[Dream Street lawsuit] Some things you never get over…

Dream Street, aka my favorite boy band EVER, broke up August 2002. This was 13 years ago.
And despite how well everyone [well, almost everyone] is doing, I still miss them and it still hurts how everything went down.
The group didn’t break up the way bands tend to do. Someone decides to go solo and everyone else can’t handle the band without that one person. Or everyone just mutually breaks the group apart and [insert name here] ceases to exist thereafter.
Dream Street broke up because of a court case… even though I’m going on 29, I STILL don’t understand it because it’s so complicated.

Why I went down memory lane today?

I subscribed to a few email newsletters that gives me dates of future concerts.
Today I got one that listed Dream Street for the Pearl Theatre August 12-16.
After doing a lot of Googling, I came across this.

Apparently the service (who I had since informed of the mistake and they replied that they would correct it) credited a new musical (which happens to be called Dream Street) to the boy band.

But before I found this link, I went to the Wikipedia page to see what it says. I found an article that discussed the lawsuit and the notion of putting together a new Dream Street and also added that Chris Trousdale will be a solo act and could join the new band if he wishes. I did a double-take then because I know for a fact that he’s signed with SpectreMusicGroup.
I went back to Wikipedia and realized my mistake right away… it says the articles were “retrieved” in 2015, not written in 2015. They date back to 2002.

Reading over all of it again, I understand it as the following:
the parents of the guys (everyone but Chris’s parents) sued the two producers, saying that they withheld money from them and exposed them to alcohol and pornography and that they were worried for the guys’ safety because the two men are involved in the pornography business. On the flip side, the producers said the parents were money hungry and the bad influences in the situation.
ultimately, the court sided with the producers, the group was dissolved and the guys were not allowed to tour again under that name as it belonged to the production company behind “Dream Street.”

:sigh: it’s such a fucked up situation… why did it have to happen to MY favorite boy band?
reading another article, I can get why it was so intimidating how fanatic some of us were about the group, but no way do I believe Maryann Raposo (who’d answered so many of my fan emails) or Ginger McCartney were the bad influences in the guys’ lives. They’re outstanding individuals that only wanted their kids to be safe and happy.
And considering all the concerns they had about the producers, I feel like the lawsuit had to happen. Otherwise, there could have been arrests for drug possession and/or premature obituaries
What I don’t get is why the judge didn’t side with the parents, considering all the evidence they had… maybe because Chris Trousdale sided with them.

There was just so much legal lingo surrounding all this that my 16-year old self couldn’t make heads or tails of any of it- just that Dream Street was gone not even a year after I discovered them.


:sigh: the music still makes me happy and gets me nostalgic, but I still have days when I MOURN the loss of Dream Street.
Their music gave me so much over those few months I had them. meeting them was one of the most nerve-wracking yet amazing things I’d experienced in my life. Even though my desire to meet them and see them in concert amplified my rampant teenage hormones to outrageous levels, their music got me through some tough times. When I was dealing with difficult classes and such.
That’s something I’ll never forget and will always be grateful to them for.

Despite how ugly things got in the lawsuit, I wouldn’t change any of it. Especially because Jesse McCartney has had such an amazing career as a solo artist that he might not have had if he was still stuck doing boyband stuff.
Also because his latest album “In Technicolor” turned out as well as it did.

Greg still tours occasionally, although to be fair I haven’t listened to any of his new music. Not since his debut self-titled solo album. Maybe I should go onto iTunes and YouTube and give them a listen.
Frankie I think released some solo stuff too… that I have yet to check out and really should.
Matt is living a normal life and he recently got married (I saw his wedding announcement in my local paper, crazy enough… now I regret not saving it :P).

I could say that the status of Chris’s music career is karma for siding with the producers on the lawsuit… because of that, I spent the first couple years post-Dream Street mad at him… but as the years went by and considering that the “new” Dream Street never happened, I started looking for his solo album… and I am still waiting for it to happen.

This is definitely a record for me… I’m here 12 years later still waiting for Chris Trousdale’s music career to take off. I think there was a period where I did give up on him. But then I heard he auditioned for The Voice and I was back on waiting to see what would happen with him. I am still furious nobody picked him. And I’m still devastated for him that people have had to ask him what happened to him and he really doesn’t have a good answer- other than the fact he gave it up for a while to help take care of his family.

SpectreMusicGroup signed him over a year ago and still nothing has happened… but it looks like I will, indeed, be waiting for him forever to put out an album. Even if the songs aren’t that good, I will still buy that damn thing 😛 he’s got a great voice that I’ll love to hear on just about anything… just as long as he doesn’t rap.
Please don’t do a rap or hip-hop, Chris, you’re so much better than that.

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