200 Best 80’s songs- according to Pitchfork Media


Considering I started this blog because of Prince and I’m a self-described die-hard fan of 80’s pop culture… I was going to go through this list and make some opinions…

And I’m of the opinion that, considering I’d only heard of FIFTY of these songs… either they got something wrong or I’m still not as knowledgeable about 80’s music as I thought.
Or our tastes are just radically different :shrug: who knows?

It’s hard to say if Prince shared it with his Twitter followers because six of his songs made the list (I feel like he’s overlooked so much that he’s likely to be mentioned THREE times- Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry and Kiss are givens… this list had 2 of those) or something else entirely… no need to theorize cuz he’s not likely to clarify any time soon.

Before I get too far, here are the fifty songs I knew from this list… and by knew, I mean I recognized by their title. There may be some I knew, but didn’t recognize by title or artists, but I don’t want to go through every single one just to prove whether or not I knew them for sure. Fact of the matter is I know my favorites VERY well.

186. Rock the Casbah
163. In Your Eyes- peter Gabriel
160. The Glamarous Life- written by Prince for Sheila E*
153. Steppin’ out- Joe Jackson*
149. Let The Music Play*
146. Modern Love- david bowie*
145. Head Over Heels- tears for fears*
134. Under Pressure*
130. In The Air Tonight*
127. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun*
107. Alan Parsons project- Eye in the Sky
106. Borderline- Madonna*
104. Back in Black- AC/DC*
103. How Will I know- Whitney Houston*
102. PYT*
97. Ain’t Nobody- Chaka Khan and Rufus*
93. With or Without you- U2*
92. Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac*
91. Just the Two of us
90. Call Me- Blondie*
86. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman
82. Everybody wants to rule the world*
81. Upside Down- Diana Ross*
70. West End Girls- Pet Shop Boys*
69. When You Were Mine*
67. Sweet Child o’ mine
64. Let’s Dance- David Bowie*
63. Edge of Seventeen*
62. Never Let Me Down Again- Depeche Mode*
58. I can’t go for that- Hall & Oates*
56. Could be loved- Bob Marley
51. I’m on Fire- Bruce Springsteen
50. Like a Prayer*
45. Me myself and I
43. Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order
42. Sweet dreams are made of this*
41. Welcome to the Jungle
38. Push it- Salt & Pepa
36. Human Nature
33. I would Die 4 U*
24. Where is my mind?- The Pixies (I only knew this cuz it was covered in “SuckerPunch”)*
21. Kiss*
20. I wanna dance with somebody*
18. Sexual Healing
17. Into the Groove- Madonna*
13. Billie Jean*
12. Just like Heaven- The Cure*
11. When Doves Cry*
2. Wanna be startin’ something*
1. Purple Rain*

The 35 I *’d are the ones I really like- opposed to just “having heard of them”

but one of these days, I will have my own list 😛 but those days will be YEARS down the road. Because it really is a massive undertaking picking my favorites out of all my 80’s music.
I do have my favorite songs written down somewhere (800+ and counting) and several are from my favorite musical decade.

As impressed as I am that they gave Prince his due, I’m even more impressed that for once HE BEAT MICHAEL JACKSON in someone’s poll. Nothing against the 4 times he’s mentioned on this list- a lot of great songs. But I still have my worries that when Prince leaves us, he won’t get the same send-off as Michael Jackson or people won’t be mourning the date of his death every year. I realize there’s a difference where Michael died unexpectedly and Prince is likely to leave us at the ripe old age of 90… but still… Prince deserves to be remembered for being the greatest musical genius of modern times.

Okay, rant over.

Most of these entries were a given. But there were a bunch of surprises that made me smile.

“Head over Heels” by Tears for Fears even being included… omg… it is such a beautiful song melodically.

Any song by Depeche Mode making this list is a plus for me… but “Never Let Me Down Again” is one of my personal favorites that I play a lot. The musical components of it are so cool to listen to 😎 great synth work to create both melodies and atmospheric nuances.
[Strange Love and Everything Counts were included under suggested tracks… two more personal favorites]

“Into the Groove” being the highest ranking Madonna song 😀 as much as I love “Like a Prayer,” Into the Groove is a personal favorite. If my memory serves me right, when I was a kid, I used to play the Immaculate Collection cassette when I got up in the morning to play this song. It’s a great dance number and a nice pick-me-up.

“let the music play”- it’s a one-hit wonder by Shannon that made its way to me via Rolling Stone’s 80’s Club Hits collection. I picked up that CD for songs like “Obsession”(that synth line and those drums, OMG!!) and “Word Up” (that has a killer groove). This is a gem of a song that should be considered the standard of EDM- before electronic dance music got too computerized and auto-tune-crazy.

This decade has so much amazing music… and hopefully I’ll do it justice when I put my own list together…
but I’m likely to do a dozen more entries like this before that day comes 😛 Just because I cannot help myself.

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