When American Idol isn’t fun anymore…

I’m a big believer in dream interpretation. Usually it’s celebrities that recur in them… but when I continually find myself dissatisfied with what I’m seeing, feeling seething rage when I wake up, I have to take notice and try to fix things.
I thought it might have been my Jimmy Fallon Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (might be better than Colbert’s “Americone Dream”), but it happened again last night without having any.
Can’t even blame PMS on this rage either… not yet anyway

On two other unrelated notes [with some mild language]:

1) Did “Grimm” and “Once Upon A Time” call each other up and conspire with these pregnancy storylines? It’s supposed to be this blessed event, but how they’re using them as plot devices… :shudder: I thought soap operas were bad.
“Grimm” is the one I’m easily having a harder time with… I want Adalind to be killed off SO BAD, but she’s spared by the unexpected pregnancy… I don’t know if that’s worse or the fact Juliet took over her throne for being the new head bitch on the show… Burning down the trailer is something YOU DO NOT DO ON THIS SHOW…
That place is sacred, dammit!!!

2) I absolutely appreciate Bruce Jenner’s honesty with himself and support him as I support the LGBT crowd. I am also well aware of his original Olympic claim to fame… but I have to ask: would he have gotten that Diane Sawyer special if he wasn’t the Kardashian step-dad?
It’s good to have put a face to this issue because it might be helpful to people going through the same doubts and conflicts he was… but that was the one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about…

I don’t give a fuck about the Kardashians. Wasn’t there a time way back when when a sex tape RUINED your life instead of giving you fame and fortune? They’re nothing more than a good looking family from LA. All style and ZERO substance… considering how I lose IQ points when I encounter them on “The Apprentice” or “Dancing with the Stars” (except for Rob, he had good dance skills), it must be in negative numbers
Don’t even get me started on Kanye… I’m never forgiving what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMA’s… the only reason I’m glad of his existence is his song “Heartless” gave Kris Allen his greatest “American Idol” moment AND win…

Anyone who puts energy in “keeping up” with the Kardashians seriously needs to get a real life…

On that note, you could argue “you need to get a life, you’re wasting time fuming about American Idol results”…

At least the people on this show have something to offer. A little something called TALENT.

[end of unrelated ranting and language]

Seriously, I’m someone who loves music and I get very invested in my favorite musicians and singers. They make me happy with their craft and happiness is a luxury we should never be in short supply of.

It’s ironic that I got into “American Idol” at the beginning because I needed to find more artists for my music collection with the departure of the boybands.
The music industry has since bounced back over the last 5-7 years, but out of nostalgia and habit, I still watch and love the show.

However… every now and then, there will come in the season when I just stop having fun…
Either because my favorites have been voted off or the judges are suddenly playing favorites…

The worst of it is when those things happen at the same time.

Overall, I’d had a really good history with the show.

Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, Scotty McCreery, Candice Glover and Caleb Johsnon… 9 out of 13 winners were people I supported. And I picked Jordin, Kris and Scotty to win.
My happiest moment will always be Kris Allen winning.

[going back to my previous rant, I did not hate on Adam Lambert because of his sexuality… his screaming just hurt my ears… but he has since tamed his instrument… I saw a performance of his heading Queen that rocked and his new song “Ghost Town”… wicked… he was also one of Glee’s best guest stars]

But the show does have its negatives.

Every year this is always someone who is constantly in the bottom 2 or 3 and far overstays their welcome.
Originally, my stance was anyone who has ever been in the bottom should not win. Simply because the “Idol” is someone that is loved by the American public and any doubt makes them unworthy of the prize.

Nikki McKibbin was in the bottom a record SIX times before she was eliminated in 3rd place. But I liked her a lot. I styled my hair [minus the dye job] after her for at least a year.

That’s one of many reasons I never got over Reuben beating Clay in season 2. Clay was never in the bottom and clearly had the best voice that year… and it would seem he will be forever DOOMED to get second place.
[other reasons: my idea of an “Idol” has to have a strong unique voice- which Reuben did not have… and “Flying without Wings” wasn’t even an original song and his version is nowhere near as good as the original by Westlife]

Season 3 will always be my most hated season because I really didn’t like anybody… except Jasmine Trias, Jon Peter Lewis and John Stevens, but they didn’t get far.
Least of all, Fantasia and she won… after being the bottom twice…
everyone raves about her “Summertime” performance, but the fact she performed it while sitting on the floor… classless.

Season 4… right now, that’s leaving me with a sore spot.
Anthony Fedorov graduated from my high school two years ahead of me, but I never saw him around. A member of the class of 2004 that I greatly admired, I read a post where he dissed him… saying he kept to himself and didn’t even try out for the musicals like he and his friends did.

But I’m especially sore because this season, not only is the tour only with the top 5… but the top FOUR get hometown visits…
why couldn’t this be season four? Then they would have come to my high school!!!

Anthony has an amazing voice, but is terrible with song choices… meanwhile, he was in the bottom 5 times before his elimination. Scott Savol was only in the bottom three times… which still doesn’t sit well with me because the dude COULD NOT SING.

