My Desired Experiences List

Technically, this is a bucket list… but since I’m not even 30 yet and don’t plan on dying anytime soon, it seems silly to give it that particular title.

This is also subject to change… frequently. I amassed most of these in one day, but in total, it took me maybe 3 sessions to get it as long as I have.

[Copy/pasted from Word- I would have put this on Facebook, but the notes wouldn’t let me copy & paste all this]

Rating System
•1*- “Wouldn’t it be nice?”
o I’d like to do this, but if I never do, that’s fine… but it’d be nice
•2**- “All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”
o It’s a must, but there’s no rush
•3***- ASAP
o The opportunity must be taken advantage of as soon as it comes about because it may never happen again!
o If it never happens for/to me, I will regret it on my deathbed

Foods to Try*
• Tomatillos
• Cactus Pears
• Chicken & Waffles
• Waffle Ice Cream Sundae
• Deep-Fried Oreo
• Lobster Mac & Cheese
• Beef Wellington

Things to Learn/Improve Upon
o Because it may become more prevalent in later years
o To improve upon what I learned in school
o Considering the status of Plushenko’s career, it might not be worth the effort in the long run, but it might be nice to learn some to navigate his interviews and in case I decide to visit Russia
• How to cha-cha*
• How to play acoustic guitar**

Places to Go
•Asbury Park
•Cape May
o To get a feel for the atmosphere where Prince grew up
o Visit First Avenue
* and his studio Paisley Park in Chanhassen if I’m really lucky
•Forks, Washington [because “Twilight” was set here]
•Portland, Oregon
•Phoenix, Arizona
•Harry Potter Experience in Orlando
•Return to Epcot
o Now that I’m old enough to appreciate it
•The Hollywood Walk of Fame**
o Preferably after RDJ gets a star there
•Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame**
•Football Hall of Fame**
o The Sherlock Holmes statue at Baker Street
o Big Ben
o Millennium Eye
o London Museum
o King’s Cross station
o Eiffel Tower
o The Louvre
o Notre Dame
o The Rose Line
o Anne Frank House
o Van Gough museum
o Sagrada Familia church- from the cover of Prince’s “Come” album
•Prague, Czech Republic*
•The Four Cities that Hosted Olympics Plushenko participated in:
 Like with Minneapolis, to get a feel for the atmosphere he experienced when he spent time there
 Will need a souvenir (like a T-shirt) from each to prove I was there
 Exception: if I am lucky enough to see him skate in competition or exhibition in person, SLC and Vancouver won’t matter… but I’d still like to see Torino and Sochi because they mean something special to him
o Salt Lake City*
o Torino, Italy**
o Vancouver, Canada*
o Sochi, Russia**
 Preferably after I know a little bit of Russian so I’m not completely lost

Things to Have [in my life]
• A cat**!
• Love/Marriage**!

Things to Accomplish
• Get A Book Published**!
• Love Myself Unconditionally**!
• Write a song*
• Putting Together the Ultimate 80’s song playlist**

Experiences to Have
• Ice skating**
• Dying my hair blonde**
• Dying my hair red**
• Dress up as an original character at Comic-Con**
• Archery**
• Karaoke**!
• Wine Pairing Dinner*
• Whale Watching***!

o Wicked**
o Jersey Boys**
o A show featuring an A-list celebrity*
o Prince***! sad to say I’ll never have this chance
o Hall & Oates**
o Maroon 5**
o Taylor Swift***
o Lady Gaga**
o Cassadee Pope**
o Edvin Marton*
o Carmen*
o San Diego Comic-Con*
o The Westminster Dog Show**
o A Figure Skating competition in the U.S.*
o A Figure Skating competition or exhibition featuring Evgeni Plushenko*
 If the opportunity arises, it’d be a must (***) because he doesn’t come to the U.S. often

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