“American Idol” Season XIV 80’s Night

Here we go again… and that pun wasn’t intended by any means (an oft-covered Whitesnake track)…

I’d done a couple entries on this already.
For season 11 and season 13, aka last year
[this entry has details from both].

Thanks to Twitter, I already got all the artists that’ll be covered tonight.
Of course, I’m annoyed that nobody picked Prince… but then maybe Prince doesn’t want to let anyone do his music other than himself…
at least I got Hall & Oates out of the deal… at least I hope.

It’s also kinda unfortunate that most of these artists come with predictable song choices.

Joan Jett… as much as I’d love for “I hate myself for loving you,” it’s doomed to be “I love rock n’ roll”…
seriously, that’s on a list I keep in my head of songs I’m so sick of that I’d never want to hear them again… which may/may not be interchangeable with songs I never want covered on “American Idol” again.

Poison… “Every Rose Has Its [expletive] Thorn”… it’s the only song I know by the band because nobody ever does any other song… “Rock of Ages” made it work for 30 seconds by including Tom Cruise.

after that, it gets less predictable… thankfully…

Cyndi Lauper could be “True Colors” or “Time After Time” (which I never want to hear again after Colton Dixon nailed it) or “Girls just want to have fun” (unless it’s completely redone, it’ll be a disaster).

Hall & Oates… I’m having trouble picking a single song of theirs from the 80’s (“Sara Smile” and “Rich Girl” were the 70’s)… I love “Kiss on my list” and “Private Eyes” and “Out of Touch”… either way, I hope I hear them and that it’s a good performance

Bon Jovi… “You Give Love a Bad Name” or “Livin’ on a Prayer”… either way, it’s a high risk/high reward move

Michael Jackson… I’ve got a bad feeling it’s another clichéd/overdone song choice like “P.Y.T.” or “Man in the Mirror”

Whitney Houston… same problem… either “I wanna dance with somebody” or “I Have Nothing”… if someone does “I will always love you,” they have a death wish because Jessica Sanchez made it impossible to replicate on the Idol stage.

The Police… “Every Breath you take” (could be a trainwreck), “Roxanne” (unless you have Juliet Simms’ mad vocal ability, don’t try it), “Every little thing she does is magic” (trainwreck)

Phil Collins… he’s got so many songs, but “Against all odds” is the clichéd/predictable choice

Robert Palmer… ummm… “Addicted to Love”… cuz I don’t see anyone doing “Simply Irresistible”… good luck to whomever regardless

Tears for Fears… I’ve said how much I love them, yet when I got their greatest hits, I had to dig to find more than 3 songs that I really liked… “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” seems to be the go-to choice… but whoever does it needs to NAIL IT… “Shout” I’d love to hear, but most likely won’t (and probably won’t be impressed anyway because I’m so married to it)

…I’ll just say it now, I would have loved Depeche Mode to become part of this conversation 😛 but unfortunately, it won’t be.

now I can attempt to match the singer with the artist…

Daniel would probably do Hall & Oates (and I will begrudge it unless he stays in key the entire time)
Joey Cook- Tears for Fears (she technically did one of their songs last week, but the superior cover of it)
Rayvon Owen- Robert Palmer
Adanna Duru- Whitney Houston
if Qaasim does Michael Jackson, he could do “The way you make me feel” and be AMAZING
Clarke Beckham- Phil Collins (maybe cuz he looks like Phillip Phillips)
Jax doing Cyndi Lauper “True Colors”
Maddie Walker does “I love rock n’ roll”
Quentin should pick a good song by The Police
Nick Fradiani- Bon Jovi
Tyanna- Poison

…I got absolutely NOTHING right with those predications…

unless you count some song choices and the fact I predicted Daniel singing Hall & Oates.
I forgot about “You Make My Dreams”… and he clearly flubbed some lyrics
I’m pretty sure it’s “thoughts and dreams that scatter and you put them all together”
…he repeated the same line twice and each time, he said “matter” instead of “scatter”
and none of the judges picked that up… I’m sorry, that should be a deal-breaker.