Season 5 was painful for a number of reasons…
the first being that Chris Daughtry DID NOT WIN… however great he’s doing now and I stopped after three albums [all great, by the way], I never got over that.
Taylor Hicks was a joke. He could sing fine, but I just didn’t get his appeal the way so many other people seemed to. To his credit, he was never in the bottom.
Katherine McPhee was there twice, so I didn’t really want her to win on my original principle. Plus her voice wasn’t quite ready, not at the level Kelly Clarkson was… but watching “Smash,” she definitely got a lot better.

And whenever I hear “Black Horse and Cherry Tree,” I always think of it as her song 😛 because she performed it when I didn’t know who KT Tunstall was.

Season 6… had fucking Sanjaya… the cockroach that just wouldn’t go away… in the bottom only twice, astonishingly.
I would have been happy with Jordin or Blake at the end of the day.
It just unsettles me a bit that Jordin’s new song is so sexual. I’d expect that kind of garbage from Britney Spears, not her. [I don’t have an issue with sexuality in music, but it has been coming from the right person]

Kristie Lee Cook had that slot in season 7… I started as a fan, but over time, lost whatever love I had for her.
But season 7 was such a great season. I still do wish David Archuleta won.

season 8… I couldn’t wait to get rid of Adam Lambert and at the finale, I finally got my wish…
but I think I just needed the time and right circumstances to come together for me to really appreciate him

season 9… the 2nd year of the Idol Judge’s Save… and it went to Michael Lynche, the guy I couldn’t wait to get rid of.
Mainly because I heard he violated a rule and was cut… but he was never cut… something I never fucking understood [sorry, said I was done with the cursing, but I need to vent and get all the f-bombs out of me]
reading on it now, supposedly the violation was that his dad told the local paper he made the top 24 and blew the confidentiality agreement of the show’s contract.
and I really did not like “This Woman’s Work”… certainly not being done by a guy.

season 10… it was Haley Reinhart… in the bottom FIVE TIMES before she was eliminated…
and I remember the judges constantly being negative toward her…
so why she has the following she does, particularly by Michael Slezak of TVline.com… I have no idea…
I cannot stand that growly voice. “Bennie and the Jets” I still cringe at. And the fact she ruined “Call Me” with the growling :shudder:

seriously, someone is in the bottom FIVE TIMES… America clearly doesn’t want them to be their idol… so why is the agony of this year being prolonged?

season 11 was my favorite season in a long time…
and Philip Philips was the biggest pain I ever had to deal with… I have made peace with the fact Colton Dixon didn’t win and went home as early as he did. Clearly, his musical direction wouldn’t have been embraced by 19 Entertainment and they would have tried to change him and he probably would have left the contract within a year.

But the fact he beat out so many strong girls…
the judges were continually touch on Elise Testone. She wasn’t perfect all the time, but she had artistry and originality. that should count for something. Five times as well and on that note, the fact Colton Dixon went home before her still makes me sick. He had one bad night and gets sent home. If he wasn’t destined to win, did he really have to come home before someone who’s a veteran of the top 3?

Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanugh, I loved as well…

probably the worst of it was the fact Philip Philips was consistently out of key and the judges never gave him grief for it. not the way they went after Skylar and Hollie constantly.

how ironic it was a year I wanted badly for a girl to win, but I fell in love with Colton Dixon…

season 12 had Lazaro… I came into that season just before his elimination.
the only reason I stuck around was Angie Miller… I heard she did “Never Gone” by Colton Dixon for her audition 😀
yet I cannot bring myself to buy her EP, although I have listened it on her YouTube channel multiple times

season 13 soon took over as my favorite season of Idol ever… so many great unique people. the year of the singer-songwriter…
I couldn’t wait to get rid of Dexter and CJ… both country guys who had issues with pitch…
then there were the continual “devices” used to keep Sam Woolf around.
Yes, he had a great audition with “Lego House” and he’s cute… but C’MON… he’s not in the same league as Jessica Meuse or Alex Preston.

Season 13 was especially tough because, as great as the judging panel was, I was genuinely seeing them play favorites.
I will maintain to this day that Jennifer was always hard on Jessica because she was jealous of her. That she could never have her songwriting talent or vocal talent.
To his credit, Harry did have solid advice for her, but I hated the way he talked to her. starting out so positive that there was obviously a “but” and a detraction to follow. It just felt so transparent the way they treated her.
Plus that garbage during Hollywood week.

Nobody fucking knows the words to “Single Ladies” and not knowing the words that of all songs should not be grounds for elimination… so glad she was spared because I loved her audition with her original song “Blue Eyed Lie”

this is how much I hate that Beyoncé song- if I was stuck with listening to that or “Sexyback” on an endless loop for the rest of eternity, I’d still pick that horrid Justin Timberlake song… seriously, if I had to be subjected to an endless loop of “Single Ladies” for all eternity, I’d sooner kill myself… or at least gouge my ears out.

And as a music lover/collector, I’m very attached to my sense of hearing.

Overall in season 13, though, I was very lucky… my three favorites, my trifecta of Jessica, Caleb and Alex made up the top 4 plus Jena… I don’t get that luxury very often…

now for season 14…

I’m sorry, but this isn’t fun anymore… it’s not funny anymore… I just want it to be over.

