American Idol- Commentary on the past 14 seasons

It’s hard to believe that “Idol” is in its final days… I may make readjustments with the final season…

ultimately, I’ll have to compile a list of my favorite contestants and my favorite performances…
First a little commentary on each season where I’ll bring up my favorite singers or the ones that stood out the most and mention the songs/performances I may put on my ultimate list- while I figure out how many spots I have.


It’s really hard to argue with how everything all started πŸ˜›
I started watching the show for one particular reason: I’d been unhappy with music on the radio since all the boybands left the airwaves, so I was in the market for some new artists.

I still know all of the top 10 by name… but somehow forgot completely about Ryan Starr… I think she was part of a VH1 reality show at some point.
Everyone said that Tamyra Gray was going to win… I didn’t get the hype for whatever reason… maybe I was too busy eyeing RJ Helton and AJ Gill… hey, I’d spent the past 3 years exclusively with boybands… so naturally I was more interested in the guys than the girls.
Justin Guarini, I don’t think I got for a while either, but started getting behind him because he was from Philly. Which is really close to where I lived.
Kelly snuck up on a lot of us. I thought she was very consistent throughout, but I didn’t think she had as big a voice as Tamyra did… but after hearing her music over the past 10 years, seeing future Idol contestants tackle her songs, I started to realize that her voice is special and powerful, and her songs really are difficult to sing.

Nikki McKibbins I really liked. Mostly because of her hairstyle and color. It made her stand out. But she soon became the first of many people who outlasted “more deserving” singers and caught a lot of flack.
Her outlasting Tamyra in particular… I didn’t think anyone would best her and that was an amazing moment for me, not so much for all the Tamyara fans.

Memorable performances:
AJ Gill- All or Nothing [loved his voice on this song… and I never even got into O-Town… whatever happened to them?]
Nikki McKibbins- Edge of Seventeen
Kelly Clarkson- Without You
Tamyra Gray- A House is not a home

Side-note: yes, I would love to be a Dunkleman too… and I really had missed Brian Dunkleman since he left the show πŸ˜‰


It’s funny how after season 1, the memory starts to dissipate a bit.

As far as I was concerned, season 2 was Clay Aiken’s game to lose and as far as I saw, he never put a foot wrong. To this day, I cannot fathom how he didn’t win. I heard he worked harder on honing his craft than anyone and his voice was star-quality special.

The two Kimberly’s were easy to remember simply because it was the first time we had two people with the same name in the competition. I preferred Caldwell to Locke, but both were really good.
Vanessa Oliviarez was our 2nd residential pink/red-haired girl, a trend that’d continue for the first few seasons.
Corey Clark, I remembered because he had the Justin Guarini ‘fro look going for him, but also due to his controversies. First being disqualified for having a misdemeanor on his record. Then the whole Paul Abdul thing… I never bought into all that or the rumors she was an alcoholic. [I’m also still kinda pissed that she was axed from The X-Factor after season 1 because the executives didn’t want to rehash her Idol chemistry with Simon on another show]

Clay Aiken losing American Idol… I don’t think I ever completely got over it. I’d taken a lot of pre-mature ousters and my favorites not winning pretty hard, but this still stings quite a bit.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, it would seem he’s forever doomed to be a runner-up (Celebrity Apprentice to the equally worthy Arsenio Hall and in some political grounds).

Memorable performances:
Carmen Rasmusen- Can’t Fight the Moonlight
(looking back on it, she really didn’t sing it as well as I remembered, but somehow I always remembered her and that song… it left me under the impression she originated it… incidentally, “Coyote Ugly” has become one of my favorite movies, which features that song in its last 10 minutes)

Clay Aiken- Solitaire/This is the Night

Side-note: “Flying without wings” was part of a soundtrack I really loved at this time, so hearing what the Idol’s record label did to it when they gave it to Reuben… it still breaks my heart, almost as much as Clay losing to him… Reuben’s a great person with a great personality and smile, but his voice… it’s part of a very generic genre where everyone kinda sounds alike to me.


This is probably my least favorite season and still might be… I only liked a handful of people and none of them made it to the finale.

