Random comments on RDJ “Age of Ultron” interviews

I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot shut up during this first interview with Letterman… so I might as well just type all the things coming to mind.

This is only days after he “notoriously” “stormed out of an interview” when things “got personal.” The fact the crowd still cheers for him is great. Not that I was worried there’d be any backlash. I simply didn’t read any comments on the matter.
I saw the interview myself and made my own judgements.

In a Facebook conversation, the issue came up that one really should be willing to answer any questions about their pasts and walking out could be construed as… just not being good.

My thoughts: Robert has acknowledged his past on what feels like HUNDREDS if not millions of occasions already. Years ago when I attained “fangirl” status, I was sick of it always coming up. He shouldn’t have to deal with those questions anymore.
But journalists are jerks in general looking for the juicy details and they have agendas, etc.

And up to this point, he’s been very forthcoming about the issues.
Ultimately, I concluded that he is willing to answer these questions, but there’s a time and place for them. If it was Charlie Rose, James Lipton or Diane Sawyer, he’d be up for it. But he’s promoting a movie, something that’s meant to be an enjoyable experience. Hi-jacking an interview to press your own agenda just doesn’t sit well with me. So I support his decision. Better to walk out than say anything he’d regret later.

Kinda like what happened on “American Idol” with Quentin Alexander #TeamQuentin


-the first picture of Avri is revealed. She clearly has Susan’s looks and Exton got his. Gotta love hearing him gush about his kids. As well as the kid he gave the Iron-Man prosthetic arm to.

-I still can’t get over the fact he’s 50… he still looks 40 something

-he rented out an airplane hangar for his big party. he joked that people came, he invited planes, but none showed up. I heard that Duran Duran showed up to perform and also heard something about Steely Dan.

-Steely Dan invited him on stage to sing with them… and he forgot the words and lip-synched the whole time. LMAO
-I remember him dueting with Wayne Brady with this song. It was nice and all, but I kinda prefer him singing “Every Breath You Take” and his own music

-“our dear James Spader” ?? dude, he got you killed in “Less than Zero” and he’s coming back to finish the job… unless :gasp: casting him was one of those “suggestions” that has happened over the years in his movies- like Jamie Foxx in “Due Date” and Mark Ruffalo in “Avengers”

-they CGI’d Scarlett Johansson’s belly for the action scenes… I wonder if that’ll be noticeable.

-he and Letterman clearly are good friends, how they’re congratulating each other and stuff… Robert seems so sad about him leaving the Late Night… I hope he’ll still come on when Stephen Colbert take over. Since RDJ showed up on the Daily Show for the last Avengers, I’ve been dying to see him and Stephen Colbert in the same room. My favorite interviewer and favorite person to see interviewed.

-LMAO at Robert’s expression when Paul Schaffer has them play him out with “Reeling in the Years”- the song he forgot the words to

GOOD MORNING AMERICA- with the “Ultron” cast

-I feel so lame about Jeremy Renner. when he was nominated for those Oscars, I didn’t think he was that good looking. the moment he was cast as Hawkeye, I suddenly changed my mind about him. Now he has a tendency to overshadow anyone he happens to be interviewing with.
I look forward to seeing Hawkeye in this movie just because he’ll spend it being of sound mind and fighting on the right side (spent half of “Avengers” brain-washed by Loki).

-I know Black Widow and Hulk have had moments, but I hate any notion of the two of them getting together. Didn’t Bruce Banner have a girlfriend? Or does that “Incredible Hulk” logic no longer matter cuz Edward Norton no longer plays the role?
Besides, Hawkeye and Black Widow have Budapest… and I freaking want to see Budapest in a Black Widow/Hawkeye origin movie, just to see why he said “you and me remember Budapest very differently”

-Robert’s look with the glasses and blue blazers… forget about it 😎

-right now I’m just too tired to really get any other thoughts going. Plus the fact there are four guys on set here.


-was about to say it’s good of him to stick with black… good color for him and I hate when he wears odd color combinations cuz I find them distracting… then he comes out in camoflague pants and what appear to be slippers…
:sigh: I guess that weirdo he was in his 80’s roles is still in there somewhere

-and I gotta pause it before Kelly does her thing to make it all about them… geez, that’s as bad as Ellen saying that she was cut out of movies :facepalm: and the idiots, excuse me, actors play along… ridiculous
more talk about the birthday party at the Santa Monica airport- Barker hangar.
He admitted getting excited when they play “Rio” and he mentioned “Girls on Film” and had a fangasm at “View to a Kill”… I don’t know that one, so I’ll have to look it up later

-he just called Avri delicious, lmao… I thought he was gooey when he was engaged to Susan.. he’s positively MOOSH when it comes to his kids 😛

-OMG, he is SO with the 21st century. Kelly mentioned his new Instagram account (so new that I wasn’t aware that it was brand new, I just started seeing posts under his Twitter account) and he whipped out his phone to take a selfie with them. The casing is lime green- I wonder if it’s a freebie from HTC after he did commercials with them. (I saw one half an hour ago with him on a voiceover… he really needs to do audio books, I tell ya)

-I detract my statement under GMA… it was the guys distracting me, not the fact I’m tired. My eyes are tired, but the rest of me is awake
-oh shoot, looking at the bar to see where the clip is that I need to skip, I saw a picture from “Less than zero”… oh boy… that’s a hot issue for me, that started all my blogging about him… mentioned James Spader’s name, I’m losing it over here [white knuckles]

-I had it paused on his picture and my finger gun kill-shot was doing NOTHING #Frustrated

-okay, is Kelly really bad at fact-checking or does Robert not want to acknowledge the existence of “Tuff Turf”?
-yikes, getting even a glimpse of James Spader’s younger self, even with the hair all gross and slicked back, I feel a softening in me because of that movie… dang it

-I don’t really need to peek spoilers because I know a bunch of the avengers have other movie commitments… don’t need to worry about any deaths, but I’d like to see as little of the movie as possible so seeing it as a whole will have the maximum impact

-someone else on YouTube pointed out the same mistake, so I added my comment underneath.

Another great fun interview, love this guy, can’t wait for this movie.
I’ll try to go in with no expectations at all… so unlike with Sherlock 2, I won’t be disappointed by hoping for too much.

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