Commentary: Lyndsey Parker’s 35 favorite American Idol performances

I couldn’t just go through this and re-watch all these and keep my comments to myself πŸ˜›

I started my own favorite Idol performances entry a while ago, but have yet to finish it… maybe because I’m waiting for the show to end so I don’t have to keep going back to change it.
Right now, I can guarantee there’ll be nothing by Fantasia or Haley Reinhart.

I’d been following Lyndsey Parker’s blogging on my favorite reality shows since… I believe season 9 of “American Idol”… I missed out on so much πŸ˜› I also didn’t start watching “The Day After” until Season 12. I guess because I didn’t think I’d be into watching people talk about “Idol” quite as much as reading about it. It can be terribly addicting.

Anyway, onto her list.

35. Heejun Han- “My Life”
This was such a fun moment from season 11. He was one of those auditions I loved, but as the season progressed and some good singers were being eliminated, I started having doubts. This and his Donny Hathaway cover were my two favorite moments of his.

34. Constantine Maroulis- “Bohemian Rhapsody”
wow, I hadn’t seen this since the first time it aired… April 2005, I believe… wow…
looking back, it wasn’t the most technical vocal, but who really cares? This was such an epic moment that I remember it just because.
Honestly, that was the first time I’d heard this song and whenever they played it school dances and such, I thought it was Constantine singing it. I didn’t know that it originally done by Queen… or who Queen even was. Nowadays, I know better πŸ˜›
He was one of my favorites. All-time and also Season 4. Him going home was especially tough. A) because it was him or Anthony Fedorov, and B) he was my favorite rocker (Bo Bice, I had mixed feelings about).

33. Crystal Bowersox- “I’m all right”
That was definitely worth watching again because I didn’t get the first time… I still would have preferred maybe her Alanis Morrisette cover, “Hand in my Pocket”.. that might have contributed to my getting the album, plus the fact the songs were on the radio constantly πŸ˜›

32. Colton Dixon- “Piano Man”*
-I squee’d when I saw it listed next πŸ˜› one of my favorite all-time contestants and easily his best moment [I also loved “Decode”- the first time I noticed him and “Everything” which became his swan song the night of his elimination]
-this part of Lyndsey’s blog is worth repeating: ” I still haven’t quite gotten over Colton’s shocking seventh-place elimination. I’d always hoped Colton and his awesome hair would make it to the very end.” [Season 11 soon became “anyone but Phillip Phillips” and he freaking won the whole damn thing… but I at least have made peace with that- before that whole lawsuit thing happened]
-I think I’d accepted Colton as a blonde now, the skunk look doesn’t quite work for me anymore
-I think I also really liked this because I didn’t like the harmonica in the original and Colton got rid of that
*will be one of my favorites when I finally get around to putting a list together

31. Chikezie Eze- “She’s a Woman”
-the name’s familiar, but I remembered nothing about this guy from season 7, made it to 10th place. but he definitely flipped around that Lennon/McCartney track real well. Great falsetto note at the end

30. Carrie Underwood- “Alone”*
-the only detractor on this one would be my uncle who is a HUGE Heart fan. He still believes Carrie Underwood has nothing on the Wilson sisters
-that song makes me tear up anyway because it’s one of those really powerful songs I love so much… I’d seen this performance maybe three times ever and I still adore the crap out of it. Nobody else should cover this song after she did it [although Rachel did it really well on “Glee”]

29. Skylar Laine- “Stay with me”*
-the first time I noticed Skylar and still one of my favorite performances of hers πŸ˜›
-the first time I’d heard this song EVER and thanks to her, I recognize it always
-her biggest criticism is her growly voice, something I’d complained about with Haley Reinhart… I’d take Skylar anyday because it feels more natural- Haley just exaggerates the hell out of it

28. Quentin Alexander- “I put a spell on you”
-somehow this doesn’t surprise me πŸ˜‰ he was one of the best auditions, but I only remembered him because she kept mentioning him in her blog. THIS was the performance that made me a fan forever… I think I’d seen it so recently that I don’t need to revisit it- but those eyes are just so… wow… I cannot even describe my feelings on them.