Amy Adams was our third residential red/pink-haired contestant.
Then that night where the three divas were the entire bottom 3… at the time, I personally liked Jon Peter Lewis, John Stevens and Jasmine Trias and didn’t really connect with any of these girls. Maybe because I thought Latoya and Jennifer were too good and I didn’t like perfection…

Fantasia, I never understood why she got all the compliments she did. I’m not a big Macy Gray fan because of the tone of her voice- I cannot understand a word she sings. Fantasia… to me, she sounded screechy and her voice grated on my nerves.
“I Believe” is a fantastic song that Tamyra wrote for that year’s winner to sing… Fantasia’s voice ruined it for me 😦
Of the final 3, Jasmine Trias was easily my favorite, but she still went home in 3rd place.

Honestly, I cannot highlight/nominate any performances for my future countdown because there are none that stood the test of time- meaning I don’t really remember any to begin writing about them.
…I do wish there was a way to revisit this season, though. Especially since Jennifer Hudson went on to win that Oscar and show all the people who didn’t vote for her what idiots they were [and just for the record, I didn’t vote for anybody that year…]


Anthony Fedorov was the horse I bet on for this particular race for a number of reasons. Obviously, he’s good looking. He had a voice like Clay Aiken. And he also had the token “Idol” sob story that helped get him votes for a long time. Supposedly doctors told him when he was young that he’d never speak again, but was gifted with this amazing voice- defying the odds.
Plus, he graduated from my high school- 2 years before me- but I never saw him around.
Watching his audition again… wow… I still love the guy so much.

It was the year of the two rockers… Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice… by far I preferred Constantine because he was the better looking of the two.
The week he and Anthony were the bottom two… I still cringe thinking about it because I wanted both of them to win, but couldn’t have both.

Mario Vazquez I remembered liking a lot too, but he had a premature departure for reasons that weren’t fully disclosed on the show. He was later replaced by Nikko Smith, who I didn’t care for, in the top 12.
Nadia Turner was one of the first bad-ass rocker chicks to grace any singing competition stage.

As much as I liked my favorites, it wouldn’t have been right for anyone but Carrie Underwood to win that year. She was consistent throughout and had that really powerful voice you could not doubt.
Everyone was saying how this was hers to lose. Like with Kelly, she was just like all the other contestants in that they were just competing. I didn’t see her emerging as a star until after she won. Mostly because she stayed humble throughout- something I still admire so much about her.

Memorable performances:
Carrie Understood- Alone
Constantine Maroulis- Bohemian Rhapsody/My Funny Valentine
Anthony Fedorov- I got you/Incomplete
Bo Bice- In a Dream
Jessica Sierra- total eclipse of the heart


This was another of those disappointing seasons. Chris Daughtry was the guy everyone said was going to win… except he didn’t… for me, that was probably the toughest premature elimination to deal with- and it wasn’t until season 11 when it hit me harder.
Thankfully, Chris not only already had a band, but he’s absolutely gifted as a songwriter. So he went on to be much bigger than the guy who wound up winning.

I was in the same boat as Simon- I did not get Taylor Hicks at all. The dude was nothing but a clown. I still remember his “Play that funky music” performance where Simon said he liked the ending best where he “died.” Kellie Pickler seemed like another joke contestant, but her “Bohemian Rhapsody” performance stayed with me- despite not remembering anything specific about it.
I thought Katherine McPhee was maybe a little too polished and perfect and was in the bottom 2 too many times to deserve the prize.
Of the top three, I liked Elliot the most and was disappointed when he finished 3rd. I listened through his debut album on Yahoo music, but didn’t like enough of the tracks to go through buying a physical copy.

Memorable Performances:
Katherine McPhee- black horse & cherry tree/over the rainbow
Chris Daughtry- Walk the line

Honorable mention:
Paris Bennett was the only person to ever cover Prince on “American Idol”… and sadly I was not a fan of his at the time to behold that moment… or should I say I didn’t know that “Kiss” was his song… because I did know who he was because I lost my freaking mind when he performed at that year’s finale. It more than made up for the fact Chris Daughtry didn’t win- but he still made it bigger than Taylor Hicks
[the parallels I’m seeing between this season and season 11 are almost scary… more than that later]


This year, I remember during the semi-finals round that I only saw the guys for weeks. On Wednesdays, I had animΓ© club meetings πŸ˜›
But of all the girls, the first time I saw Jordin Sparks, I picked her as the best and ultimately picked her to win.
Of the guys… it was hard not to forget Blake Lewis. The only time I’d seen any kick-ass beatboxing before him was Justin Timberlake on the *NSYNC HBO special

of course that was also the notorious season of Sanjaya and the origin of the “Vote for the Worst” campaign… he was such a pop culture icon because of this, he was parodied in “meet the Spartans”

Memorable Performances
blake lewis- you give love a bad name/somewhere only we know

season 7

this is probably the strongest season we has since season 1, so much great talent, and quite a few memorable performances and people. the first top 8 that was really strong overall.
everyone recollects Michael Johns’ shocking elimination- for a while, it was hard for me to really distinguish him from David Cook- aside from the fact David Cook revamped songs and made them fresh and new.
Of the girls, I loved Carly Smithson [she had a lot of great edge] and Brooke White- Brooke, I wanted to win because I felt a connection with her. She was a great artist and very down-to-earth.

