Apollonia 6’s promotional short film

After having both versions of “Sex Shooter” on heavy rotation over the past week, I couldn’t help but watch “Purple Rain” for however many times it’s been now.
It might be the first time I’d seen the whole film in a couple years, which for me is a pretty big accomplishment.

I followed by watching Apollonia 6’s lone music video- attempted to memorize some choreography.
I went on YouTube to play the video along with the Vanity 6 version of the song.

Then I stumbled across something I’d just read about… supposedly Prince shot a promotional short film for Apollonia 6’s lone album release.

I don’t know if I really feel up to reviewing their album on this blog because I wasn’t all that impressed by it.
But the short film, simply for my own recollection, was worth writing about.

Vanity 6 on stage and in music video is practically sex on a stick… sensuality just oozed off the screen and through the headphones.

This promo video… to me it felt like one of the reasons why people hate on the 80’s. It’s over the top and cheesy. And the writing was pretty much god awful. But it wasn’t like I went in expecting a masterpiece šŸ˜›

The premise- the three girls attend Mr. Christian’s funeral. They went to his reform school and were kinda sponging off him like a sugar daddy. The will reads that his attorney gets everything and they get nothing and they’ll have to learn the value of hard honest work.
It starts at a diner called “EAT” where Susan is a waitress, singing lead for her song “Oh Oh She Wa Wa”. She’s entertaining a bunch of guys with a bunch of teddy bears dressed to match them while Brenda and Apollonia are dressed like French maids and are stuck doing dishes.
After this musical number, they get fired. The girls rag on Susan for sticking them with all the hard work.
The next part plays “Sex Shooter.” Apollonia is a cashier at a grocery store called “BUY.” She was ringing things up, vacuuming on giant barcodes, and there’s one poindexter dude with glasses that looks uncomfortable around the three girls. Again, this doesn’t last and they’re outside in the cold.
Some random dude in a pick-up truck stops by to pick them up and we cut to Brenda singing lead at a gas station “FILL” for their song “Blue Limousine”…
Of the songs from their album besides “Sex Shooter,” that was the only other one I remember and that I kinda liked.

At the end of it, a blue limousine pulls up and Mr. Christian is inside… apparently this whole thing was a joke he was playing on them, and they wind up going to his birthday party- hence the album track “Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian.”

By all means, go to YouTube and check this out if you’re into the exaggerated cheesy part of the 80’s. Just don’t expect anything deep šŸ˜›

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2 Responses to Apollonia 6’s promotional short film

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    • Jackie says:

      Enjoyed some of the other posts on your blog. It’s always nice to hear what other people have to say about him, especially when they do it out of love. It’s hard to believe he’s no longer with us, even 5 weeks later. After a couple moments where he really impressed me, I finally let him in my life and started buying his music 9 years ago. In that short time, he changed my life- particularly how I view music.

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