My trinity this year was Jax, Joey Cook and Quentin Alexander…
It’s only because Jax that I still have a pulse so I can go somewhat heartedly into the following weeks.

Last night was so empty without Quentin…
I’m never forgiving Harry after how things went down. And the Idol gods weren’t much help either.

Sure, Quentin could have not said “this whole thing is whack” and stood by his original statement and he’d still be here… but Harry did not need to go after him with his follow-up comment.

when he said “you can just go home” I actually thought he meant “if you quit, then your friends wouldn’t have to be subjected to the possibility of going home”…
instead, it became this HUGE confrontation that nobody would shut up about.

Jennifer then fucked things up by using her critique on his second performance to revisit the incident… if people get two songs on this show, please don’t use the second critique to talk about the first song… nobody fucking cares!

I was positive throughout the controversy, not listening to any of it outside of Lyndsey Parker and Michael Sleazek’s blogging, praying that this would not hurt his chances…

I spent all of 18 hours being mad with God for not listening to me.
Now that I’d had some time to cool off, I can understand why Quentin didn’t go on to win.
Truthfully, he was a Wild Card, so he needed the judges’ support to get into the top 12. And he’s super quirk and weird, so not everyone would like him anymore. It was just the worst possible way to go out, although he maintained composure and class through all of it.

Sadly, it seems to me that American Idol is a machine that only awards cookie-cutter artists. People that can easily be prepackaged and told what to sing. Weirdoes and stand-outs like Quentin and Colton wouldn’t thrive under the Idol machine after winning and probably wouldn’t be nearly as brilliant in the long run.
At least Jax is one of those people who can be prepackaged, but still maintain their individuality. She could seriously become as big as Kelly Clarkson in the pop department. Plus she’s young, multi-talented with lots of potential.
We seriously need a girl to win this year and sadly she’s the only one who can do it at this point.

I would have been fine with Tyanna winning… I have many other favorites, but I wouldn’t mind her winning. The fact she’s gone and Rayvon is still here… I was in a foul mood the rest of the night as a result.

The Twitter Save was great when it helped get rid of Daniel Seavey before he became the “Sanjaya” of this season…
but this ish with Rayvon… it’s just not funny anymore. People are not voting for him to keep him out of the bottom two. I DO NOT CARE if he still got higher votes than the people eliminated… on the principle that he is not getting all the votes, he doesn’t deserve to win.

And to be completely honest, I’d only loved three of his performances.
Wide Awake (audition and revisit), Since You’ve Been Gone and Always on My Mind… I also kinda liked his version of “Stayin’ Alive”…

Now I find him boring and annoying for doing the same thing every week… not to mention the fact the judges aren’t even judging him on pitch anymore. No more of Harry’s intonation garbage…
he had no right to constantly berate Quentin for not singing in tune if he isn’t going to give that advice to EVERYONE else.

Clark isn’t on pitch all the time, but he’s helluva lot better than Philip Philips in the vocal department. He can even play multiple instruments, so he’s not just a white guy with a guitar like so many other winners before him.

I didn’t like him at first because of the pitch issues and his screams were very harsh in my ears.
But he’d gotten so much better since his House of Blues showcase.
I think he first won me over with “Every Breath You Take” and I’d slowly fallen in love with him every week.

The fact the judges are suddenly being hard on him while also ignoring the fact Rayvon was off pitch all night, plus “Go Your Own Way” the previous week… why was everyone applauding that? The song choice didn’t fit him at all and his falsetto note was clearly forced.

Meanwhile, Clark does the same thing: not sing totally in pitch and picks a song not quite his style and the judges are brutal. [Scott Borchetta was with him as well, something him not taking his advice… I’m never gonna hate on the man who discovered Taylor Swift… am I the only one who liked his performance? Of the song that made Scotty McCreery famous… or rather, the song HE made famous]

I’m still mad about last week when they didn’t applaud his version of a Beiber song… that was his #KrisAllenHeartlessMoment and they refused to acknowledge it.

Nick Fradiani meanwhile NEEDS a #KrisAllenHeartlessMoment or he’s not going to win…
not that I really want him to. he has been peaking these past few weeks [last week was horrible, but the week before was amazeballs]…
seriously, the only consolation I’d get from him winning is he’d be a win for the Northeast.
NOBODY from the Northeast US has ever won American Idol… I hope if Jax can’t give me that, he will…
if all the negativity towards Clark for standing up for himself gets him sent home, that is…

I’m going to continue to be positive about the situation… seriously, if nobody else is going to be positive about it, I want to be the lone dissenter because someone has to be.
My faith may be blindly optimistic, but that’s all I know. Otherwise, I’d go through life being miserable. And I had enough of that misery between Fall 2010 to early 2014.

…and if I’m not sleeping better after writing this… clearly I’m not going to be happy until Rayvon leaves American Idol for good since that is obviously weighing heavily on my conscience.

There’s nothing else in my life that I feel any strong negativity about… so that has to be it if venting doesn’t fix everything.

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