Jason Castro stood out because of his look but he also had great artistry.
Then there was David Archuleta- part of me still thinks he should have won, but the part of me who loves David Cook’s album feels it was the better result.
It still bugs me recollecting that my dad didn’t like David Archuleta because his dad was a jerk that ultimately got banned from the backstage areas for coming on too strong and bullying other contestants… that’s as bad as hating someone on the basis of their religion or political affiliation

Memorable performances:
David Cook- Billy Jean
David archuleta- imagine
jason castro- hallelujah/if I fell
Michael johns- don’t you (forget about me)


All the people that contribute to the Idol blogosphere say that this was the best season of the show… for me, I don’t know if there was a best season, but this was definitely among my favorites.
Not that it has anything to do with the contestants, but I need to say one thing: Kara DioGuardi was an amazing judge that didn’t get enough credit.

Looking at the semi-finalists list, I remembered so many names- Stevie Wright was a front-runner that lost it on a Taylor Swift song [something that never really worked for anyone on these shows, for some reason…], Casey Carlson’s name stood out cuz alliteration [I think a fanfiction alter ego I created after this season also has something to do with it], and Tatiana was a joke contestant that shouldn’t have made it to that round.
Danny Gokey was probably the person I figured was the one to beat- he got a lot of exposure, a sob story, and he was incredibly talented.
Obviously, Adam Lambert got a lot of air time and a lot of buzz and is the one person everyone remembered from this particular year… I just remember him being way over the top and his screaming hurting my ears so much that they were still ringing for months after the season ended, but there was one performance that won me over where I had to congratulate him for it.
Alexis Grace, Simon called a dark horse during the semi-finals and I started to really believe in her as a potential winner the next few weeks. Matt Giraud was a good use of the new “Judge’s Save” but I never got over the judges not saving her during her “Jolene” performance– at least I didn’t until she finally released her own music a few months ago– in the meantime, she inspired me to create a new character who went on to become part of two additional short stories [which were also fanfiction, technically].

Kris Allen… I never expected him to actually win… he was just the one guy I looked forward to seeing. His voice was really nice- it was a natural fit for me. Plus he was so cute [but I didn’t take it too hard when I found out he was married]. Why I really looked forward to seeing him every week– how he flipped songs and made them Kris Allen originals. It brought an element of excitement I really hadn’t felt with anyone before. I was there as long as the ride would take him and I’d be sad whenever he left the show…
except he never did πŸ˜›
top 3, I still didn’t think he had a shot at the finale because he had strong competition… then he had that “Heartless” moment– after that, I REALLY wanted him to win- more than anything.
I was prepared start throwing them and flipping out when Adam Lambert was announced the winner– then Kris was announced the winner and the excitement of that… there are no words.

And for the record, I have come around with Adam Lambert- when he returned to Idol as a mentor and guest judge, he had some amazing advice for the contestants. He had a great character on “Glee” for however long he was on the show. And I watched one of his shows fronting Queen- he’s still not Freddie Mercury, but he was a perfect fit for that band. And I love his new song “Ghost Town”… either I wasn’t ready for him or he needed to mature/grow into the artist he is now for me to respond to him.

Memorable performances:
Kris Allen- Heartless
Adam Lambert- Mad World
Alexis Grace- Jolene
Allison Iraheta- I can’t make you love me

Side-note: Kris’s voice still makes me smile πŸ˜€


Conversably, the people in the Idol blogosphere unanimously called this the worst season of the show… until season 12 happened…
but the fact I can only remember the top two people is very telling about this season’s lackluster showing

Lee Dewyze filled the Kris Allen spot- the guy I looked forward to seeing every week… I think that was around the time I started reading Lyndsey Parker’s blog… because my support of him started lose grip in the last 2 weeks when I started hearing everyone saying that he didn’t deserve to win over Crystal Bowersox.
So I was kinda on her side at the finale- only to be kinda disappointed. [And that was before “Sweet Serendipity” happened- not “No Boundaries” bad, but close]
I started getting into Nickleback at the time and when he did Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel,” I pegged him for a rocker type… but he never went that root.