27. Jennifer Hudson- “Circle of Life”
-I also saw this very recently when I was trying to write my entry on my favorite all-time Idol performances, so I won’t rewatch it.. honestly, a lot of season 3 is lost to me in general… because I was blocking out Fantasia however I could- how she won American Idol and Kimberly Nichole didn’t win The Voice is beyond me… they have the same vocal type, but Kimberly Nichole had a better balance between it and her quirk in the performances

26. Paul McDonald- “Maggie May”
-not surprising either, one of my Lyndsey Parker’s favorite Idol contestants EVER
-another song that should be immediately retired, nobody else can cover it like him πŸ˜‰

25. Joey Cook- “Mad World”
-one of my favorite performances of hers and from this season… comparing it to Adam Lambert’s version is warranted, of course… I mean, I didn’t like the guy through 90% of season 8 [his screaming hurt my ears]
but yeah, this was such a great moment for Joey. It certainly shut up the critics who thought she was just a novelty act with her squeezebox

24. Michael Johns- “It’s All Wrong, but it’s alright”
-he was my sister’s favorite contestant from season 7 and that’s all I really remembered about him
-the vocal maneuvering he did on this in the last 30 seconds- OMG…

23. Elise Testone- “Whole Lotta love”*
-hell yeah! I still remember the day I saw this… and later had to find the performance online- my dad called the house and insisted on talking to me about something during this entire performance… but yeah, it was one of the best rock-out Idol moments EVER
=omg, I still freaking lose my MIND over this… there are no words

22. Brooke White- “Love is a Battlefield”
-she was one of my favorites in season 7… somehow I don’t remember this one
-what a great way to flip this song around. And I already love the original. loving this πŸ˜€

21. Lily Scott- “Fixin’ a Hole”
-I remember this one being one of the contestants Lyndsey constantly brings up as one of the many who were robbed throughout the course the series
-I definitely remember her quirk, not so much this performance, but it was a really good version of this Abbey Road track- it’s one of those out-there type tracks, but she made all those lyrics count for more than most would care to.

20. Allison Iraheta- “Cry Baby”
-for her, I think I would have put “I can’t make you love me”
-of the top 4, I wonder who Lyndsey would have sent home at this point so Allison wouldn’t go home… Kris Allen freaking won the whole thing, but he didn’t solidify that until his “Heartless” moment the following week
-one of my friends sent me her album, I have it at on a flash drive somewhere- only listened to it, but have been meaning to get back to it for ages
[ironically, Joshua Davis is doing the song I pegged for Alison right now, lol]

19. James Durbin’ “You got another thing comin'”
-I don’t remember any specific James Durbin performances aside from his last- “Don’t stop belevin'” but I pegged him to win.. and was devastated when he went home… even more so because I couldn’t get through to vote for him 😦
-although him doing Judas Priest, I DO remember… this was positively epic- as much as his scream πŸ˜›

18. Phillip Phillips- “Volcano”
-I’ve done my fair share of #Hessodull bashing on this blog, but this was one of three moments of his I liked. My favorite was “We’ve got tonight” followed by “Disease”- which I like better than the original Matchbox 20, btw
-it helps especially if I’d never heard the song before, then I’m not able to notice him singing out of tune quite as easily
-I compared Clark Beckham to him a lot early on in this current Idol season… but Clark has more “sex appeal” going for him and he sings in tune more, but his vocals still aren’t perfect all the time- the high notes can be bad when they’re really off

17. Norman Gentle- “And I’m telling you”
-I don’t remember this dude at all… but now that I see the video, I kinda do πŸ˜› definitely up there with William Hung as far as “joke contestants” go

16. Siobhan Magnus- “Paint it Black”
-she was definitely one of the stand-outs of her season, but I can’t remember any specific performances πŸ˜› I think all of them might be worth going back to. one of the original “bad-ass rocker chicks” of reality TV singing shows

15. Jena Irene- “Can’t help falling in love”
-definitely one of the stand-out moments of season 13… I still would have put “Creep” in place of this, but that’s just me personally… this was so good, all of us were getting chills

14. Caleb Johnson- “Dazed and Confused”
-ironically, after Lyndsay says it was an injustice that Jena got 2nd and no record deal, she puts the guy who beat her and whose debut album tanked… but this was a pretty huge, far-out moment

