Marton’s album (which I got for free for subscribing to one of his websites) is shorter, missing one of my favorite parts of the piece, which Plushenko uses to paint the stars before his step sequence kicks in.

[that gesture alone will be among the first images I use for “Sky Full of Stars”… for obvious reasons]

Amidst listening to “Magic,” a few ideas surfaced… but it took a while πŸ˜› Tosca was still very prevalent in my head.
Chris Martin does a series of “ooh’s” in falsetto. For the first, I see him launch into a spin where he’s rotating on one foot, folding his hands in front of him. It’s a very quick spin I used in my “Precious” montage, from a Tango Amore performance he did in a show.
Another time that part comes up in the song, I’d like to try putting a series of footwork he did in “Maybe I, Maybe You” in time with it. I attempted to do that in “Precious,” but overtime, the timing just got lost and there was timing in several other areas I wanted more badly. Although if memory serves me, he also did it in the “Medal Winner’s Open” for “Je Suis Malade”

“Magic,” ultimately, I want to be defined by Plushenko’s quality of work that I find indescribable… to the point, you can only call it magic because there’s no way other explanation for it. I guess that means I’ll be extra critical with that montage πŸ˜‰

“Sky full of stars” will certainly have more energy and acrobatics. I’d like to use jumps for both (because I used very little for “Precious”… because that’s the story I was telling… not just what happened to him in Sochi, but his healing process… getting back on the ice and regaining the strength to jump again).

So yeah, those are some ideas I have so far :shrug: I’ll try to get started on this today. At least start slicing footage to use for both and divvying them into the right areas.

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