Supposedly Kara was brought on as a judge originally to help fill the void when Paula left… so I don’t get why they needed a 4th judge at all… if it was just Kara, Randy and Simon, this season would have had more credibility. Again, I love Ellen, but she can’t judge people- she’s too nice to everybody.

Memorable performances:

Lee Dewyze- Kiss from a rose
Crystal Bowersox- Hand in my pocket


This season made me three for three… apparently America felt the same way about Scotty πŸ˜› this was kind of my cougar season where I kept having to talk myself out of falling in love with him because he was only 17 and I was 23 going 24.
I don’t know what it was about him, but I just kept enjoying him week after week and knew I’d miss him terribly when he was gone…but he never went away. He stuck to his guns, always doing country, never stepping too far out of his comfort zone- and it worked for him in the long run. If I wasn’t falling in love with him, he was making me sentimental πŸ˜› performances like “Letters from home” and “Can I trust you with my heart” come to mind.

Lauren Alainia was my favorite of the girls and I would’ve been happy with her or Scotty winning the whole thing.

James Durbin had that sob story background that probably helped get him votes, but he really rocked. His elimination was another tough one- especially since I was in a hotel room and my cell phone wasn’t connecting to his number.
Overall, Casey Abrams was probably my favorite that year. It was such a relief when he got saved [maybe the one time the “Judge’s Save” was used on the right person]. My favorite of his was his Maroon 5 cover- and I believed in him enough to buy his debut album- where he does what he does best.

Everyone raved about Pia Toscano and was devastated with her elimination [which happened cuz the save was used on Casey early- but he wasn’t ready to go yet]… I never got the hype. She had a strong perfect voice, but I didn’t get anything else from her. There was no spark or stage presence [I at least got that with Katherine McPhee a couple times]
I also didn’t get Haley Reinhart’s appeal. She’s a favorite of the Idol blogosphere, but I just didn’t get it. The judges were hard on her a lot and she was in the bottom a lot… I just don’t get it.
Her growl ruined “Call Me” and were like nails on a chalkboard during “Bennie and the Jets”… the one time I liked her was when she did “You & I”- before Gaga debuted it as a single. [Loved her as guest mentor, btw]

and I remember them visiting the set of a “Twilight” movie and Paul McDonald meeting his future ex-wife, Rosalie [aka Nikki Reed- who is now married to another vampire- Damon Salvatore- I mean, Ian Somerhalder]. I didn’t see him winning, but I enjoyed him for however long he was there.

Memorable performances:
Casey Abrams- Harder to Breathe
Scotty McCreery- Can I trust you with my heart?
Haley Reinhart- You & I


Maybe my favorite season until this past one… at least it was my favorite until the winner was literally the last person I wanted to win.

After all the guys winning in a row, I was so ready to back a girl to win this year… but I didn’t count on falling in love with Colton Dixon.
The first time I noticed him was “Decode”- a song I loved from the “Twilight” soundtrack and he did a great version of it [he still should have gotten a finale duet with Hayley Williams- with this song… I’m still bitter about that, when in future seasons people who left before his placement got duets when he didn’t]. Then it was one week after the other, I looked so forward to seeing him each week- what he’d do. Because I loved it pretty much every time. So many great performances… except for the week he went home.

Joshua Ledet got a lot of extra hype from the judges. Some was warranted, some wasn’t… but hands down, “This is a man’s world” was his absolute best. The only other person able to do it as good as Juliet Simms on “The Voice”- if not better at times.
Jessica Sanchez was the girl who got all the hype, but I never really understood… her Whitney Houston cover went viral and for good reason… my favorite performance of her was “Sweet Dreams” by BeyoncΓ©- because she took out all the parts of the song that make me cringe. She slowed it down and made it haunting and cool.

One of my friends backed Hollie Cavanaugh to win- the judges were hard on her almost every week to the point I was sick of it. At times, I was beyond sick when that person getting bussed was Elise Testone. She ROCKED more than most girls have done on this show and kept getting a raw deal for it.

With Colton’s departure, I was backing Hollie and especially Skylar… I don’t know how the hell Phillip Phillips outlasted all of them or how nobody gave him grief for not singing in tune… Harry should have been a judge this year just so he could throw “Intonation” in his face every single week…
maybe things would have been different if he didn’t have the kidney stone problem- he returned to duet with Sam Woolf and perform solo in season 13 and I felt a spark that I never got from him.