Maddie Walker and Adanna Duru weren’t long for this competition anyway, so it wasn’t a huge loss…
[although I would have gotten my wish of “I hate myself for loving you” if Adanna had sung. And Maddie was gonna do that dang Poison song that I didn’t even like the first time]

Quentin Alexander continues to astound me. I was a little worried that his interpretation of “You’re the one that I want” from Grease would polarize people. He did “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.. I was so spastic afterwards because I couldn’t continue my enthusiasm 😛 my dad says subtly “I think she liked it”
…the dude is just mind-blowing. I hope that would translate to an album. He’s so much about the visual presentation…

Jax did “You Give Love a Bad Name”… something I pieced together based on one of her tweets. She said complete the lyric and I unconsciously figured it out 😛
and I really should’ve predicted that she’d do Bon Jovi as a fellow Jersey girl. I loved how she really got into the 80’s state of mind with the hair, makeup and clothing. Other than being a little soft in places, I thought she was amazing again. And apparently we have a 3rd thing in common (besides name and home state)… she loves the 80’s too.

It was also kinda hilarious how all the contestants were shown artifacts from the decade and had to figure out what they were. Somehow the thigh master went over a lot of people’s heads (and shoulders, apparently).

Joey Cook did “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in another memorable performance. I just hope it isn’t one that sends her home. [I’m eating my words now because I said if someone did that song, it’d be a trainwreck unless it was completely redone]. My dad made a comment that Japan would love her, from her antics during the chorus and her entire look. The “Madonna from Space” look.
yeah, I hope more people were laughing with her than at her. because I was laughing with her and AT Harry’s expression… because it was the complete opposite. I still express fits of laughter whenever I think about it.

Nick Fradiani did “Man in the Mirror” [ugh, not again…] and the judges loved it. Between him and Daniel, I wondered if we were watching the same show sometimes…
it’s also kinda sad that Nick is the only person in the competition who was BORN in the 80’s… the age range is 15-23 with a lot of 18 year olds… he’s a year older than me [assuming he hadn’t had a birthday yet this year]
The judges said humility is his thing, not the chick magnet thing. Me, I say his thing is that rocker Chris Daughtry-esque voice. [seriously, if this were “The Voice” at a blind audition, that’s what I hear]

Chris Daughtry, meanwhile, is shooting a pilot… that’ll be exciting 😀

as for the other slightly older guy I don’t quite get in the competition… phew… I’ve made comments on this blog [including my previous 80’s “Idol” entry above] how I have an emotional connection to “Every Breath You Take” because of Robert Downey Jr. dueting with Sting in “Ally McBeal”…
Clark Beckham gave his best performance with that song. I was spellbound, all while hoping he doesn’t do that thing he does where he goes into falsetto and his voice gets distorted… he kept control over his vocal and I was short of falling in love. That was SO good, I was almost a pool of goo on the floor.

Tyanna did “I wanna dance with somebody”… which wasn’t excellent, but much better than last week…

Then Qaasim did “Addicted to Love”… and I was oddly craving the original… I’m not a HUGE Robert Palmer fan necessary, but I kinda wanted to hear the original again after that. He gave a surprisingly restrained performance. I think the save humbled him quite a bit, which is nice, but I kinda miss the explosiveness.
[While I was hoping he wouldn’t get the save last week, I couldn’t help laughing throughout his performance of “Come Together” because it was so ridiculously insane… but I enjoyed it]

Rayvon Owen did “Everybody wants to rule the world” (sadly, I may never hear anyone do “Shout”… and possibly ruin the song for me)… the pacing of the percussion felt like it was in tune with my heartbeat. I felt like I was in the moment with him.
Unfortunately, the vocal didn’t really do it for me. And even more so, he might not have gotten a lot of votes based on his attitude. He seems set against following the advice of the judges about changing it up, leaving the falsetto behind and such.

Quentin would at least try a more upbeat song next week… hopefully not something he’d go home on…

I voted for five people that I really liked yesterday… and I have three that I’d buy albums from… two that follow me [and I follow] on Twitter.

Next week will be Kelly Clarkson songs, which should be interesting to say the least…
and I guess it says something about the show’s age that their first winner has enough hits for nine people to cover.

A moment like this [which I doubt anyone will touch because it’s the freaking coronation/winning song]
Miss Independent
Since You’ve Been Gone
Behind these hazel eyes
Walk Away
Because of you
All I ever wanted
My Life would suck without you
I do not hook up
Already Gone
Catch My Breath
People like Us [man, if this was last season, I could see Jena Irene doing this and saying “Get those glow sticks up!”]
Heartbeat song

“Behind these hazel eyes” would be my go-to karaoke song of all these… it was the song playing on the radio when I drove home after first getting my driver’s license, so it’s got special meaning for me… even though I have brown eyes… I don’t think Jax has hazel eyes either, but that’s probably the best song for her vocal range.
it’d also be interesting to see what she does with it.

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