Dear Chris [Trousdale]:

It’s been a while since you signed with your new label and even longer since you posted a #TrousdaleTuesday video on YouTube, so I thought I’d check in to see how you’re doing.

I’ve been a fan of yours since summer 2001. Dream Street’s debut album, I still consider among my personal favorite albums in my music collection. It was a great source of comfort to me during 9th grade when I spent a lot of time stressing out about my grades. Meeting you and the other members of the group the following January is still one of the biggest highlights of my life. Even though I was another of your crazy fans who declared their love for you without knowing the first thing about you beyond the fan sites, you were so sweet to me. I’ll never forget that
You guys may not have write those songs, but I felt like I really identified with them. That’s what made moving on after Dream Street so difficult- very few artists on the radio during 2002-2006 had music I could identify with. Eventually, things did get better. People like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift came onto the scene, “American Idol” and “The Voice” introduced me to some amazing artists, and Jesse McCartney has simply been amazing- more so with each new album.

In “The Biggest Fan,” there was a bit of dialogue where you said how girls say they love you, but they don’t know the first thing about you. Based on the old fan sites and conversations I had with other fans, I admit I had my own preconceived idea of you that worked its way into my Dream Street fanfiction. The writing was kinda cheesy, unrealistic and self-serving, so I’d be too self-conscious to share any of it. I’d been writing since I was 13 and not only have I been doing more original fiction, but the writing itself has gotten better… at least I hope it has- and that this letter can be an indication of that.

“The Voice” was a great way for you to reconnect with your fans after all the years we heard nothing from you. As happy as I was to see you again, it made me sad to hear you talk about how fans came up to you, asking what happened to you after Dream Street broke up. It was even tougher when none of the coaches turned for you and didn’t get the chance to know you or see what more you were capable of, and you never got to benefit from their coaching that could help you learn what more you were capable of.

Along with thousands of your fans, I’ve waited for over a decade for you to put out a solo album. And I’m pretty much convinced that I’d be willing to wait forever if that’s how long it took. Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe because I’m fiercely loyal to people that brought me a lot of happiness once upon a time. Maybe it’s my desire for closure- the release of your album would mean the Dream Street chapter of both our lives could finally get its happy ending and we could move forward.

Honestly, if I knew something about you beyond your vocal range and you being an amazing dancer and if I had any talent for songwriting, I would love to work with you on your music and help you realize your dream. Unfortunately, I am out of my depth in all these areas, so all I really can do is offer these words of encouragement and remind you how many of us still love you and will support you no matter waht.

And hopefully the day will come where you put your own music into an album and we can finally get to know you- the real you, not just that old boyband image we fell in love with.

Love always,
Twitter: @DreamyPopLover

P.S. After all these years, you still manage to make me fall in love with you with your beautiful voice… but I would gladly settle for being a friend and one of your biggest cheerleaders/supporters

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