Memorable Performances:
Colton Dixon- Piano Man/Decode/Love the way you lie/Everything
Skylar Laine- Stay with me/Gunpowder & Lead
Elise Testone- Whole Lotta Love
Joshua Ledet- This is a Man’s World
Phillip Phillips- We’ve got Tonight


After her “Roman Holiday” performance at the Grammy’s, I resolved not to go anywhere near Nicki Minaj if I can help it… them making her a judge for the show made even less sense than Demi Levato on the x-factor. She hasn’t been in the industry long enough to effectively judge anyone.
The only reason I watched at all was Angie Miller. I heard she did “Never Gone” by Colton Dixon at her audition. I did keep up on Lyndsey Parker’s blog to see who was going home each week. When it was all the guys, I figured there was hope a girl would win… then there were no guys left. I started watching the week Lazaro got voted off.

I didn’t feel as strongly about Amber except for maybe two performances.
Angie, I loved pretty much every week. The judges’ critiques always mentioned her countenance at the piano, how she does better there, how she worked it out there, etc… they were running out of things to say… not to mention listening to Minaj critiquing… omg, it’s like listening to a Kardashian- I lose IQ points by listening to them.

I was sad Angie didn’t make the finale and her departure singing “Never Gone” was hard to watch… I’m glad she got an album out and probably will become more famous than Candice.
I liked Candice and Kree [who I affectionately called Kray-Kray] a lot… the deciding factor actually came down to Harry being a guest mentor…

honestly, I wish I could nominate Carrie Underwood’s “See you again” for my favorite Idol performances. Casey James came back for a good song- she came after him, not only outsinging him, but SHINING…
Harry made Kree take over all the “ooh’s” in the chorus and the in-between section from chorus to verse… the song loses its effect without that- and I just fell out of love with her after that.

so I was very happy that Candice won… not so much what happened to her career afterwards

Memorable Performances:
angie miller- bring me to life


I went into this season full on excited… I mean, they had a great cast of judges. Except for that advice he gave Kree, I liked Harry being constructive with the contestants- giving them really good advice they could actually use to improve.
But I didn’t go in expecting to fall in love with any more contestants. I’d gotten albums from David Cook, Kris Allen, Scotty McCreery, Chris Daughtry and Colton Dixon… but then I found a bunch of people I got really invested in.

Jessica Meuse was the first. I loved the pink hair- something I hadn’t seen on the show in years [when it was a one per season type of deal]. But I loved that she played guitar at her audition and did a kick-ass original song. I connected with that her and made sure to keep an eye out.
Alex Preston was one of a bunch of guys I really liked- he had a great original song as well. I didn’t think my album collection had room for any more WGWG’s… but he had his own style like I liked and I looked forward to seeing him every week- how he’d arrange his songs.
Caleb Johnson- I just plain liked a lot… every week, I enjoyed him. particularly when he closed the show.

So early on, I had a trifecta of people I’d love to see win the show… it was just unfortunate that they finished in the opposite order that I wanted.
Jessica Meuse, I felt like I identified with and really wanted to succeed. I was very worried about her in Hollywood week, thinking she’d be cast as villain in the group round. The judges were forgiving and good with her- for a while… when CJ Harris and Sam Woolf were singing out of tune or just not connecting with the audience, it was overlooked. When Jess messed up, she was always criticized. Some say it was gender bias- girls have it tougher than the guys, who usually get a free pass for good looks or having a sweet personality. It also didn’t help that Jennifer got so many close-ups during the performances.
Alex, I love pretty much every week. I found him exciting, not knowing how he’d do a song and he handled himself like a quirkier Ed Sheeran. Jess going home when she did, I accepted. Alex missing the finale was really hard for me.

But his elimination made me go into my WGWG collection and really listen to the people I had. I had a negative first impression on David Cook’s album [which was also cuz I was going thru stuff and his songs hit too close to home] and wound up loving it. Kris Allen’s 2nd album- I don’t know why it made me sad. Maybe because Jesse McCartney had been off the grid and Kris made me miss his sound. Fell in love with “Thank you Camellia”.
Biggest success out of that experiment: I didn’t like Ed Sheeran’s album at first because the rapped delivery threw me off… not only did I like that album, but I believed in him enough to get his 2nd. It’s been one of my favorites for a while.
So I can thank Alex for making me an even more avid Ed Sheeran fan.

