50 Shades Darker

Out of curiosity, I checked my previous entries on this book series to see what all my negatives were 😛
Right now I find it kinda funny that I’m writing this 10 months to the day of when I finished “50 Shades”…

I have to thank the Summit Entertainment for convincing me to give this series a try again. I really did like the movie and how much power Dakota Johnson gave to this character… which I really didn’t see in the book. To the best of my memory, she was intimidated and terrified. But in the movie, she was more playful and seemed to have more of a mind on her shoulders :shrug: but maybe that’s just me blocking out unpleasant things about the book so I can focus on how well the movie rendered it.
Although the 2nd time I watched it (the first in theaters, 2nd on DVD on my laptop) I started to feel that ickyness towards the end- all the red flags going off. And I liked how Anastasia outright pushed him to tell her why it has to be like this. It broke my heart when he said that she couldn’t love him.

I don’t really remember how long ago that was, but I said I needed to give myself some distance for a while. Like all the people being negative about the series, I almost felt like it was comparable to an episode of Criminal Minds.

So anyway… here I am, back to 50 shades… and honestly, this book still has issues. Nothing that the movie treatment can’t fix (James Foley is the rumored director- interesting that he turned down “Purple Rain” and might sign on to this… but to be fair, Al Magnoli really was the best director for the job so I can forgive his reasoning)- the movie treatment being streamlining, editing and cutting out all the narration.

I don’t mind being inside Anastasia’s head… but I almost got hostile with the “inner goddess” references. There’re so many that it’d be hard to count them all. People go into how bad the writing is… the moment when I revolted was where the inner goddess metaphor “did a triple axel dismount from the uneven bars”
:facepalm: these terms are from two COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT sports. Sports [figure skating, gymnastics] that I freaking LOVE. EL James did all this S&M research and didn’t think to get her sports right?! Sorry, I’m still FUMING about that. And England not having good competitive skaters and gymnasts is no excuse.

It felt like there was even more sex in this book than the last one. Vanilla sex, mind you. Not a whole lot that was too weird or out there. Just the Red Room birthday sex scene, which I’m sure will make it into the movie in some form… unless of course they’re afraid they’ll lose the R-rating to NC17.

Not that anyone cares, but I’ll get into the SPOILERS behind this point.

Yeah, the second book begins only 5 days after the first one ends… I think I would have needed a month or two to get over whatever shit went down, if I was willing to go back at all.

Christian decides he doesn’t want to lose Anastasia, so he gives her another proposal… and amazingly, he is willing to leave out most of the “kinky fuckery” unless she’s willing to do any of it. He actually seems considerate of her feelings, which is a nice surprise… I’m still kinda waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me. Him going back to [cue Depeche Mode] “Let’s Play Master And Servant.” But so far it hasn’t happened :shrug: so maybe he can change. And it seems Anastasia is willing to try some things if it’ll make Christian happy. Maybe cuz she’s become a secret S&M enthusiast- deep down she’s into kinky.

We also have some interesting plot developments, including one loose end that we weren’t aware WAS a loose end until the final two pages.
We get to meet the “legend” that is “Mrs. Robinson”… what a character she is. How Christian is willing to turn his back on her for Anastasia is kind of amazing. Then there’s a final blow-out scene where she gets thrown out of the family friend circle.
We also see one of Christian’s ex-submissives, Leila. The threat of her is hovering in the air like she’s a notorious serial killer. When in fact she’s just armed, dangerous and psychotic. I guess sometimes Christian breaks girls’ souls as well as their hearts. Christian’s concern for Anastasia’s safety and his stalker tendencies in this case have some justification.

And often times, his tendencies ARE justified. You’d think he’s just controlling jealous, but at least he seems to be okay with her hanging out with Jose and Kate’s brother Ethan.

There are also moments where Anastasia has some gusto and defends herself quite well. One of them being her publishing boss [who will likely be brought back as a villain in the last book- judging back the final 2 pages]. My heart was racing so fast when he had her locked into a corner, but she fended him off quite well.
And her dousing Mrs. Robinson with her drink- that’s a moment I cannot wait to see in the movie because it’s a real fist-pumping moment where I nearly cheered 😛 after the stuff she said back to her, I’m glad that she got thrown out.

Some small issues being had over this… things are moving way too fast. I mean, these two have only been together for a month or so and already they’re engaged?! Bella and Edward at least had 8 months, I think.
I know for a fact that my dad would not be okay with that quick an engagement.
And some of the talk about Anastasia saying how she loves him and such, trying to convince her mom and stepfather… yeah… even to me this sounds very premature.

Of course so many people still aren’t taking her seriously and that frustrates me. I mean, she nailed that one guy in the balls says that she’s stronger than people give her credit for.

And yeah, I concede that they are spending a little too much time together… but when it was Bella and Edward, I didn’t mind it so much :shrug: but it wasn’t like they were [literally] fucking around all the time.

I still fail to see how their relationship is as bad as this. Bella willingly spends time with him, but also hangs out with friends occasionally :shrug: with Christian, it feels like he keeps them locked away in a tower hidden from the rest of the world. And Edward doesn’t necessarily have panic attacks when Bella leaves to go somewhere- he lets her work at the hardware Mike’s family owns.

Getting to know Christian Grey and why he is 50 shades of fucked up… I already knew the line where he says he likes to fuck brunettes that remind him of his mother… somehow I picked that up somewhere… I did like the scene with Dr. Flynn where he’s saying that Anastasia is helping him save himself, helping him overcome the low opinion he has of him.
That I understand is what happens with Bella and Edward. He’s going through the motions of his afterlife and he wakes up when he falls in love with her.
Is it a little too convenient that Christian chooses NOW to change? That Anastasia is the one girl he’s willing to change for? Yeah, maybe a little bit. But I like it. It makes him seem a little less threatening… except these two seem to fight and argue a lot. The only time he really loses it is with her boss and he screams for her to wait in the car for him… justifiable, yes, but yelling in general, I do not like for my own personal reasons.

The biggest complaint throughout the series… that there’s no plot… I can agree to that. There kinda isn’t. Leila being on the loose makes things more interesting and give us an underlying threat to the happily ever after.

So right now… I got to this book after reading “Ender’s Game” because I wasn’t ready to go into another Oscar Scott Card book. The sci-fi stuff wasn’t my cup of tea, personally. So I got through this book faster and liked it more, but now I need a break from this too 😛 the monotonous repetitiveness of it just made it exhausting after a while, even more than the dozens of sex scenes.

So I guess that’s me saying I’m just done with reading for a while 😛

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