13. Josiah Leming- “Grace Kelly”
-Idol bloggers bring him up when they talk about robbed contestants… he has so many amazing things going on his voice… oh yeah, what could have been? had he just made it to the finals

12. Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams “Moanin'”
-something about these two together… I guess it makes sense cuz they’re so jazzy… I woulda taken this on Casey Abrams’ album over “Hit the road Jack” anyday [that song is so goddam repetitive, like hitting my head against a wall… and having Haley in any form on this album annoyed me on principle]
-for Casey, I would have put “Harder to Breathe”, lol… the first time someone did Maroon 5 on one of these shows and I approved

11. Jason Castro- “Hallelujah”
-I got so effing sick of this song… but I will listen to his version once more because he was the first one to do it… and easily one of the best. although Jeff Gutt was no slouch either πŸ˜‰
-this is the song in its purest form… hands down

10. Casey James- “Jealous Guy”
I remember Jennifer’s mega crush on this guy… and I still remember how he was all right when he came back to perform and faded into nothingness when Carrie Underwood did “See you again”- the song that made me buy her album
this was so good, but I don’t know if I’d put it in my top Idol moments because there are so many others that come to mind for me

9. Bo Bice- “Whipping Post”
the two rockers on season 4 are hard to forget in general πŸ˜› I remember how Bo used that mic stand as a prop the entire season and killed it… but I’d always prefer Constantine cuz he was the better looking of the two.
his stand-out moment for me was “Message in a Bottle” because it was acapella… worthy of goosies for sure

8. Candice Glover- “Lovesong”
:sigh: it’s identical to Adele’s version… why don’t people seem to get that?
at least say it’s a great performance, don’t go and say the version is groundbreaking because she’s not the first one to do it that way [at least in her write-up on this, Lyndsey gave her due to Adele…something the judges completely neglected to do]

7. Joshua Ledet- “It’s a man’s world”*
-definitely the most “pimped” contestant of season 11 per the judges (and their dozen standing ovations)… but this was my personal favorite of his as well

6. Kris Allen- “Heartless”*
-okay, THIS should be #1… but that’s just me… how it’s not even in the top 3, I don’t get… I never thought I’d say this about a Kanye West song, but I’m so happy it existed just so he could have one of the best Idol moments EVER. I’d seen it at least a dozen times, so there’s no need to revisit it. Still better than the version that wound up on his debut album

5. Kelly Clarkson- “Natural Woman”
the first time I’d really heard this song and definitely one of the most memorable moments from Idol’s first season… and Kelly did it with such skill and ease… like it was nothing

4. David Cook- “Hello”
I’d understand how he beat out Kris Allen cuz he was the first person on Idol to flip songs around and make them his own… so crazy looking at this because I never would have guessed he’d win based on this… he was just this rocker dude that changed songs around, but he gained so much momentum it was crazy

3. Fantasia- “Summertime”
:sigh: :hangs head:… I knew this was coming… I still say sitting on the ground performing this was tacky… like it was low or something… I’m not revisting this one, but if the Adam Lambert performance I think is #1 is… I will revisit that one just to prove my ears still can’t handle it

2. Blake Lewis- “You give love a bad name”*
I need to revisit more of Blake’s performances cuz I can only remember this one πŸ˜€ I freaking loved it…
I’d have been happy with him and Jordin winning no matter who it was… and the more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I might buy his song “Retro Romance” on iTunes because it is just that good

1. Adam Lambert- “Ring of Fire”
:sighs: :hangs head:… I effing knew it… this is one of those few moments where the two of us REALLY diverge in our opinions… this was painful to watch… even more painful was the fact Alexis Grace went home instead of him just based on this one performance… but it’s been 6 years, so it’s worth revisiting at least once… just to be sure I still feel the same way
…it wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered… I think I just needed to be more open to interpretation… weird considering I’d never heard this song before… certain moments still make me cringe as they did back then- where the camera spins around him like I’m about to experience delirium or something

but I really have become more of an Adam Lambert fan as of late… I still have some limitations, I guess

so hopefully at some point I can get my own list together of favorite Idol contestants and performances πŸ˜›
but I think I’ll wait until the series ends next year…
no matter how much it’s gone downhill, I will still go through a mourning period when it goes

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