Caleb I really liked from a lot of performances.
Jena, I didn’t really feel that way about for a while. But she started get my attention and soon enough, I was supporting her to beat Caleb- which sadly didn’t come to pass.
Even sadder, Caleb’s album failed. [not that I helped with it- I didn’t buy it, but I didn’t like the single they wrote for the finale]. I also become disenchanted with him when a comment he made in an interview offended a lot of people [though not enough to get him sent home]

One of my favorite years but by the end, it was kinda disappointing cuz the people I REALLY liked didn’t win. But I have two new artists now that I’m following on Twitter to stay in touch with their latest achievements.

Memorable performances:
Jessice Meuse- Blue-eyed Lie/White Flag/Human
Alex Preston- Story of my life
Caleb Johnson- Skyfall
Jena Irene- Creep/I can’t falling in love


Again, another amazing season that wound up being a letdown when it got to the end.
I had another trinity I was totally behind… and it was really tough when it was time for them to go home… every time, it was to the same guy who’s been in the bottom 3- thanks to the new Twitter Save.
All great when it ousted Daniel Seavey, who I thought was not ready for the competition at this age.
But then it was getting rid of my favorites and I took that really hard.

It was bad enough that the top 12 was composed mostly of people I didn’t vote for personally… I didn’t like Nick Fradiani [although his Ed Sheeran cover did make me smile] or Clark Beckham… and Daniel Seavey shouldn’t have gotten through over Riley Bria- who can play guitar really well and sing really well and already knew who he was an artist… it’ll be a while before I get over that [likely when Riley’s album drops and it rocks].

Slowly the other guys started winning me over… just a bit.

Qassim Middleton, I thought was kinda crazy and seemed a little arrogant in that Richard Sherman way… but damn I loved watching him perform. He was so nuts on that stage that I enjoyed him each time… I wasn’t even mad the judges saved him- better than them giving it to Daniel Seavey.
I’ll never think of “Come Together” the same way again πŸ˜›

Quentin Alexander- he won me over from “I put a spell on you” and he did that to me every week.
I’m still harboring a grudge against Harry for pushing the issue with him that night.
Sure, Quentin might not have been the next Idol because he’s a bit left of center- but the situation got overexaggerated. If Harry didn’t call him on it, he might have made it another week.
The show wasn’t the same after he left.

Joey Cook, I didn’t quite see winning either. I was happy with each round she got through. Something about her quirk, I fell so in love with. Lots of great performances that were memorable.

Jax, I liked from her first audition. But also cuz we share a name and are Jersey girls. Each week I was anxious to see if she’d make it through on the votes [because this year it was all on one night so waiting for her chair to go green had me a bundle of nerves until that moment came].
Her elimination sucked the life out of me through the finale performance night. I was crying almost non-stop for the first hour. I didn’t feel anything until Nick Fradiani did “I’m Yours”- one of my many favorite songs.

Clark Beckham reminded me a lot of Phillip Phillips- except he played piano and had blue eyes. He also relied more on his higher range. But they had the same look and had issues with being in tune. Phillip NEVER sang in tune. Clark just had a lot of harsh notes early on.
I think he started winning me over on 80’s night when he did the best cover of “Every Breath You Take” I heard since “ally mcbeal”… then I slowly fell in love with him.

I was never wow’d by Nick… really. With Rayvon and Daniel Seavey out of the way [after much delay], he was literally the last person I wanted to win because I didn’t see him really excel.
But he peaked at the right time and after the finale, I REALLY wanted him to win. Not just so the northeast will finally have claim to an Idol winner, but he had the better single and beter night overall.

I will support him of course… but it just sucks that America wants something fresh and new, but people keep voting for the same type of artists we already have.
There are plenty of Fradianis out there, but no Joeys or Quentins

Memorable Performances:
Jax- too many to list, lol. so many good ones
Quentin Alexander-In the air tonight
Joey Cook- Fancy
Clark Beckham- Every breath you take/Earned It
Nick Fradiani- Beautiful Life

So yeah… my favorite performances will be pulled from all the performances I mentioned. Meaning not all the ones I listed will make the master list. [So anyone seeing any “unworthy” performances being mentioned- DO NOT freak out yet, not until my list is posted in a later entry]
And right now, I already have a list of 31 Idols, some with more than one song… so it’s gonna be tricky.

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